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While you spend time in your garden and your yard, there are going to be times you want to saw or cut a tree. You might find a branch blocking the sunlight of your tomatoes, or some branches on your peach tree may have died during a late, hard freeze.

No matter the reason, it will feel impractical to use a chainsaw for such small projects. Selecting the best bow saw for your lifestyle is a great investment.

best bow saw


This is why many gardeners and woodworkers prefer a bow saw for small to medium projects. Bow saws are quite comfortable for shorter projects; they also are quite effective. You will be able to cut through your overgrown bushes in no time.


Features to Look for in Your Bow Saw

As with any of your gardening tools, it is important to know what features you desire. Before you make your selection, think about what common tasks you are going to perform.

best bow saws


Are you likely just to use it on your fruit trees? Or, are you going to use it to trim up all the trees on your property? Some campers like to take saws with them. If you are a camper, you might want to consider something that can serve a dual purpose for you.·

Dry or Green Wood

First, most bow saws are noted for either green or dry wood. The dry wood is designed for wood that was already pre-cut. For example, you may want to cut a few inches off of a 2x4 while designing your raised beds. It also can be used for dry wood. If you have some long, dead branches, a dry wood bow saw would work great.

A green wood bow saw is for out in the woods or for trimming a living plant. These are beneficial for trimming overgrown trees or bushes. Having a green wood bow saw around your orchard would help trim up the branches growing too far. Some people prefer to keep their bush growth in a certain area; you can use a green wood bow saw for that as well.


Bows designed for green wood will have a different style teeth. They have rake-like teeth, designed to help clear out the waste from the fresh green wood. Dry wood bow saw has a style of blade called peg tooth. A peg tooth saw spreads the work out and makes it less likely to get clogged.

Length of Blade

There are a variety of lengths for bow saws. Some are as small as 14 or 18 inches. These are typically reserved for woodworkers or those who are not trying to process wood outdoors. While looking for your bow saw for gardening, you are going to find a range of saws, from 21 to 36 inches.

The main difference between the sizes is the jobs you can perform and how much work needs to be applied to accomplish the job. A 21 inch blade is going to have trouble processing a 12 inch log because you will need to make more cuts to finish the job. A 30 inch blade will be much more efficient at these types of cuts.


You will also find saws 24 and 28 inches long. The 24 inch saws can easily cut through 10 inches of wood. It is important to think about what types of jobs you will be completing. You don’t want to purchase a small saw, only to realize it makes your common jobs too difficult.

Knuckle Guard

A majority of bow saws come with a knuckle guard and an added grip. The knuckle guard, as one can imagine, is designed to protect your hand from injury. The added grip prevents your hand from accidental slipping. This may not be a concern for you if you will use the bow saw sporadically, but for frequent usage, it makes the process easier and safer.

Also, if working during wet weather, the added grip prevents the possibility of the saw slipping out of your hand.

Shape of the Frame

There are a few shapes of frames you will notice while browsing the store. One of the most common shapes is an oval tube. This shape helps absorb the stress applied during the cutting process.

You will also find some shapes include a pointed nose. These are perfect for working in smaller spaces and jobs that require more precision. Some bow saws are able to fold; the compact feature is desirable by many. Having a compact bow saw is no indication of how well it can cut through strong logs.

Top 5 Bow Saws

You will notice a number of Bahco bow saws in this review. They are known for their quality and durability. The 10-30-23 bow saw is a great selection. Here are some of the important features to know.


  • As noted by the title, the Bahco 30-inch is designed for green wood. However, you will find it useful in cutting small, dry wood pieces as well.
  • Because the blade is 30 inches, it is quite a beast of a saw. You will be able to complete most tasks. A 30 inch saw is considered on the larger size for bow saws.
  • This particular bow saw features a knuckle protector as well as an added grip. These will help secure your hand and prevent any accidental injuries during sawing.
  • You are able to cut branches 3 to 6 inches in diameter.- It will take a bit of time, but you could easily saw a log 12 inches thick.
  • This comes with a plastic, snap in place blade protector. It is convenient and a safety feature.
  • It is lightweight and weighs only 1.9 pounds. This is, however, a bit heavier than a few other bow saws. This is due to the much longer blade.


  • Because it is designed for both green and dry wood, it won’t cut through the green wood as easily. Green wood bow saws have a specific blade style to help clear out the saw; this is a blend of styles.

The Truper is a Mexican company, producing top quality tools. You can trust this brand. They have been in production for over 40 years. Everyone loves to purchase tools from a trusted company.


  • The Truper 30255 is a very lightweight model; it weighs only 1.3 pounds
  • This model was specifically designed for cutting green wood.
  • One of the popular features of this bow saw is the cam and lever tension system, which allows you to keep the blade tight. This gives you straight cuts, at a faster rate.
  • The 30255 has an added hand and knuckle protector. It provides additional comfort, while cutting tough logs and branches.
  • The blades come sharpened and ready to go to work.
  • The price is on the lower side, making it perfect for the novice gardener or just random jobs
  • You can easily cut branches 4 to 5 inches in diameter.
  • The bright orange color makes finding it easy. It is easy to lose bow saws when placed down on the ground.


  • The 30255 is a shorter saw, only 21 inches. This can make larger jobs a bit more difficult and time consuming.
  • A number of customers have complained that the rivets break easily due to lack of quality. They are easily replaced, but it is an inconvenience for many users.

Fiskars made a lightweight and strong bow saw, ideal for many tasks. It is a popular option for gardeners. Here are some great features to consider.


  • The blade is a hardened carbon steel blade with a rust inhibitor. Carbon steel is one of the strongest options available and is commonly used for survival knives. However, it does rust easier than stainless steel; this is why the rust inhibitor is a necessary part of the design.
  • They added a safety tension lever, located along the side, for more control.
  • Fiskars offers a lifetime warranty! This is a great show of confidence in their quality.
  • The frame is a steel, tubular design, which is strong enough to endure added stress while working on long jobs.
  • The lower price tag makes it a very appealing option to those on a budget.


  • Having a 21 inch blade can create additional work for you. It may cause some projects to be more time consuming.
  • There is no added knuckle guard nor an added grip. This can make working for long periods hard.

The Bahco 10-21-51 is a strong, durable, nicely designed bow saw, perfect for cutting through dry wood and lumber.


  • The Bahco 332 is a lightweight bow saw, weighing 1.3 pounds.
  • Bahco used high quality steel; it won’t bend or bow even when heavy pressure is applied during usage.
  • The blade cuts through dry wood very easily. You will be able to cut straight through with no problems.
  • You are able to adjust the tension and blade easily. The mechanism is located on the handle, making it a simple process.
  • This particular model has an added hand guard, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your hand during the job.
  • The frame has a pointed nose, which allows you to work better in smaller spaces. Because of this, many people use this saw for roofing and pruning.


  • The length of this bow saw is 21 inches, which means you may have to work harder at certain jobs.
  • A few customers have experienced trouble with the blade securely setting.

The Buckster is a different frame than the other bow saws listed on this review. It is a fold down bow saw, and it has some great features you will want to check out!


  • When this bow saw is not in use, it easily folds down into a cylindrical tube. This makes it easy to store and to transport. Also, if you camp, a folding bow saw is easy to pack into a backpack.
  • You can cut a log that is 13 inches in diameter! There won’t be many tasks you cannot accomplish with this bow saw.
  • The Buckster is lightweight, only weighing 1.3lbs.
  • Filzer added insulated rubber handles to both sides of the saw. This makes long jobs more comfortable. Additionally, it provides a solid grip for your hands; no one wants to have an accident while sawing a log.
  • This style of bow saw fell out of popularity decades ago. However, this saw is strong, and it is going to blow you away with its power. It can saw through logs quickly and cleanly.


  • While the frame is strong, it is made from aluminum. This won’t be as strong as an all steel bow saw.
  • The only weakness of the design is the folding mechanism side. It could potentially come apart during usage.
  • This particular bow saw is only 19 inches wide. It is much smaller than usual. While it can cut logs of a decent size, it will take some time to finish these tasks. The size doesn’t indicate, however, what it can cut through.

Best Bow Saws - My Choice

Which Bow Saw Makes the Cut? All of these bow saws will perform well for you. They are all made from solid companies, dedicated to ensuring top quality. The question is, which one is the best out of the 5. If you want a bow saw that can finish nearly any task you set out to perform, then you want to purchase the Bahco 30 inch bow saw.

With the long, 30 inch blade and the ability to cut through logs nearly 12 inches in diameter, you will find this saw can do plenty. It is the heaviest out of the 3, by just a few ounces. However, this only adds to the strength and power behind the blade.

Do you have a favorite bow saw? Let me know in the ​comment box. Thank you so much!

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