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The best products carefully tested & selected for you by our experts.  These products control the pest organisms that are a problem in the garden and in and around the home. They control weeds, moss , insects, fungal diseases, rats, ants and slugs.

How to choose a leaf blower for this fall

6 Tips for Choosing a Leaf Blower This Fall

Leaf blowers are a much faster alternative to raking leaves by hand. They can even double as a snowclearer and driveway sweeper – so they are a useful tool to own.How do you know which leaf blower to buy though? And are there any types or brands you should avoid? To help you make the […]

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Best Chainsaw chain reviews & BUying Guide

Finding the Best Chainsaw Chain for your Garden in this 2017

A chainsaw is an expensive piece of equipment to ease your woodcutting and tree-felling needs. However, with each successive use of this hefty machine, it shows signs of wear and tear. Even with adequate maintenance, there will come a time when you would need to buy a replacement. With that in mind, here’s a guide […]

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Best table saw under $1000

The 5 Best Table Saw Under $1000 In 2017

Do you need a table saw? No worries if you are on a budget! We have lined up the 5 best table saw under 1000 dollars. As far as buying tips goes, we have covered that too. You will find the answers to all the vital buying-related queries. The 5 Best Table Saw Under $1000 […]

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Track saw vs table saw

Track Saw vs Table Saw – Which is the Best?

Which is better, track saw or table saw? You need to compare both of them, and find out how safe is the track saw to use when you cut large sheets of plywood. Well, unless you find out how safe it is, you cannot compare. Table saw has the proper capacity to cut through a […]

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Why use a lawn roller

Why Use a Lawn Roller?

Keeping your lawn neat and healthy can take a lot of effort, but the development of tools and machines have drastically made maintenance easier and more efficient. For one, a lawn mower is essential for trimming the grass down to their ideal height.Similarly, lawn owners can take advantage of a lawn roller, which pretty much […]

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What to do if there is too much oil in lawn mower

What To Do If There is Too Much Oil in Lawn Mower

For your lawn mower to work efficiently, it needs sufficient oil for lubrication. However, you need to be extra careful with the amount you allot to your machine. If there is too much oil in lawn mower, the engine can stop working properly. Thus, you need to know what to do about the excess oil […]

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