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The best products carefully tested & selected for you by our experts.  These products control the pest organisms that are a problem in the garden and in and around the home. They control weeds, moss , insects, fungal diseases, rats, ants and slugs.

Best Chainsaw Under 200

A Complete Review of Best Chainsaw Under $200

You have heavy tasks to do such as chopping the firewood or managing those lumbera. How you are going to make it easy and fast? It’s simple. You need to buy a chainsaw. From trimming to pruning, cutting logs of firewood to felling small or medium trees, a chainsaw can just make anything possible.Even most […]

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Best Smart Sprinkler Controller Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Lawn maintenance doesn’t have to be costly and complicated. With the right equipment, your property will appear neat and lush with greenery. A significant part of maintenance is irrigation, but did you know that you don’t have to manually water your lawn all the time?With the best smart sprinkler controller, you won’t only be saving […]

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How to Untangle Chainsaw Chain

One of the most common issues experienced after storing a chainsaw is a tangled saw chain. Untangling this kind of mess isn’t as simple as fixing some tangled earphones. If you do not know how to untangle chainsaw chain, you will have to either postpone your cutting operations or use a traditional and considerably inefficient […]

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How to Clean a Chainsaw

From professional contractors to homeowners, chainsaws have been an essential tool for cutting down any wood. Whether you regularly use a chainsaw or just on occasion, it needs to be properly cleaned to keep it as sharp and effective as possible. Not only does this maintain the quality of the product but it also reduces […]

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A Buying Guide to Choose the Best Gas Hedge Trimmer

If you own a lawn, you know that maintenance can be time-consuming and physically exhausting. In particular, trimming hedges can make you sweat like you are in a sauna. Sure, you can do it with shears, but this isn’t exactly the most efficient method.Instead of shears, you can take advantage of the best gas hedge […]

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Mulching Blades vs Regular Blades

Mulching Blades vs Regular Blades: Battle of the Blades, and What’s Best For You

Every responsible lawn owner understands how much love goes into maintaining a stellar lawn, and this love generates a significant amount of tension for them. Part of this tension is owed to choosing blades for your magnificent stretch of land. And more importantly, deciding which one to use: mulching blade or regular blade. Fear not, […]

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