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Best Bow Saws – All Information You Need to Know

While you spend time in your garden and your yard, there are going to be times you want to saw or cut a tree. You might find a branch blocking the sunlight of your tomatoes, or some branches on your peach tree may have died during a late, hard freeze.

No matter the reason, it will feel impractical to use a chainsaw for such small projects. Selecting the best bow saw for your lifestyle is a great investment.

best bow saw


This is why many gardeners and woodworkers prefer a bow saw for small to medium projects. Bow saws are quite comfortable for shorter projects; they also are quite effective. You will be able to cut through your overgrown bushes in no time.

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Best Tree Pruner for Your Property

Trees require less maintenance on your property than other plants, but pruning is an important step to a healthy tree. Whether you have large Oak trees or grow a small fruit orchard, finding the best tree pruner for your property is a great purchase.

Pruning a tree keeps the dead branches off and helps keep the overall shape and size of the tree to a manageable size. For larger trees, having a tree pruner can help keep the branches away from your house or electrical lines. Branches can scratch or damage your siding, so it is best if you keep them away if possible.

The market is full of multiple options for tree pruners, so it can make the selection process a bit difficult. They depend on the level of work you need done. You are going to want to weigh the cost, the style of operation, and the length to determine which tree pruner is going to work for you.

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Best rototillers for any gardening project

The Best Rototillers for Any Gardening Project

Long ago, gardeners need animals, such as oxen, to pull their tillers, so they could break up the soil in preparation for planting seeds. Luckily, technology has served us well and made the process much easier. When you decide you want a garden, a rototiller may be one of the first large purchases you make.

There are many factors to consider before you make your selection of the best rototiller for your needs. The right rototiller can drastically reduce the physical toll of beginning a new garden. However, you want to make sure you pick the right one. Rototillers come in three styles: front-tine, mini-tillers, and rear-tines. Let’s look at the difference and factors to consider.



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Earthwise 11-Inch 8.5 Amp Corded Electric Tiller

Husqvarna FT900-CA Adjustable Width Front Tine Tiller

Husqvarna CRT900L 17-Inch Rear Tine Tiller

Mantis Tiller 4 Cycle 25cc

Earthquake MC43 Mini Cultivator

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Best Small Tiller For The Small Gardener

Smaller tillers are the best option for the small gardener, as you would guess by looking at the name. They are often called “mini tillers.” The weight of these tillers are around 20 to 30 pounds. If you are looking for a small machine to lighten your workload, searching for the best small tiller may be a great idea for you.

There are some great reasons people pick small tillers. Their lightweight sizes makes them easy to transport, so you can use it for a community garden or tilling up a garden for the neighbors. Due to their small size, they can till in between rows of plants much easier. For those with less storage, mini tillers are ideal, and you can purchase extra attachments to make them for convenient for the small gardener.

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best commercial weed eaters reviews

The Best Commercial Weed Eaters Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

A lawn isn’t finished being trimmed until the edges and little spots are done as well. There are places you are going to need a weed eater, such as along flower beds and around the mailbox.

If you have a small lawn, a regular weed eater is going to do the job. However, if you mow multiple lawns or have acreage, a commercial weed eater is the way to go.

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