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10 Essential Garden Tools Every Gardener Should Have

From digging to harvesting there are a lot of things to do, hence gardening requires a lot of tools that is what makes the newcomers afraid. For getting started with gardening you don’t need a full warehouse of expensive tools for gardening, a bunch of them will do the work if you know the right trick!

However, if you are a newbie and want to start gardening with few tools, then this article is for you! I have listed 10 essential garden tools that every gardener should have!

Here you go!


Most newcomer gardeners ignore wheelbarrow at the beginning but this thing can make gardening highly enjoyable. When you would have to carry heavy tools or weeds to one place to another, then you will know how important wheelbarrows are. They serve as transportation.

Having said that, if you have a very small lawn to look after, then you might go well without a wheelbarrow. But it is mandatory for medium sized lawns! However, if you are about to pick a wheelbarrow to make sure to choose a lightweight and sturdy one! By using basic woodworking tools you can make your own wheelbarrow.

Apron, Gloves, And Knee Pad

If you don’t want to ruin clothes every time you do gardening, then a full apron is mandatory for you. But when choosing apron to make sure you choose the waterproof one. A set of hand gloves will keep your hand soil-free and will protect your hand as well.A knee pad is mandatory for older peoples. Gardening requires sitting on the knee which could be hard for older people and the knee pad will make that comfortable for them!

Watering Can or Hose Pipe

Watering is a must to do thing in gardening and to make watering more fun and efficient, you would want to invest a little money on a good watering can. This thing will sprinkle water everywhere evenly! Some use a hosepipe to water the garden, but for that, you will need a water outlet!

Compared to water cans, hose pipes are more efficient and also enjoyable. With a hosepipe, you will be able to cover a big area within a short time. Plus, you won’t have to walk much with the hose pipe, if you have good water pressure, just moving the hands will do all the work!

Mini Forks And Trowels

For effective digging and planting, you will definitely need a mini trowel and fork. The mini fork will help you to break the nursery in order to plant. And the trowel will allow you to plant crops without damaging other crops. With the trowel you will dig around the crop and when you feel that the depth is enough, gently scoop the plant out.


And the mini fork will allow you to weed small pots where it is hard to use your hand when you lose the soil you will get a good grip! However, with these two tools, you will be able to work comfortably since both tools offer a great grip! Plus, they are very lightweight.

Air Compressor

Before you go further let me tell you, air compressors are expensive but they offer outstanding value for the money! Not only in gardening, but air compressors are also widely used most of the industries nowadays. You will be able to do weeding, removing dead leaves, cleaning root vegetables such as potato, carrot, etc. Best 30 gallon air compressor also come into play when inflating tires!

Pruning Shear

In order to cut all the garden shrubs of rose or other trees, you will need a pruning shear. It will not only give you effective cutting but also will help you to save time. This tool is very favorite to the gardeners and with use, it gets dull which is why people doesn’t allow others to use their pruning shear. And that is why it is mandatory to have your own pruning shear!

When buying a pruning shear make sure you invest on the right one. Do not waste your money on the cheap items. Pick one that is made of high-quality materials, if not anything the blade quality should be top-notch!


If you are not a gardener, but if you have a house with a small lawn, then too, you will need garden rakes to mow that! A garden rake will help you to brush off all the shrubs and weeds easily. There are basically two types of rake, one is landscape and another is a gardening rake. Gardening rakes are for leveling the new bed. And the landscape rake can work on almost all types of surfaces.

That being said, there is another kind of rake which is called leaf rake. And as the name suggests, they were designed to remove leaves and weed from the bed. They come with various materials but plastic most of the time.


For bed making, spades are a great helping hand! Soil breaking or turning, spades will help you all the way. Spades come in different types, some are short handled square blade spade and some comes with a long handle and heart-shaped shovel. But short handled square blade spades are best for gardening. This spade will allow you to mix up compost and fertilizers easily!

Garden Hoe

Garden hoe is a highly important tool when it comes down to weeding off beds, digging small holes and breaking soil. The only problem with this tool is, the head is made of metal and the handle is wooden, so when you try to use that with gloves on, they tend to slip often. But they are highly lightweight, which is a good side of this tool

Garden Fork

There are two kinds of forks, one is digging fork and another one is the cottage fork. Gardeners need both of them. With a good garden fork, you will able to reach to the crop root. It will allow you to turn composts on the soil easily. You can harvest potatoes as well, with potatoes getting no blade marks! There is a lot of use of a good garden fork!


Wrapping up the article! These are the 10 essential garden tools that every gardener should have. As you grow you would require more tools to speed up your gardening but that said, these 10 tools are pretty good to help you get started! Happy gardening!!!

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