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4 Ways to Complement a Brick Patio

Brick is not only reliable but is also classic. It has adorned homes and public spaces for centuries and, over time, has shown fantastic versatility when incorporated into modern designs.

It’s no wonder that a brick patio remains a favorite among contemporary homeowners undertaking landscape renovations. Here are a few ways to enhance the look of your brick patio in the context of the aesthetic theme you are using, so that it looks more anchored within the landscape.

Ways to Complement a Brick Patio

Source: LandscapingNetwork

Material Pairings

There are various materials that pair well with brick and can be used to declare the aesthetic theme of a patio. Concrete, for example, is frequently paired with brick in contemporary landscape design.

Poured, cast-in-place concrete acts as a neutral counterpart to brick, allowing its colors and patterns to appear more vibrant in contrast.

Natural stone can be paired with brick for a rustic result, the success of which rests on selecting stone of the same or complementing undertone. For example, golden bricks can be paired with sandstone while salmon-toned bricks can be complemented by gray-green stones.

Cool granite is often used in conjunction with brick to create modern hardscapes with an industrial touch of luxury. Glazed tiles can add pops of color to a bohemian brick patio and help to develop its unique character.

Cobalt-blue tiles pair particularly well with red brick.

Unified Color Schemes

brick patio can be made more captivating by utilizing bricks in different colors

Source: Landscapingnetwork

A brick patio can be made more captivating by utilizing bricks in different colors. In order to retain harmony in the design, these colors should all complement one another and, ideally, pair well with colors found in the exterior of the home and other prominent hardscaping features.

Light and dark neutrals, including gray, tan, and sand can be combined to introduce highs and lows into the expanse without overwhelming the eye.

A monochromatic color scheme can also have a powerful impact, however, so don’t shy away from using all-red bricks for your statement patio.

Laying Patterns

brick patio patterns in 2020

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The way in which you arrange your brick pavers can have a significant effect on the appearance of your patio.

It can influence the style, as a linear running bond pattern may look more modern and minimalistic compared to an interlocking herringbone design. It can also create optical illusions that transform the shape of the patio.

For example, a running bond design can make a patio look longer or wider, depending on the direction in which it is laid. Either way, a running bond layout emphasizes the rectilinear shape of a patio while a circular paver pattern highlights a patio’s rounded shape.

Smooth Transitions

brick patio designs in 2020

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Your brick patio may look more “finished” if you smooth out the transitions between brick and the surrounding landscape.

Echoing the color and texture of your chosen brick paver elsewhere in the hardscape or in the exterior of the home can help to tie the entire landscape design together.

Brick is an excellent material option for edging, and incorporating brick into surrounding plant beds, walkways, and driveways can help to anchor your brick patio within the overall landscape.

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