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4 Ways to Get Rid of Mice in Your House and Garden

I’m a light sleeper. Just lie in the bed for a few minutes. Close my eyes and count the sheep. About to fall asleep and suddenly hear scratching sounds.

That’s the moment I can’t avoid saying ‘F’ words and find out which causes that annoying sound. A small dark creature appears at the corner of my kitchen.

All I can think of is getting rid of this mouse and continue my sleep. Later on, keeping rodents out of my house, my backyard and then my garden becomes the top priority.

For those who are in the same situation, just dive into the helpful tips of rodent control below and keep your area out of mice.

1. Herbs

using garlic to get rid of mic

The strong smell of bay leaves, basil, echinacea, garlic, clove, and thyme can deter the rats from invading your house. To keep them away from your garden, you can place a few pots randomly or create a border of herbs around the outside of the garden. You can also grow these fragrant herbs in the kitchen area, which later on can be perfect ingredients for your meals.

2. Peppermint mixture


The refreshing and pleasant scent of peppermint is benefit to your house and rodents control. However, mint grows fast and very invasive so it should be grown in a container. You can either place them in the kitchen or sink the planter into the garden.

To repel the mice from your house, infused mint oil is the best solution. First, chop or more preferable crush them to release the natural oil. Second, pour the olive oil over and place the mixture into a jar. Finally, after 24 hours, remove the leaves using the cloth to strain the oil. This easy-to-make mint oil is a good mosquitoes, ants, spiders and rats repellent.

If you spot the rat inside your house and find out the suspected areas, use the mint oil spray. The ratio between water and peppermint or mint oil is 16:1. Spray this mixture daily to keep the mice out of your sights. However, be careful with your pets as they have more receptors in noses. My dog will never enter space with so many strong scents including spaces sprayed with mint oil.

3. A cat


Cats and mice are natural enemies. If your house is a nest for rodents and you can’t find out where they are hiding, just count on their predators – cats. If the vegetables in the garden disappear or are gnawed on with the mice droppings scattering all around, the mice has undoubtedly invaded your garden.

It takes time and effort to find out where the rodents are hiding whether in the house or in your garden. Select the right cat that live both indoors and outdoors as it is a natural mouser. However, with small kittens or chubby cats, they might not keen on stalking and hunting mice.

In case of lazy cats, consider encouraging them to visit high-activity areas of mice. Because mice have a sensory organ detecting their predators, they fear the smell of cats. Therefore, all you need to do is place a used cat litter tray near the areas that mice regularly appear.

4. Trap

mouse trap

For the humane mouse traps, you can easily release the small creatures into the wild far away from your house and garden. If you are too afraid of killing a living things, the live mouse traps are designed to safely secure the creature inside.

However, the concerned disadvantages are the size and the efficiency of the traps. As they are large enough for easy movement inside, they take space and only catch one or a limited number of mice each time.

Just be careful with sticky or glue traps as they pose potential threats to your children and pets. As trapped inside, the mouse also endures severe pain and suffocates to death. What is more dangerous, their feces and urine can carry a number of diseases and spread them to the whole family.  

5. Expert’s help

When you are so desperate with the mice droppings and just give up dealing with them, there is also one last option. Calling a professional can save your time, energy and the whole family’s health. When it comes to health, it is the top priority in my family.

After several failed attempts, it is best to make the immediate decision and get rid of harmful residents. Just remember ask for the following things. First is the cost regarding the size of your garden and the level of mice infestation. Second is how they cope with rodents and especially the rate of successful cases. Third is whether they will return for infestation checking and make new effort.

In short, whether using herbs, herbal oil, mouse traps, raising cats or counting on the professional, you need to check your house regularly. If the fresh droppings are nowhere to be found, the mice is out of your property. Besides, for further prevention, tidy up your house, dump the garbage and store food in the right place or in air tight containers.




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