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6 Expert Styling Tips for Your Outdoor Patio Space

Styling Tips For Outdoor Patio Space

Spring is right around the corner way, and soon after summer will be here. As the weather starts to warm up and the flowers begin to bloom, you’re likely looking forward to spending more time in your backyard with friends and family.

Sure, you’re certainly ready. But what about your patio? After a season of wintertime neglect, your patio has probably seen better days.

Luckily, there are a few easy — and affordable — ways to make your patio a place where everyone wants to gather and hang out. Here’s how you can create a little slice of paradise at home.

1. Put on the Layers

There are various ways in which you can use the same styles and motif from inside your home to transform your backyard and/or patio. When decorating your outdoor patio, consider all the different types of layers you have at your disposal. Layer décor items like outdoor rugs and throw pillows for a luxe lush aesthetic. Doing so will complement the twinkling string lights and beautiful greenery throughout your outdoor entertaining space, making your patio feel like an inviting retreat.

2. Go Green

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Lush green plants can bring texture and color to your patio space — and potted plants can certainly do the trick. Then again, a DIY vertical plant wall can bring even more color, interest and style to your patio. Not only does going vertical work great for small spaces, but a handmade plant wall can also create privacy as the draping plants begin to grow.

3. Be Seated

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When it comes to the seating on your patio, you’ll always want to have plenty of it in the form of dining chairs, outdoor recliners and/or couches. Doing so will ensure everyone who attends your next backyard soirée has a place to sit. Now, your seating options don’t have to be restricted to chairs and chaises. Indeed, colorful floor pillows and poufs can play double-duty as decorative accents and extra seating options. Plus, these items can be tucked away easily and stored between parties.

4. Embrace Form and Function

Small spaces and small patios can benefit from some stylish, multifunctional furniture. While you may be envisioning furniture items like under-bed storage, multifunctional furniture spans beyond just, well, function. There are plenty of stylish options to consider, from chic ceramic garden stools that can double as tables to handsome outdoor benches that feature hidden built-in storage space.

5. Create a Serene Outdoor Atmosphere

Using neutral tones and color palettes for your outdoor space can make for a serene and relaxing setting and atmosphere. Then again, a splash of color can add a touch of vibrancy to your otherwise neutral patio space. When choosing colors, designers say to opt for hues like greens and blues. These two shades, which are commonly found in nature, complement neutral color palettes and natural surroundings effortlessly.

6. Hang Some Privacy Shades

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Nosey neighbors? No problem! You can make your backyard patio feel like a faraway secluded oasis by adding a stylish privacy screen, which can help block a bad view or those nosey next-door neighbors. You can also create a temporary wall by hanging flowing, gauze fabric curtains in a neutral solid shade or print. It's a simple and inexpensive way to create some extra privacy as well as a great idea for renters or homeowners who might feel just a little too close to the neighbors.

Get Ready to Entertain in Style

Whether you're searching for ways to add privacy or want to add a little pop of color to your patio, these savvy decorating tips will have your backyard patio primed and ready for spring and summer entertaining in no time.

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