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6 Steps To Prevent Your Garden From Pests

Who wouldn’t want to have super fresh, healthy and organic fruits and vegetables as a part of their diet? You will need to plant an amazing home garden if you want these benefits. Gardening is a very healthy and useful hobby or profession, and it can even save you money in the long run. But of course, you need to put a lot of effort into the maintenance of your garden if you want it to be fruitful and healthy.

Unfortunately, a common problem that ruins the gardens of many people is pests. Not only do pest eat and damage the plants, but they are also known to carry diseases for the plants which can wipe an entire garden out within a matter of days. And getting rid of these pests is not easy. So, we should focus more on prevention of pests instead of trying to get rid of them once they have struck.

So, here is a list of some basic but effective tips and tricks that will help you prevent a pest infestation and keep your garden safe.

Plough And Dig The Soil A Few Days Before Planting The Garden

Many pests hide in the soil and stay hibernated until it is growing season. You can get rid of such pests by treating your soil. Just plough and mix up the soil a few days before you start planting, in this way the pests in the soil are brought to the surface where birds take care of most of them.

right time to plough and dig your soil

And, the larvae and eggs of the pests can’t survive either because of the change in temperature. Another common practice to get rid of pests from the soil is adding snow to the soil in the winter. This fertilizes the soil and freezes the pests and their eggs.

Always Get Your Plants And Seeds From Trusted Sources

Mostly pest and diseases come from the outside of the garden rather than being developed inside. So, you should be careful about the items you introduce into the garden. First of all, buy all your plants and seeds from trusted sources. Some plants can bring pests and their eggs into the garden, which can lead to an infestation. So, if you are buying plants, check them thoroughly beforehand.

checking the plant or seed you buy

The safest method is using seeds to grow the plants from scratch and separate the seed nursery form the actual garden so that if there is a disease in the nursery, the actual garden is not affected. Overall if you are buying your plants and seeds from a trusted source, then you won’t have many problems.

Use The Companion Planting Method

Companion planting is a very effective pest repulsion technique that has been used for ages. Certain plants have scents and aromas that can actually repel and deter certain pests. The planting of such plants in companionship with other plants is called companion planting. This is a great and inexpensive method to prevent pests from getting into the garden and damaging your plants.

Some common companion plants are garlic, basil, lime and mint. The pungent smell of garlic is known to deter aphides and spider mites while the scent of basil keeps hookworms away.

Differentiate Between Good And Bad Pests

Identifying the pests of your garden is also very important. Did you know? Not all pests are actually dangerous for your garden. Some insects which are the natural enemy of dangerous pests can actually keep your garden safe.

why have spiders in the garden


Insects like ladybugs, spiders and wasps don’t actually feed on the plants, they can actually reduce the population of dangerous pests, and the presence of safe insects keeps dangerous ones away. So, promote the population of safe insects by growing more nectar plants.

Spray Your Plants With Light Pesticides

You have to stay vigilant and keep checking your garden regularly so that if you find any signs of an infestation, you can suppress it before it gains momentum and affects the entire garden. You should spray the garden with some pesticides once every season to stay safe.

Importance of Light Pesticides

There are also many pest-specific sprays like ant spray if you want to keep the use of pesticides to a minimum. You can check online to find out how does an ant spray work? And get one as soon as possible!

Place Traps Around The Garden

Another way to keep pests away is placing traps. Now, you can’t place traps for some of the very small pests, but you can get rid of mice and other larger pests by traps. You should also get a zap light and install it above the garden to get rid of any moths and other flying pests. Also, sprinkle some anti-bug powder around the perimeter of the garden. Using all these techniques together can create an effective repulsion against most pests.


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