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7 Great Tips For Starting With Succulents

If you are looking for a trendy plant to grow then succulents might be a reasonable option, with different sizes, textures, and colors that will easily blend into any room. Besides, these plants look great on their own or with other plants. Not only they are very easy to care for but also save your water expense.

With right growing conditions and care, succulents can live all year long. Here are some great tips to start off with.


Find a healthy plant – make sure you look for one with a full shape, great color, and nice foliage. You do not want to get plants that look like they have been chewed on.

Pick the right dirt – they need dry soil that is well drained. You can find Espoma’s Cactus Mix to be a great solution.

Select the container – these can be planted in almost anything if they have the right drainage. The container should have a drainage hole for the water to go through.

Give just enough water – The leaves that pucker on a succulent mean they are not getting enough water, but soggy leaves mean they are getting too much water. Get on a schedule for watering for the plants to take off.

The tip for watering is that water the succulents to the point the top inch of soil feel dry and continue watering until water goes through the drainage hole. You will need to get rid of excess water.

Put in a sunny area – The succulents love the light. So you will want to put them in a place that they get four to six hours of sunlight.

Feed them – You will want to make sure you give the succulents a fertilizer that will help them out. You will find succulent plant food.

Keep the plants looking great – Do this by removing the dead or decaying leaves, which will make the plants not only look nice, but keeps the insects away.

If you need any more help this a more comprehensive guide on how to plant succulents.

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