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7 Modern Landscape Designing Tips for the Home

Designing a garden in the modern style and yet making it enjoyable for you, the homeowner, and for your family and visitors takes a lot of thought. If you are looking for an outdoor space to entertain, or simply to enjoy evenings and spare time outdoors, we have some useful ideas, tips and trends in modern landscape design, so let’s have a look at some of the best.

Garden Deck Design

Decking for All Seasons

Decking is a simple, attractive and long-lasting method of turning an unused outdoor area into the place for after hours socialising. Raised decking makes a lovely, usable feature in both small and larger spaces. For example, perhaps you have a corner of the garden that is little used as it is furthest from the house.

That’s the perfect place for a corner deck, complete with a canopy or gazebo, solar lighting and furniture. An outdoor room, if you like, that will be used by all the family.

Modern Garden Walls

One of the very best ways to bring a touch of the modern look to your outdoor areas is to add walls. There is a current trend for curved walls, in particular those that remain low and yet rise from a few inches high at one end to a foot or so at the other.

They can be used to outline a space for eating or drinking, or sitting and reading. The best way of constructing them is by using breeze blocks – easy to cut to size – and rendering the wall when finished. The result is a talking point that you will not regret.

landscaping tips for 2020

Evocations of Architecture

Many modern garden designs take their cues from residentual architecture  of the current age. If you have a modern building, you’ll want a garden to match.

What about a defined area with industrial-style concrete walls, or perhaps a secret garden of sorts hidden by moveable screens? This can be a great effect in a large garden, where you want to define one area as the place to be on social occasions.

The Modern Rustic Look

Rustic Garden Design


A great idea for smaller areas – and in particular, those long, thin spaces that lie between a wall and a boundary fence and rarely get used – is to add a covering of stone on the floor, plus pavings, and use wooden adornments on the fence and around the space for a more rustic yet still modern look.

Add plants – make them small and low ground cover in a thin border, or in pots – and you have an area that is suddenly springing into life, at little cost.

The Sculpture Garden

This is an idea that works particularly well in smaller gardens, and where the owner is not a gardener. A paved area can be laid out, surrounded by lighting and a low wall, with modern-look sculptures at irregular spaces.

The look is one of a 21stcentury Italian sculpture garden. Add a couple of chairs and a table, and you have the perfect space in which to relax in peace after a hard day at work.

Landscape Designs for 2020

A Modern Take on the Garden Pond

A pond is easy to install, especially if you want to use a shape that fits in with your already neat, squared-off modernist outdoor space. Even the smallest pond can be used to great effect.

There are plenty of instructions online that tell you how to build a pond – the basics are to dig a hole and install pond liner, then build a wall of your choice around the rim – and you can even get lights that up-light the pond from within, and this is one of the greatest effects you will see in any garden.

An Outdoor Indoor Space

With space at a premium in the house itself, finding a room for your home office is not going to be easy – especially if you have a growing family! The answer is to utilise that unused space in the garden by adding an outdoor room.

You can find many of these if you search on the internet – some very beautiful ones with glass fronts that are superbly modern, and others that take different, very innovative forms – and it’s a great way of adding room to your home without much trouble. Many of these buildings are self-build from flat packs, and are not expensive at all.

There are many more modern landscape ideas that we could tell you about, but we think those listed above should give you inspiration. We will end by saying that there a few tips to getting the modern outdoor space right: keep it simple, eliminate clutter, use lighting wisely and optimize available space.

Have fun deciding on your modern landscape design, and you’ll soon have an outdoor area that can be used by all.

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