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A Review Of The Top Oriole Feeders You Can Get In 2020

Orioles are unusual among all bird species in the sense that they pursue what you may call a peculiar diet. In contrast to most birds, they won’t even look at the seeds, however, they are inclined towards foods that are high in sugar content, by which we mean fruits like orange, grape, and so on, also grape jelly and nectar. 

However in summer months, when they are hatching, the birds would, for the most part, settle for a protein-rich mealworm diet. Also, this is the most strange thing about an oriole’s eating routine—that it continues changing its inclinations all through the season. 

The following are some of the top oriole feeders you can get in 2020. If you want to know more, visit

Woodlink NAO1 Audubon Classic 

If you want a simple feeder, consider the Audubon Classic. For the individuals who simply need a long-lasting choice that takes care of business, this is an extraordinary option to choose. 

This is a simple style, with an insect guard, a dishwasher safe element and a lot more. It’s an incredible option for individuals to purchase many so that they can be set around the yard. 

It probably won’t have a similar design as the more costly models, however despite everything it works. 


  • Simple structure 
  • Radiant colors to draw orioles 
  • Economical 


The reservoir should consistently be kept high for the birds to see it.

Songbird Essentials SE905 Ultimate 

This disc feeder probably won’t look like much at first, however, it has little slots for everything. Because of the lowered troughs of jelly, the oranges have a lot of space to be in plain view for the orioles to at first be drawn to. 

With a bigger disc feeder like this, it can without much of a stretch hold many orioles at a time. That is incredible news for individuals hoping to place it in populated areas. Rather than purchasing a lot of different feeders, this is a chance to purchase a bigger one ideally. 

Similarly, as with any disc, balance is something to remember occasionally. It can get somewhat unbalanced, yet after some tinkering, an individual can hang it pretty much anyplace. 


  • Easy to clean 
  • Enormous 
  • Does an extraordinary activity hindering honey bees and ants 


  • Becomes unbalanced quickly 
  • Other birds are attracted to the wide variety of food.

Heath Outdoor Products CF-133 Clementine 

This steel feeder is another that looks extraordinary even when not being used. The structure is really plain, yet it has a specific style to it that is difficult to see in other feeders. 

For crowded yards, remember this is a bit on the smaller side. Different options may be expected to keep every one of the orioles as contented as feasible. 

This feeder can be put practically anyplace, which is a big plus point. It works best in rather open areas nonetheless. The structure makes it truly simple to snap photos of the orioles too. 


  • Looks extraordinary in any yard 
  • Strong enough for a considerable length of time of utilization 
  • Perfect for photography angles


  • One of the smallest choices 
  • Requires regular upkeep for cleaning/food refilling

More Birds 61 Classic Brands Oriole Vintage Feeder 

This choice from More Birds is a vintage-looking feeder that truly stands out from even the biggest collections. Despite the fact that it isn’t too gaudy, the orange blooms do what’s necessary to acquire the orioles as frequently as could reasonably be expected. 

The main thing each individual notes is the bricklayer container over the feeder. It is a glass bottle with a vintage appearance and impression. It holds up to 20 ounces of nectar, implying that refilling won’t be required all that regularly. 

There are four distinct flowers for birds to look at if they are intrigued. They all also have honey bee preserves, making it almost impossible for them to appreciate the nectar too. 

The flowers are strong from the beginning, yet they can begin to breakdown a little bit too rapidly. Remember that this will happen if the feeder is utilized a lot of the time. Additionally, when the flowers are weakened, there could be an open door for insects and honey bees to bounce on the nectar opening. 

The vast majority put resources into this feeder since it completes a generally excellent activity of fitting in with the remainder of their stylistic layout. The reality that it additionally completes an excellent job just as a feeder is what tops off an already good thing. 


  • The vintage look is extraordinary 
  • A large supply of nectar 
  • Flowers shield the nectar from honey bees and ants as well 


  • The glass container is easier to break 
  • Flowers aren’t the most strong 

Enthusiastic Pet 750 Deluxe Hand Painted Oriole Feeder 

Initially, this feeder basically does not resemble plenty of others out there. A few people will like that feature, while others may feel that it will be excessive. With 24 ounces of nectar being held in a container that is cut like a diamond, the feeder is unquestionably going to catch the eye from any individual who spots it. 

Perky-Pet does a very excellent job of making this resemble an exceptionally brilliant feeder. It is fairly amazing that it is just about $15, on the grounds that it appears to be more costly than that. The orange subtleties around truly make this an energetic looking feeder that can be utilized for the vast majority of the year. 

Every one of the three ports is molded like an orange slice, which doesn’t really do much for the birds, yet it generally improves the look of the feeder. The chain that holds the whole feeder is shockingly very tough, and that makes it simple to be placed in various spots around the yard. 

About the main disadvantage is that the exceptional structure doesn’t make it altogether simple to clean the feeder consistently. It may take a tad of innovativeness to complete that. 


  • Very pretty and looks more exorbitant than it is 
  • Holds up well even in hostile climate conditions 
  • A ton of nectar can be help at one time 


  • Not easy to clean 
  • Bee guards are defective 

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