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5 Best Electric Snow Blowers For 2022 Reviewed

Electric snow blowers are a fantastic option for anyone who wants a powerful, eco-friendly and energy-efficient alternative to gas snow blowers and the dreaded snow shovel.

If you live in an area where you get mild to moderate snow and need to regularly clear your driveway, sidewalk and paths, you need a snow blower you can count on.


5 Best Electric Snow Blowers For 2020 Reviewed

Here are our reviews of the best electric snow blowers on the market, as well as tips on how to use, maintain and store your snow blower to keep it in top condition.

Benefits of an Electric Snow Blower

best electric snow blowers review

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Traditionally, gas snow blowers have dominated the market because of the power these machines offer for cutting through compacted and slushy snow as well as their ability to throw snow a great distance.

But electric technology has caught up considerably in recent years, making electric snow blowers a popular favorite. Here are the benefits of choosing an electric snow blower over gas:

  • Quiet operation – Electric engines are much more quiet than gas engines, and don’t require the use of ear protection (although you’ll still need some ear protection from the cold!).

    This makes them ideal for use in suburban neighborhoods.
  • Maintenance free – Electric snow blower engines require no maintenance, taking a task off your hands.

    You also do not have to mix fuels, worry about fuel storage, or drain the tank for storage over the summer season.
  • Lightweight design – These snow blowers are significantly lighter than gas snow blowers, often weighing less than half of a similar gas machine.

    This makes the task of clearing snow much easier for you and your family, especially if you have reduced upper body strength or a bad back.
  • Powerful engine – Electric engine technology has come a long way, and electric snow blowers are now designed to be powerful enough to handle light to moderate snowfall with ease.

    New models are powerful enough to convince most homeowners to make the switch without sacrificing the results.
  • No emissions – Unlike gas snow blowers that emit harmful fumes while they run, electric snow blowers have no emissions and are completely clean-running.

    This means you can run your snow blower as frequently as you like without having to deal with the smell and health hazard of gas fumes.
  • Eco-friendly – Electric power is much more eco-friendly than gas, especially if you charge or power your machine off solar panels or renewable energy.

    You can keep your paths and driveways snow-free and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Best Electric Snow Blower - My Choice

Snow Joe SJ619E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower


Top 5 Electric Snow Blowers

Snow Joe Electric Snow Blower for heavier snowfall


Snow Joe can easily pick up snows on average size walkways and driveways. No need to use gas or oil which makes it effortless to start and as well as maintain.

The blower has a three watts LED, which will allow you to work during the night. The powerful motor which has a 14.5 amp will help move 650 lbs. of snow every single minute.

This electric snow blower is a machine that can easily be used and can handle snowfall that is heavier than usual. It only needs and an electronic unit, which makes that device easier to use.

Snow Joe Electric Snow Blower can be rotated in a full 180 degrees


The steel auger is durable that is composed of blades that are made out of rubber, which will help clear a path with measurements of eighteen inches in width and eight inches in depth.

The chute is adjustable, which can be rotated in a full 180 degrees for comfort.


  • Can remove 200 feet of driveway in just a couple of hours
  • Can easily be assembled
  • Can easily be maneuvered
  • Lightweight


  • Can’t work on uneven paths
  • Needs extra extension cord

This 32-pound electric snow blower can easily be maneuvered and stored. You can start using the machine simply by pressing the button in just one touch.

This machine can work with the heaviest of snow fall and deep ones, which will make clearing your pathways and driveways free of snow in no times.

Greenworks Corded Electric Snow Blower for snow free driveways


Greenworks corded electric snow blower is equipped with a thirteen amp motor which can deliver results that are powerful. The chute can be adjusted to 180 degrees, which will make throwing snow manageable.

It can also discharge snow of up to twenty feet. This simple means that your pathways and driveways will quickly be cleared in no time.

Another good thing about this snow blower is that it has dual LEDs, which will increase the visibility.

Greenworks corded is a single stage electric snow blower with a clearing width of twenty inches and an intake height of ten inches.

The machine has a tire size of seven inches and has a drive type of push with an auger assistance.

The chute material is made out of plastic, while the control is crank. It also has a manual pitch control and a limited warranty of four years.


  • Can work in heavier and wet snows
  • Can explain an average size driveways in less than 15 minutes
  • Can shoot snow of about 10 to 12 feet
  • Can keep up with heavy snow
  • Can work on wider areas
  • Push button makes it easier to operate
  • Completely clears powdery snow
  • Compact and can be stored easily
  • Four-year warranty


  • The wheel’s design can make it harder to get traction
  • Operates loudly
  • Struggles with clogs
  • The snow dams out of the ejection port
WEN snow blaster can obliterate the snow of up to eighteen inches


WEN snow blaster can obliterate the snow of up to eighteen inches and width and seven point eight inches in depth.

It can also help you clear the pathway or driveway in just one pass, with its powerful engine of 13.5 amp.

It also can blast snow of up to twenty feet away and ten feet high. The machine has an adjustable chute that can be rotated in full 180 degrees so you can control the snow’s direction.

WEN Snow Blaster know for mobility


This electric snow blower can easily be moved because of its mobility. It is consists of two six inches flat wheel, which are both mounted on the back of the machine.

No matter how harsh the conditions are, you will surely be able to maneuver the machine to wherever you please.


  • 13.5 amps of power to throw your snow
  • 180 degrees of control
  • Mobility is easier
  • Built is reliable and sturdy
  • Chute that can quickly be adjusted
  • Can make sidewalks and driveways fast
  • Works quietly


  • Not as powerful as a gas blower
  • Can get clogged easily, especially if you let the snow melt in it
  • Wet and slush snow can be a challenge
  • Made entirely of plastic
Toro electric snow blower know for innovative design


Toro electric snow blower is light and compact and is known for its design that is innovative. It features a rotor that is curved and a funnel housing that is inverted.

The machine has a 12 amp power that can move up to 500 lbs. of snow every single minute. It can clear walkways and driveways of up to fifteen inches in width and twelve inches in depth.

Toro electric snow blower can launch snow of up to twenty-five feet


Toro electric snow blower can launch snow of up to twenty-five feet. You can control the direction with the use of the handle, so you won’t have to clean the same snow all over again.

The 1500 power that this electric snow blower has will make it easier to operate with just one press of a button. It also has a cord lock the can prevent the cord from becoming undone. Due to its light weight, it can be controlled easily.


  • Built for ease of use and comfort
  • 6-inch wheel can increase maneuverability
  • Designed ergonomically for ease and comfort
  • Virtually eliminates clogging
  • Qwik-key start, which removes the need for oil and gas
  • Handle can easily be gripped for control
  • Zip deflector will let you change the direction and lock it in an angle that you please


  • Uses cover screws that are difficult to find
  • Can only work on light snow
  • Can only be moved in about 6 inches of compacted snow
Power Smart electric snow blower can thoroughly clear driveways and sidewalks without too much effort.


Power Smart electric snow blower has a powerful 13 amp motor and can cut out to eighteen inches and width and nine inches in depth of snow.

It also can throw snow of up to thirty feet away. With the 13 amp motor, it can thoroughly clear driveways and sidewalks without too much effort.

The chute that can be adjusted up to 180 degrees will let you throw the snow in your preferred direction.

Power Smart Electric Snow Blower with adjustable chute


The grip, on the other hand, is coated in foam, which will make it comfortable for you to use during the winter season. The auxiliary handle that is oversized will help you carry the machine easily.

Another good thing about this is that it uses electricity, which means that you no longer need to use oil or gas. It also can start quickly, which means that you can start working on your snow almost immediately.


  • Auxiliary handles make lifting easier
  • Can remove heavy and wet snowfall
  • Can be maneuvered easily
  • Can clear snow down to the pavement


  • Long cord is difficult to manage
  • Pushing through thick snow requires effort
  • Plastic wheels won’t roll over well
  • Locking component and washer can be difficult to install

Best Electric Snow Blower - My Choice

Best Electric Snow Blower


Of all the electric snow blower above, the winner for this review is the Snow Joe Electric Snow Blower.

The reason behind this is not only because of its compact size but as well as the power that it produces.

It can help you remove as much snow as possible, which will save you ample of time to do other tasks that you have on your list.

Are Electric Snow Blowers Any Good?

Yes! They are as powerful as many gas snow blowers. However, they are usually single-stage snow blowers, so they are not as powerful at removing heavy snow or throwing it as far as a two-stage snow blower.

They are best-suited to light to moderate snowfall areas as an alternative to a gas single-stage snow blower.

Types of Electric Snow Blower

Electric snow blowers are best-suited to light to moderate snowfall areas as an alternative to a gas single-stage snow blower.

Electric snow blowers are generally single-stage snow blowers and come in two types – electric corded models that run off of an outlet and battery units.

Here’s some insight into what these two types are all about.


Corded models are a great option because you don’t have to make sure they’re charged before you run them, or take breaks while they recharge.

As long as they are plugged into an outlet, they are ready to use. You can extend their range by using the right extension, just remember to check the manufacturer’s manual to make sure you are using the correct type of power cord and that the plug is not exposed to moisture.


New electric snow blowers have high-capacity batteries that provide a decent amount of operating time before requiring a recharge.

They are fully portable and transportable, and you don’t have the hassle of dragging a cord behind you.

Although the batteries are very durable and long-lasting, you will have to replace them a few years down the line.

Corded or Battery-Powered Snow Blower?

This is ultimately a personal choice that should be based on your own preferences, as both types offer similar power and snow-clearing ability.

Battery-powered ones have to be charged before use and may require an additional charge time if you are doing extensive clearing. However, they are fully portable and transportable, so you can clear wherever you like and are not held back by the length of the cord.

Corded machines are ready to go whenever you are, as all they require is access to an outlet. These are usually the lightest units too, because they are not weighed down by heavy batteries.

Although you can extend the length of the cord, you have to use the correctly graded extension cord for the engine. You also have to be careful not to run over the cord while you are working.

Make sure to check our review on the Best Electric Snow Shovels as well. 

How Long Do Electric Snow Blowers Last?

How to Use a Snow blower

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As with any technology, it’s all about investing in a good-quality machine if you want it to last. The best electric snow blowers from leading manufacturers, like those we review in this article, will easily last you 10-15 years and come with good warranties.

If you choose a battery powered snow blower, remember that you will have to replace the batteries every 3-5 years.

What is the Best Time of Year to Buy an Electric Snow Blower?

The new models for the season come onto the market in May or June, so it’s a good idea to wait for a month or two after this so you can read the reviews on the latest technology and find the best electric snow blower for your needs.

Don’t wait too long though – demand will go up as the colder weather sets in and the best electric snow blowers can quickly go out of stock, so you can get stuck waiting for new supplies to come in.

When Should I Use an Electric Snow Blower?

The best time to use a snow blower is when at least two inches of snow has fallen. Then you can use the electric snow blower to remove snow from your deck, paths, sidewalk and driveway, as well as to remove snow banks caused by passing snow plows.

What is the Best Surface for an Electric Snow Blower?

Since they are mostly single-stage snow blowers, they are best-suited to flat paved, concrete or asphalt surfaces. If you have steep inclines or a gravel or dirt surface, it is better to get a two-stage snow blower.

How to Use a Snow blower?

Types of Electric Snow Blower

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  • Before you start – Charge or connect your snow blower. Prep your driveway by removing branches, newspapers and other objects that can damage the machine.
  • Plot your path – Decide where you want the snow to land before you start, so you don’t end up making your job harder. If you want it to all be on the one side of your driveway, start at the opposite side. If you want it to be spread either side, start in the middle.

    Each time you arrive at the end of the driveway and start to turn, adjust your chute 180 degrees to keep the right snow direction. Remember to mind your cord if you have a corded electric snow blower.
  • Plow piles – Snow plows leave deep piles of snow at the end of your driveway that can melt and refreeze into compact, rock-hard ice, so they need to be dealt with quickly.

    To clear them, work slowly at a low speed, pushing the machine at a downwards angle so the auger can get a good grip into the snow and clearing a few feet at a time.

Snow Blower Safety Tips

  • Avoid loose clothing – These can get tangled in the machine’s moving parts.
  • Wear sturdy shoes – Make sure you have good traction to avoid slipping and falling on snow and ice.
  • Wear ear protection – Ear plugs and ear muffs will keep your ears warm and protect you from hearing loss.
  • Start your snow blower outside – Not in your garage or shed.
  • Watch your direction – Don’t blow snow towards people, traffic, neighboring paths or where it could damage property.
  • Keep pets and children inside while working
  • Keep hands and feet away from moving parts
  • Switch the machine off when dealing with a clog – Use a clearing tool or stick, and make sure the blades have stopped rotating. 
  • Keep all shields in place.

How to Maintain an Electric Snow Blower

Electric snow blowers are the best snow blowers if you want a machine that is almost maintenance free! All you have to do is clean your machine, check the condition of your auger and store it somewhere dry.

For other snow blower options, check out our best snow blower review.

Get the Best Electric Snow Blower and Enjoy Easy, Eco-Friendly Snow Clearing

An electric snow blower is just as powerful – if not more powerful – than most single-stage gas snow blowers with the advantages of being lightweight, quiet, emission-free and eco-friendly.

An electric snow blower is basically maintenance free, easy to use and highly maneuverable, making clearing light to moderate snow fast and easy on your back. With the best electric snow blower in your hands, you’ll never go gas again!

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