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Best Garden Furniture Trends That Have Taken 2023 by Storm

For many people, the garden is a great place to be at any time, and especially now that options are limited. Renewed focus on gardens and how to get the best of them is inspiring homeowners.

Many are sprucing up their favourite space, and invest in the best garden furniture that gives their green space something a little special. 

However much space you have outside, read on for 7 garden furniture ideas which have made their mark in 2023.


7 Best Garden Furniture That Have Taken 2020 by Storm

Best Garden Furniture to Choose From

1. Dining Sets

latest garden dining sets come in a huge range of designs and materials

Source: Amazon

Eating al fresco is extremely popular in 2023, with the home standing in for restaurants for many families. In fact, the modern trend is for outdoor dining rooms, rather than just somewhere to go for a quick bite when the sun’s out.

The latest garden dining sets come in a huge range of designs and materials, which work to their best effect on paved patios and under a sturdy covering; this can be an awning attached to the side or rear of the house, or a more permanent structure like an open sided conservatory or cantilevered canopy.

Dining sets seat between 4 and 8 people, and are made as permanent features which won’t buckle, flake or lose their shape.

You can definitely add this one to our list of small backyard ideas

2. Hot Tub Gazebos

Hot Tub Gazebos are showing up in more and more people’s gardens

Inflatable hot tubs are showing up in more and more people’s gardens, as competitive prices and high end features (like one-touch controls and LED lighting) become standard in the market. To really make a hot tub look like part of your garden furniture, think about investing in a hot tub gazebo.

These structures can be bought pre-made or constructed especially to fit in with your garden layout, give shelter and privacy to those using the tub, and can add style and value to any home.

Cedar is a very popular material, with a colour which blends into any garden surroundings, and durable structure which, when treated, can last for up to 40 years without losing its looks.

Head over here to check out some great gazebo ideas for a range of different gardens.

3. Outdoor Day Beds

Outdoor Day Beds come in a variety of great designs and materials

Source: Amazon

In keeping with the desire for outdoor luxury, day beds now come in a variety of great designs and materials which are especially made for life in the garden.

If you have the room, a day bed can make the most of the sun, and help you or your guests relax in the fresh outdoor air. Rattan is a very popular material for outdoor day beds, as it is unaffected by the elements.

The latest designs offer canopies as part of the bed structure, and rattan is perfect for this; domed shelters rise from the base of the bed, providing just the right amount of shelter while facing as much of the sunshine as possible.

Weatherproof throw cushions come in every colour, shape and pattern to set off your bed’s design.

4. Stylish Storage

Storage benches can make the most of the smallest of spaces

Source: Amazon

Some of the most popular garden furniture in 2023 is a mixture of style and practicality, with environmental concerns never far away. With this in mind, garden storage can make the most of the smallest of spaces, use a variety of materials, and be a real asset to the look and feel of your garden.

Storage benches are available to seat one or many people, made of timber to a huge range of styles; underneath the cushions, meanwhile, is plenty of space to store anything from kids’ toys to foldaway garden chairs.

A bench lined up against the garden wall in the sun is a great look, and can provide many cubic metres of very handy storage space.

5. Chimineas

Chimineas is perfect for the outdoors

Source: Amazon

The chiminea is perfect for the outdoors, giving out heat and providing a focus for social gatherings. Today’s chiminea ideas also add a touch of the artistic to gardens, with blacksmiths turning to sculpture to produce some superb chiminea-based artefacts.

Find the best cast iron chiminea here that will suit your home, 10 product reviews. 

Ceramic stoves with open fronts and multi-coloured tiles are also very popular, especially as part of a paved or tiled patio area.

With a few carefully chosen garden chairs and a low table as part of the arrangement, a chiminea can be the perfect place to spend cooler evenings; of course, these sources of heat don’t need to be plugged in, so they can be placed wherever you choose.

6. Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting means you can stay outside for as long as you want

Source: Amazon

Especially during the summer, gardens are the best place to spend quality time enjoying the fresh air; whether that’s alone, with family, friends or colleagues.

When the sun goes down, rather than spoiling the mood and heading indoors, having garden lighting means you can stay outside for as long as you want.

Modern lighting comes in many forms, from obvious to hidden, with a number of power sources, and a range of ways to control when, where and how the lights come on.

A very popular type of garden lighting is solar powered lamps, which use electricity generated through the day and stored in batteries to illuminate the bulbs at night.

Solar lighting comes in stake lamps -  which look great when lighting pathways - and string lights, which can be hung from roof edges, poles or even tree branches.

7.  Hanging Egg Chairs

Hanging Egg Chairs instantly make an otherwise empty area look attractive

Source: Amazon

First made popular in the 1960s, these pieces of retro chic have had some updates which make them perfect for the 21st century garden. Hanging chairs can be installed in a matter of minutes, and instantly make an otherwise empty area look attractive.

The most popular designs are made from rattan, woven into a variety of patterns to allow the chairs to sway under the weight of their user.

If you have trees in your garden, hang a chair from a strong, low branch; if not, hanging chairs come with stands so you can place them anywhere which has a flat surface.

Some people like to leave the rattan weave in its natural colour, while others prefer white, or a mixture of greens, browns and blues which make the chairs look like a natural part of the garden’s foliage.

Usually egg-shaped, hanging chairs also come with flat bottoms for better support, and can be height-adjusted for easy access.

Wrapping Up The Best Garden Furniture in 2023

If chosen carefully, the best garden furniture can improve the look and feel of your home, adding its appeal to you, your family and guests; if you look to sell in the future, a good looking garden with the right design gives any property a boost. 

Simple, stylish and environmentally friendly are the watchwords for the best garden furniture in 2023, and a mix of any of the above suggestions will make a positive impact.

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