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10 Best Lawn Fertilizer Spreader Reviews for 2021 (Buyer’s Guide)

A lawn fertilizer spreader is a great tool for ensuring fertilizer is spread evenly over your grass, helping to promote healthy growth. There are a wide variety of fertilizer spreaders on the market for different budgets, uses (spreading lawn seed, salt or even animal feed) and yard sizes. 

So we’ve put together a quick buyer’s guide reviewing some of the top options to make this decision a whole lot easier!


Best Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader

Best Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader of 2021
Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader

Best Hand-Held Fertilizer Spreader

Best Hand-Held Fertilizer Spreader for 2021
Scotts Wizz Hand-Held Spreader with EdgeGuard Technology
Best Lawn Fertilizer Spreader Reviews (Buyer's Guide)

Best Broadcast Fertilizer Spreaders


Our Rating


Best Commercial broadcast fertiliser spreader
Best Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader of 2021
Agri-Fab 45-0463 130-Pound Tow Behind lawn feed Broadcast Spreader
Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop fertilizer Spreader,
Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader
Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push Fertilizer Broadcast Spreader

Best Hand Held Fertilizer Spreaders

Choosing a Lawn Fertilizer Spreader

Lawn spreaders are a fairly simple tool. There aren’t a lot of parts. However, it is important to match the right spreader for your scenario. 

The right fertilizer spreader for me may not be the best lawn spreader for you, so take some time to consider these important questions before you buy to help guide your decision:

  • How large is the area that you are seeding/fertilizing?
  • Do you have a lot of trees, scrubs and obstacles to navigate?
  • Will you require precision seeding at any point?
  • How much time will you spend spreading grass seed or fertilizing your lawn?

Types of Lawn Spreader

There are two main types of lawn spreader – drop spreaders and broadcast spreaders.There are also hand crank spreaders, but we don’t recommend these as they are tough to use, giving you a sore arm and a frustrating experience!

1. Broadcast Fertilizer Spreaders

Also known as rotary spreaders, broadcast spreaders are a good option for large yards as they are able to deliver the best coverage. They spray the seed or fertilizer out in a circle around them, which means you can cover more lawn with less effort. 

However, they are a bit indiscriminate and uneven with their coverage, so you can easily spread seed and fertilizer where it shouldn’t go.

When spreading grass seed or fertilizer, you may have to overlap your rows as the outer areas won’t get as much seed as the area closest to the spreader.

  • They can spread seed or fertilizer out in a wide circumference of 8 feet or more.
  • A steady pace and some overlap are needed to get an even distribution.
  • Coverage can be affected by the wind.
  • Seeds and fertilizer can be spread beyond where you want it, into flowerbeds or onto hard landscaping.

2. Drop Fertilizer Spreaders

Drop spreaders are a great option because they deliver a uniform spread of grass seed or fertilizer and you can often even adjust the drop rate to your specific preferences.

This makes it far more customizable and reliable than a broadcast spreader.

  • The rate is very even as you drop seed or grass, but you can get stripes if you miss a row.
  • They are better for yards where you have to work around shrubs, trees and flowerbeds.
  • They work very well in small yards of 5,000 feet or less.
  • Coverage is unaffected by the wind.

Crank or Walk Behind Spreader?

The next difference in lawn spreaders is how the seed is spread and delivered. The two options are a hank crank or a walk behind, as mentioned above.

There are some reasons you may consider both options.

  • While hand crank spreaders are budget-friendly, they require a lot of manual labor and effort to use.They spray seed or fertilizer like a broadcast spreader but offer less coverage. As a result, they work best in very small areas.
  • If you have a good-sized yard, a walk-behind spreader is the best lawn spreader because they offer sufficient capacity and require no vehicle other than yourself to operate. They’re also very maneuverable.
  • For very large yards or homeowners with riding lawn mowers or garden tractors, a tow-behind spreader offers the best results. These are spreaders you attach to a vehicle and offer the biggest coverage and capacity.

Best Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader Reviews

Earthway 2150 Commercial 50-Pound Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader Best lawn fertilizer spreader in 2020

via Amazon

There are many reasons why we felt this was the best lawn spreader on the market! This spreader is very compact and is best-suited to small-to-average sized yards or where you have limited storage space.

  • It’s lightweight, so you don’t strain your back
  • It can hold 50lbs of seed or fertilizer, so you don’t need to constantly refill it
  • It has a great 3-hole drop shut-off system for an even spread
  • It is strong and stable, with wide 13-inch pneumatic stud tires, so it’s good over bumpy lawns 
  • It has a screen that shields it from debris, so grass, sticks and eaves don’t get trapped in the mechanism

This spreader is very compact and is best-suited to small-to-average sized yards or where you have limited storage space.

In addition to what we’ve listed above, this lawn spreader really offers a lot for a reasonable price.

Man using Earthway spreader on his lawn distributing fertilizer

via Amazon


  • It is great for even applications of lawn seed or fertilizer, using a mechanism that has an adjustable drop rate so you can customize your application.
  • The enclosed, heavy-duty gearbox prevents frustrating clogging issues, making the spreader easy to use even in wet conditions.
  • The faster you walk, the faster the spreader distributes its load. 
  • The tires do not go flat and are easy to maneuver as you push it over even or uneven lawn.
  • Its weight is well-distributed to ensure it doesn’t tip or unbalance easily.
  • You can also adjust it to ensure it’s at the right position for your height, making it comfortable to use.
  • Ideal for average to small-sized yards.

It’s a great option as an affordable all-rounder for spreading grass seed, fertilizer or road salt.

Agri-Fab 45-0463 tow behind lawn spreader via Amazon

If you have a bigger yard, then you’re going to need maximum load capacity and a durable product – and that means the Agri-Fab 45-0463 130-Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader.

This is a tow-behind spreader, so you attach it directly to your riding lawn mower, tractor or even an ATV.


  • With a large capacity, it is ideal for yards of over 1,000 square feet of lawn, as it can hold 130lbs of grass seed (enough for 25,000 square feet).
  • It is very durable and well-constructed with 13-inch wheels and a 27-inch wheelbase for additional stability over tougher terrain.
  • You can control the settings from your seat without having to get on or off your vehicle. This allows you to control the flow of fertilizer, feed, grass seed or salt, which is a great feature that not every tow-behind lawn spreader has.
  • It handles bumpy lawns and rugged ground easily.
  • The lawn spreader is easy to assemble and comes with a 3-year warranty as well as great after sales service.

This large-capacity and durable device is the best lawn spreader for larger yards, offering useful features that make this type of yardwork simple and easy!

Scotts best lawn drop fertilizer spreader in 2020

via Amazon

Scotts is a well-known brand for outdoor tools for good reason – their products always offer great quality and value for money! This lawn spreader is for big yards of up to 10,000 square feet.


  • This lawn spreader uses a 22-inch chute to distribute the seed or fertilizer, which maximizes spread so you can do less walking up and down your yard.
  • The hopper is wide, making refilling it easy.
  • It has a strong, durable frame to ensure that it’s stable and easy to maneuver.
  • It comes fully-assembled, ready to use and recalibrated for a no-hassle experience.

Overall, this is a great option for big yards, minimizing the amount of work you need to do to have a healthy, thriving lawn. It’s maneuverability and size mean it’s great for navigating yards with trees and shrubs.

best mini broadcast lawn fertilizer spreader

via Amazon

If what you want from a lawn spreader is an easy, lightweight, no-nonsense device for a 5,000 square-foot yard, then this is a great option.


  • A lightweight and compact device, this is easy to push around your lawn and easy to store.
  • It has large wheels, making it stable even over a lumpy lawn or rocks.
  • Despite being a mini lawn spreader, it offers good capacity and holds enough seed or fertilizer for 5,000 square feet of lawn.
  • It has great EdgeGuard Technology, which keeps the spread of the product confined to your lawn even when doing edges and flowerbeds. Not many lawn spreaders have this great precision feature, which is really useful when spreading lawn seed!
  • It’s hassle-free as it comes pre-calibrates and fully-assembled.
  • Although it is already a compact device, the handle also folds down to make storage even simpler.

We love the EdgeGuard Technology and compact size of this lawn spreader, and it’s great capacity delivers real value-for-money, making it one of our best lawn spreaders for 2021.

Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push Broadcast Lawn Spreader via Amazon

Another great lawn spreader from Agri-Fab, this walk-behind lawn spreader offers the same great capacity for large yards of 25,000 square feet without the need to attach it to a riding lawn mower.


  • You get great capacity with this fertilizer spreader, so you don’t have to refill often. It will hold 130lbs of grass seed, fertilizer or salt – enough to cover 25,000 square feet.
  • As a push-style lawn spreader weighing 35lbs unloaded, it does require a little effort and fitness to use. However, the wide pneumatic tires and well-designed chassis makes this job a lot easier.
  • The spreader has good range, covering 10-12 feet in diameter, making the job nice and quick.
  • With a wide hopper, it’s easy to fill with seed, fertilizer, salt or animal feed.
  • It’s great quality, offering robust tires with good grip, an enclosed gearbox, a rust-proof hopper and a powder-coated metal frame.
  • It’s easy to assemble and you can get additional accessories, including a Pro Kit with shield.

This is a great push-style lawn spreader option for big yards when you don’t have a riding lawn mower. With great coverage and capacity, this yard chore is completed in no time at all, even in a large yard.

Best Handheld Fertilizer Spreader Reviews

TIPU Handheld Fertilizer Spreader

This is a handheld, shaker-style spreader that can be used for grass seed, melting ice, or spreading fertilizer, giving you year-round use.

It has 3 differently-size openings to accommodate different volumes and spreading intensity, and the ergonomic handle keeps you comfortable while you work.

It’s compact and portable, and designed with high-quality materials to last a lifetime.


  • For weed control, fertilizer, salt or seeding
  • 3 openings for different contents and spreading volume
  • Portable and durably made
  • Fairly large capacity at 15.47 x 6.97 x 5.35 inches
  • Ergonomic handle 


  • Suited to small yards
  • Can be a bit bulky for some users
  • Coverage is not always even

Spot Spreader Hand Spreader Shaker

Another good-quality hand-held fertilizer spreader is this model. It’s durable and made of high-quality materials, so it will last well.

It’s compatible with salt, fertilizer, grass seed, and weed control materials, and it has several opening sizes to accommodate and spread materials easily.

It’s lightweight and the handle is part of the lid itself, making it very strong and secure. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee for peace of mind!


  • Holds 80oz
  • Adjustable opening
  • Durable, strong design
  • Suitable for weed control, fertilizer, salt or seeding
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Suitable for smaller yards
  • Coverage is not always even

Scotts Whirl Hand-Powered Spreader

This handheld spreader uses a rotary mechanism to spray out seeds, salt, or fertilizer as you walk, making it great for year-round work in smaller yards.

It holds up to 1,500 square feet of Scotts lawn products, which is good capacity for everyday gardening or salting your driveway/paths and is lightweight at 1.15lbs.

The spray design gives a much more even coverage than shaker-type spreaders, and it has an arm support to keep you comfortable as you work.


  • Trusted brand
  • Even spread
  • Suitable for weed control, fertilizer, salt or seeding
  • Lightweight with supportive features
  • Spread in a 6-foot radius
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive


  • Suited to smaller yards

Scotts Wizz Hand-Held Spreader with EdgeGuard Technology

If you want a handheld spreader that does everything possible to make spreading seed, weed control, salt or fertilizer as easy as possible, this is the model for you!

It’s battery-powered, so there’s no need to shake it, operate a crank or anything else. It has a 5-foot broadcast and spreads material very evenly, while the EdgeGuard® technology helps keep the material from intruding into beds, landscaping, or pathways.


  • EdgeGuard® technology blocks material from unwanted spaces
  • Suitable for weed control, fertilizer, salt or seeding
  • Very even spread
  • Battery-powered for easy use
  • 23 settings for different materials
  • Trusted brand


  • Suitable for yards of 2,500 feet or less

Yard Tuff YTF-25SS Shoulder Spreader

This shoulder spreader has a 25lbs capacity, making it ideal for large yards. It’s still lightweight at 3.5lbs and has an adjustable shoulder strap, making it easy to carry, and has an all-metal construction with a heavy-duty canvas bag for durability.

The calibrated flow adjuster allows you to control spread, and assembly is quick and easy. It also comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.


  • Lightweight
  • 25lbs capacity
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Calibrated flow adjuster
  • Suitable for weed control, fertilizer, salt or seeding
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty


  • Requires some assembly

Best Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader

Best Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader of 2021
Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader

If you’re looking for a broadcast spreader that gets the job done well, then we recommend the Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader!

Coming from a trusted, industry-leading manufacturer, this broadcast spreader helps make fertilizing your lawn faster and easier, providing an even spread as you walk.

It comes fully assembled, which is a big win for most of us gardeners, and it can easily cover a yard of up to 10,000 square feet, making it practical as well as maneuverable and durable.

Best Hand-Held Fertilizer Spreader

Best Hand-Held Fertilizer Spreader for 2021
Scotts Wizz Hand-Held Spreader with EdgeGuard Technology

We have to agree that the Scotts Wizz Hand-Held Spreader with EdgeGuard Technology is the best hand-held spreader on the market!

 It’s a little more expensive, but it’s well worth it. It’s battery-powered to make spreading fertilizer, seed, salt, or weed control products easy, and it has an impressive 5-foot broadcast that makes the job go quickly too.

The spreader allows you to block off either side of the chute as you work, helping to prevent materials landing outside of where you want them to be. All you have to do is set the output you want on the dial, then walk up and down your lawn – job done!

Wrapping Up Our Best Lawn Spreader Guide

Grass seed and fertilizer spreaders take a lot of the hard work out of growing and maintain a beautiful lawn. With the right fertilizer spreader, you can ensure even, lush growth and a lawn that’s the envy of your neighborhood!

Remember, a broadcast spreader is for large yards and can be uneven, while a drop spreader delivers the most even results and is easy to use in yards with lots of trees and shrubs.

We hope you enjoyed this article on the best lawn fertilizer spreaders and found it useful!

5 Best Lawn Fertilizer Spreader Reviews (Buyer’s Guide)
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