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Best Portable Generators | Everything You Need To Know

People don't know the importance of a portable generator until a blackout comes along. In such a situation, having one of the best portable generators will surely come in handy. 

These generators are our best friend when it comes to having fun activities away from our homes as they supply us power throughout the course. 

Blackouts can be as worse as hell. Nobody wishes to have a blackout day, but there are blackout days that happen due to some technical issues in our area.


Best Portable Generators Everything You Need To Know
Portable generators run a gas-powered engine that helps them to provide electricity

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Portable generators are designed in a way that can supply power to vital devices around our homes.

We can run our TVs, small appliances, power tools, corded electric lawn mowers, and lights while camping. Besides, if you work at construction sites, you can also use these generators to operate your power tools.

10 Power Up and many other companies on the internet tend to make rundowns of best portable generators.

Which is a plus for individuals who are opting to buy one as they can read out the buying guide from these companies.

How Do Portable Generators Work?

Best Portable Generators

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Portable generators run a gas-powered engine that helps them to provide electricity. This engine turns an on-board alternator to generate electrical power.

You can plug extension cords, electric-powered rolls, and appliances into the portable generator by using the power outlets on the unit.

It is wise to purchase a more powerful generator for your needs because you can have more powerful outlet combinations with more powerful generators.

Portable generators are not meant to be installed permanently. You can quickly move these generators from in place to another.

However, you have to start this generator manually. 

How Do I Choose The Best Portable Generator?

How Do I Choose The Best Portable Generator

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While buying a portable generator, everyone should consider a series of factors. If we don’t have a look at these factors, the chances are that we will end up spending our money for nothing.

Below we talk about a series of factors that will help you choose the best portable generator. Let’s get started. 

1. How Much Power Do I Need?

You are likely to find no issue with running your regular household appliances with your portable generator.

These generators are rated by the amount of power they produce, which are called watts.

Make sure that your generator can take care of the startup wattage. You should look at the indications and buy the one that can handle the startup situation. 

2. Generator Fuel Efficiency

A generator that comes with great fuel efficiency is the one you should be looking for

Whichever generator you buy, make sure that it has a huge tank and can back you up for long hours.

During blackouts, campaigns, or natural disasters, it may not be possible to manage fuels.

Hence, a generator that comes with great fuel efficiency is the one you should be looking for. 

3. Running Time Of The Generator

The generator you buy should be able to run up to 10-12 hours

The generator you buy should be able to run up to 10-12 hours. This is a wise time duration for a convenient portable generator, and you should make sure of this thing. 

4. Portability

Portability is another critical factor. If you are intended to move the generator more frequently, you should get one that comes with lightweight.

On the other hand, when you happen to have a higher output generator, it becomes heavier due to the heavier units.

Hence, if you want to move freely, get a generator that has lower input. 

5. Conventional or Inverter Generator?

When it comes to tons after tons of power, it is better to choose conventional generators.

But, inverter generators are supposed to be better for sensitive devices as they can produce clean power to these devices.

You can likewise control the engine speed as per the load you are putting to the generator.

Besides, these generators can save money by having to use less fuel and can be quite quiet throughout the operation. 

6. Generator Safety Features

There are some features you should always be looking for while buying a portable generator. Electricity is a dangerous aspect, and we should always be safe while playing with it.

Whenever you buy a portable generator, make sure it has inbuilt surge protectors, spark arrestors, low oil shutdown, and build-in circuit protection sensors. 

7. Control Panel Features

The generators that can be started with just a push button are the effective ones.

Along with these features, you should also look for a ready transfer switch, several household plugs, voltage selector switch, and an odometer. 

What Is The Best Small Portable Generator Brand?

It’s very difficult to determine which one is best for you. However, there are some brands available on the market that can be helpful for everyone.

Below we talk about the top three portable generators that are effective for power supply needs. 

Westinghouse WGen5500 Portable Generator (1)

Source: Amazon

The Westinghouse WGen5500 Portable Generator – CARB Compliant comes at 170 lbs. It is rated at 5500 watts and 6850 peak watts.

For emergency power supply purposes, this buddy can be a great help. It has a 6.6-gallon gas tank, which is enough to run for 20 hours making it one of the best home generator you can find.

Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator (1)

Source: Amazon

Emergencies can be easily handled with this generator as you can use both gas and propane gas as fuel.

The design of this generator is lightweight. It also does not come with any noise. These features make it a convenient generator for everyone. 

Honda EU2200IC 2200-Watt Companion Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator (1)

Source: Amazon

This one is manufactured by Honda to take over the lead in the industry. Therefore, the item is Beupp's top choice, a renowned concerned website. It has a patented fuel injection system.

It can blend fuel and air more efficiently. With this generator, you have less waste, and the burn turns out to be a lot cleaner. 

Wrapping Up What You Need To Know About Portable Generators

There you have it. These are our top three picks for small portable generator. You can also check a more comprehensive review and buying guide on 10 Power Up.

Remember, you should always consider those factors while buying a portable generator. It doesn’t matter how big the brand, you should always get the one that matches your needs accordingly.

Hence, determine your needs first and then start checking our different companies. These will help you choose from the best portable generators for your need. Happy shopping!

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