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Solar Lanterns | Why Install them in Your Garden

Over the last few years, outdoor solar lanterns have been growing in popularity, and many home owners have decided to install these devices in their gardens.

Not only do these lights help reduce the cost of utility bills, they are far better for the environment in comparison to electric lanterns. Solar run appliances are great at helping you reduce your carbon footprint. 

Not only are they an ideal lighting for your garden, but they can be used in and around the house and the outside of your property too. 


Solar Lanterns Why Install them in Your Garden

Reasons to Install Solar Lanterns in Your Garden

Reasons to Install Solar Lanterns

Some people like to bring solar lanterns with them camping or going out for a walk during the night. They don’t require a lot of sunlight to charge, yet they still manage to produce plenty of light.

Here are some reasons why you want to consider installing solar lanterns. 

Variety of Solar Lantern Designs

Solar lanterns look fantastic in most yards. They can give your property a classy feel, and there are a wide range of different designs readily available, so you are bound to find one that suits your style. Some of the designs include:

  • Flickering flames: If you want to create a nice ambience in your garden, real flames in a lantern look great, but they can cause a lot of hassle. Having naked flames in your yard is a fire hazard, and families with young children will have to be extra careful. 

    A slight gust of wind might blow them out and you’ll probably find yourself lighting them again and again throughout the night. There are solar powered lanterns that have a fake flame that constantly flickers to make them look real. 

    These are a lot safer than real flames, and you won’t have to worry about anything in your yard catching fire.  
  • Metal lanterns: One of the most popular materials used in solar lanterns is metal. These are ideal for yards because they often have a rust proof finish, so you won’t mind them getting wet. 
  • Colors: The lantern’s come in all different colors, and some even have different colored flames. 

Sometimes, people feel they should invest in outdoor solar lanterns because they are practical devices, and are often surprised how good they look when installed in their yard

Solar lanterns are great at helping you reduce your carbon footprint

Solar Lantern are Safe and Easy to Use

It can be worrying installing electrical cables and wires for a lantern in your yard. If water was to gain access to the cables it can cause a lot of problems.

Repairing the cables can cause a lot of headaches too, especially if you are not confident in what you are doing. Hiring a trained electrician to get the job done can cost a lot of money, which is why many people find that solar lanterns are a cheaper and safer alternative. 

Most of the solar lanterns in today’s market are easy to install and maintain. All you have to do is install the device somewhere in your yard where it is exposed to direct sunlight. It’s best if you don’t keep it in an area that is shaded or under shelter.

Don’t worry about it getting wet because most solar lanterns are waterproof, however, the weather conditions might influence the charging time. Keep in mind that the majority of solar lights out there only work at nighttime. 

Solar Lanterns Vs. Battery Powered or Fuel Burning Lanterns 

Purchasing a Solar Garden Lantern

Here are some of the reasons why so many people are investing in solar lanterns instead of battery powered or fuel burning lanterns:

  • Solar powered lanterns can be recharged remotely. The main reason most people purchase solar powered lanterns is that they can charge it by just leaving it outside.

    Some take longer than others to charge, but there are a few that you can put in the sun for one hour for it to be fully charged. In comparison to fuel powered lanterns, you’ll save a lot of money. 
  • Quiet. Some people like to hear the crackling sound of the fire in their yard, while others prefer no sound at all while they are relaxing. Solar power lanterns don’t omit any sound while they are charging or while they are turned on. 
  • No need for propane or butane
  • Safer than gas. As we all know, gas is combustible, which makes lanterns that rely on the gas a much more dangerous option. You have to be very careful where you leave a gas lantern and what is around it.

    Gas lanterns can produce a lot of heat, so it's not surprising when something close by catches fire. Most solar lanterns produce very little heat so you don’t have to worry about it or anything close by catching fire. 
  • Solar garden lanterns do not weigh a lot. If you want to move a solar lantern around your yard you should have no issues. They are lightweight devices, unlike a lot of the fuel burning lanterns available. Some are large, bulky devices. 

What Features Should You Look Out for When Purchasing a Solar Garden Lantern?

Variety of Solar Lantern Designs

Before buying solar lanterns, you should remember that there are lots of products out there that come with different features, so don’t assume that each one does the same thing.

Read the description of the product carefully to see exactly what it does before you buy it. Here are some of the features you look out for:

Does the light flicker?

Not all solar lights have the flickering feature. If you want the lantern to look and feel realistic, then you should look for one that flickers.

Is it rustproof?

To charge the lantern, you will need to place it outdoors, so you can expect it to get wet now and again. If you are purchasing a lantern for your yard, especially if it is going to be a permanent feature in your garden, make sure it is rustproof. 

Does it have an automated function? 

Some solar lanterns have an on and off automated function which can prove useful.

What color light does it omit?

Most solar lanterns produce white or yellow lights, however, you can also purchase devices that produce red, blue and green lights too. If you want the light the same color as other lights in your yard, it is vital that you check what color it produces as you might not be able to change it down the line. 

Is it waterproof?

Most solar lanterns are waterproof, however, just to make sure you read the description carefully.

What are the different power options? 

Some have more than just one way of charging and powering the device. 

Hanging options

Some have a hook or a handle so that you can hang it off something in your yard. If you are planning to hang the device on a tree or a hook in the garden, make sure you see what hanging solar lanterns are available. 

For more information about certain makes and models, there are plenty of people posting reviews and other details about solar lanterns online. 

For more solar powered options, check out our guide on how to choose solar fence lights and reviews of the best solar lights for 2023.

Wrapping Up Our Outdoor Solar Lanterns Guide

The manufacturers issue all types of different warranties and guarantees on the different lanterns they have for sale. Manufacturers of well built models normally offer the customer a one year warranty, and sometimes a 30 day money back guarantee.

These manufacturers are confident with the products they sell, while others only offer a 30 day warranty. Don’t forget to read the small print and make sure to keep your receipt. Time to get your own outdoor solar lantern today! 

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