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Bringing Trees’ Powerful Beauty Into Your Garden

Trees form one of the most useful plant groups you can have in the garden, attracting a wide range of benefits to your green spaces. Unfortunately, studies suggest that they are underappreciated by Americans. 36m urban trees were lost between 2009-2014, according to a recently published study.

Introducing trees into your garden shouldn’t be taken lightly, as they require careful attention and maintenance. Fully developed, however, they will become a wonderful part of the landscape. Here is how to identify any constraints against planting, identify the right sort of tree, and how to keep it healthy.

What to consider before planting

Deep root trees

Each state has their own rules on tree planting. This is because a well-rooted tree can have an impact on foundations, pipework and other factors in the local area. New York City authority requires a license to plant on the front of your own property for this reason. Depending on how built-up your area is, there may be restrictions on tree removal.

On the flipside, certain areas value their trees and there is city ordinance to prevent removal. Different states will have rules that vary down to the size and age of a tree, including the need to submit permits. If you’re planning to be at a property for a long span of time, consider what impact your planting will have.

Zeroing in on the perfect species

Getting a tree to flourish in your garden is not as simple as planting any seed you find. Like all other plants, trees depend on the humidity, soil type, climate and sunlight of an area. Furthermore, certain tree types are native to certain areas and are difficult to grow elsewhere.

The USDA now provides a database that allows you to find species indigenous to your native area. With that in mind, consider what type of tree you want to add to your home. Is it for shade alone, or color? Do you want a low-hanging tree, or something a little taller and grander? Looking at the landscape of your garden and really focusing on what you want the plant to bring is key.

Caring for trees

Caring for trees

Trees are naturally hardier than many other plants, but there are a few key concerns to ensure your plant is healthy. Chief among these are fungi – according to Penn State Extension, most tree deaths are due to fungus. You can protect your trees with chemicals, although this isn’t the best option for the environment.

For a natural solution, mix lemon and baking soda with water and spray down your tree, and its roots, regularly. To stop fungus appearing in the first place, ensure that you are careful around the tree and don’t cause damage to it – fungus generally can’t enter without the tree being wounded. Aside from this, keep your tree pruned and tended to ensure its health.

Trees can be a great addition to any garden – there are few other displays of nature quite as glorious. However, it’s not as easy as just planting the nut or seed. To ensure a healthy tree, make sure you’re keeping up with local law, that you pick an appropriate species, and that you take proper care for it in the long run.

Bringing tree' powerful beauty into your garden

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