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Satin Pothos Scindapsus Pictus Full Growing Guide

Satin Pothos | Scindapsus Pictus Full Growing Guide

Being one of the most accessible and easiest houseplants to grow, the Satin pothos has rightfully garnered a lot of popularity and is widely grown in households across the globe.  This tropical evergreen vine features distinctive variegated foliage and petite heart-shaped leaves. A perfect addition for anyone looking for a low-maintenance ornamental houseplant, here is everything […]

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How to propagate pothos

How to Propagate Pothos

Pothos, or Golden Pothos as it is often known, is a fantastic houseplant because it is easy to grow, is happy in low light and doesn’t require a lot in terms of fertiliser or water. Pothos is also really easy and simple to propagate. In this article, we will guide you on how to propagate pothos […]

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What are the Reasons for Seeing Pothos Yellow Leaves

Pothos Yellow Leaves | Treatment and Prevention

Are you noticing some pothos yellow leaves in your garden? In this article, we’ll take a look at the reasons why pothos leaves go yellow and how to treat these issues to restore your plant to good health. Pothos Yellow Leaves | How To Treat and Prevent Causes of Pothos Leaves Turning YellowFungal Diseases that Rots […]

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