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Harvesting Guide 6 Ways to Know When to Pick Butternut Squash

When to Pick Butternut Squash – Harvesting Guide

With its tough outer rind and long growth time, it can be difficult to know when is butternut squash ripe and ready for harvesting. Although they can ripen off the vine, the best and easiest way to get the most flavorful squash is to leave them on the vine until they are perfectly ripe.  Here are […]

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How to Grow Butternut Squash From Seeds

Growing Butternut Squash Guide | Everything You Need to Know

There are plenty of great reasons to add butternut squash to your vegetable garden. Not only are they tasty and versatile, lending themselves to a huge range of recipes, they’re also easy to grow at home. Read through our guide on growing butternut squash, and you’ll soon be enjoying a great harvest!

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