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DIY Hydroseeding by a man on his lawn

DIY Hydroseeding | Complete Guide

Have you ever tried DIY hydroseeding? This is one of the most popular techniques lately when it comes to grass plantation. It has gained so much popularity and recognition that is slowly replacing the traditional methods of sod application and hand seeding. If you are looking for a cost-efficient, high-quality and fast method, hydroseeding may be […]

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Tips on when to apply weed and feed

Tips on When to Apply Weed and Feed

Are you wondering about how you can get rid and control weed in your garden? Did you know that you can achieve this by using a weed and feed? Get to know when to apply weed and feed by reading the given information below.One of the most annoying plants that can invade your lawn are […]

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How Long Does It Take To Grow Grass From Seed

How how long does it take to grow grass from seed? Too long it may seem… After you planted grass seed, you will be anxious to see growth.No one likes to stare at bare spots or dry dirt in their yard. Lush, green grass is the perfect accompaniment to beautiful landscaping. To complete your outdoor […]

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How to kill grass in flower beds

How to Kill Grass in Flower Beds

While grass looks wonderful as a neat and lush lawn, it can be a real problem plant when it gets into flower beds! Our helpful guide on how to kill grass in flower beds covers a range of different methods that will help keep your yard tidy and thriving. How to Kill Grass in Flower Beds […]

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Watering New Grass Seed

Watering New Grass Seed: How Often and How Much Water

Grass seed, just like any other plant, requires water to germinate and grow properly. You have one opportunity to make these seeds grow. Otherwise, you will have to lay more. The last thing you want to do is have to purchase more seeds and go through the process again. Watering grass seed isn’t that complicated, but you […]

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using sod to avoid weeds or soil erosion

5 Reasons Why Choosing Sod vs Seed is The Perfect Choice for You

A luscious lawn can really change the aesthetics of your home. But many homeowners find it difficult to choose between sod or seeding their lawn. Many opt to seed rather than sod, mostly because they haven’t done proper research. Choosing sod over seeds has numerous advantages. We discuss 5 advantages of sod that should have […]

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