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Tips for Creating a Stylish Contemporary Garden Design

There are lots of stylish contemporary garden design ideas today. An essential principle in designing an aesthetically attractive garden is always treating your garden as an extension of your home. 

Thus, you should ensure your garden aesthetics blend well with your interior design with regard to material and colour. This will help achieve cohesion and further enhance the stylishness of your garden.


What is a Contemporary Garden? 

Why Choose a Contemporary Garden Design

A key feature of a contemporary garden is purposefulness or serving specific or various purposes. This applies to all gardens, regardless of the size or space area.

A critical evaluation before designing your garden will help utilise available outdoor space and create a garden that reflects the passion or needs of the owner. 

So it is important to set priorities for your garden. For instance, do you want a garden for growing plants, veggies, herbs, and colourful flowers? Do you want to relax with a good book on a decking board?

Do you want to create a child-friendly garden for your kids to spend time outdoors and be entertained? A contemporary garden can accommodate all or most of these needs. 

Mapping Out Your Garden Design

As you start to map out your garden design, consider whether your garden will need planning permission and other logistics. You must obtain the proper permission to ensure that your garden is compliant.

For instance, matters relating to garden boundaries and electrical lines should be one of the first factors to consider because they can aid the implementation of the design.

Furthermore, when dealing with borders, it will be great if it is clutter-free and minimalistic. Many people mistake cluttering too many elements or objects in their garden with stylishness.

Plain, simplistic designs are beautiful too. Choose accessories like planters, furniture, and decking boards to suit your style.

Why Choose a Contemporary Garden Design?

A key feature of a contemporary garden is purposefulness or serving specific or various purposes

Contemporary is a descriptive term that means 'present happening.' It is synonymous with the word 'modern.' To some people, there is no difference between 'modern' and 'contemporary' as they can use both terms interchangeably.

All the same, we can infer that contemporary gardens are designed in a way that embraces trends or the most current aesthetic elements. This might be hard to pin down because it all boils down to the matter of personal preference.

While minimalistic gardens are on the rise, lavish or ornately designed gardens are still trendy. A contemporary garden will have to strike a balance between functionality and beauty.

Let's explain why a contemporary garden is highly important for every home.

Enhances Your Home Resale Value

A contemporary garden can give your property's value a boost more than setting up a new kitchen or a conservatory

A garden can boost your home resale value by over 70%. According to Post Office Money's new report, a contemporary garden can give your property's value a boost more than setting up a new kitchen or a conservatory.

This is because a stylish garden comprises beautiful landscape elements such as a decking board, water fountain, and colourful flower bed.

Creating a small contemporary garden is also affordable; homeowners can spend less than £3,000 on garden landscaping. This is far less than the average extension cost for cellar conversion, which stands at £85,000.

Encourages Outdoor Activities

Imagine all the fun and healthy activities the garden may present: from taking a stroll in the early afternoon to relaxing in the serene environment while feeling the air on your skin.

You can also host your friends for a fun evening in your garden area. Even your kids would enjoy getting fresh air and spending time outdoors instead of being confined indoors.

Added Health Benefits

Gardening is a good way of increasing your flexibility, endurance, and strength.

Apart from getting an abundance of nutritious veggies and fruit supplies, gardening can also improve your health in many other ways. They include:

  • Increased exposure to vitamin D: Outdoor activities like gardening allow you to spend time in the sun, increasing your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D can help prevent or treat diseases of the bone.
  • Lower risk of dementia: Gardening can reduce or delay the onset of dementia by more than 30%, as per recent studies.
  • Mood-lifting effects: Spending time in your garden can reduce stress more than any other leisure activity. The fresh air can tremendously reduce the rate of depression and anxiety.
  • Physical exercise: Gardening is a good way of increasing your flexibility, endurance, and strength.

Steps to Creating a Stylish Contemporary Garden Design

Do you want your garden to look stylish, contemporary, and attractive? Here are some tips that can help you achieve that.

Creating a Stylish Contemporary Garden Design

1. Select the Appropriate Materials

Contemporary gardens revolve around architecture and creativity. Through proper planning, the garden is seamlessly linked to the rest of the home's interior.

This is why it is regarded as an extension of it, creating a distinct unchanging flow from indoor to outdoor. You can use so many materials for a modern garden design, such as concrete, stone, ceramic, iron, composite, and wood.

Ensure you choose what best matches your preferences and needs. You have to invest money in getting the most appropriate materials so as not to waste cash in the long run and become frustrated. 

Factors like aesthetics and style are very important when selecting garden materials. stone and wood are more suitable for a 'classical' or 'traditional' design. In contrast, composite wood offers a more contemporary look to any garden.

Also, consider the features of the material. It would be best to consider factors like low maintenance, resistance to moisture, anti-slip, and durability.

2. Choose the Ideal Plants

You have to get the plants that are suitable for your environment and its climatic conditions. This will help the plant thrive. Also, consider the quality of the soil. Plants can easily be categorised into plants that enjoy direct sunlight and plants that prefer shade. 

Plants are key to your garden design. In every stylish garden, there is a level of botanical diversity. Do not closely cramp plants together as it leads to poor air circulation and may limit their growth and maturity.

It is also recommended to use climbing plants or container plants if there is inadequate outdoor space. Ensure you get less demanding plants if you do not have much time to care for them.

3. Enhance the Atmosphere with Lighting

Lighting is a great way of enhancing the beauty and appeal of your contemporary garden

Lighting is a great way of enhancing the beauty and appeal of your contemporary garden. You can use lights to improve the atmosphere and create a dramatic effect, especially when used to accentuate garden features like plants.

Lighting can also extend the functionality of the garden, making it safe and comfortable even at dusk. Solar lights for instance, can add that needed design. 

4. Using Water Features

Water, as they say, is life. It represents birth and restoration. You can use water in your garden as an ornamental feature. For instance, decorative pools, springs, water fountains are examples of water features that can create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in your garden.

5. Adding Garden Accessories

Clutters are unnecessary and unattractive, especially when the garden is to be used for other functions. So ensure you consider the purpose(s) that the garden will serve: to host friends? Serve meals? Relaxation spot? A play area?

This will guide you in selecting only the necessary accessories needed. Some popular garden accessories include outdoor furniture, decking boards, outdoor rugs, garden lanterns, sculptures, birdhouses, string lights, fire pits, and storage boxes.

Wrapping Up Our Contemporary Garden Design Guide

As we noted earlier, a contemporary garden seeks to strike a healthy balance between elegance and minimalistic design. Still, it boils down to personal preference and needs. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get that pen and paper ready and starting creating your contemporary garden design. 

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