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Corded vs Battery Leaf Blower | Which Should I Buy?

Who doesn’t love spring? This beautiful season makes everyone want to go on vacation, take on new activities, and start new home ventures.

Corded vs Battery Leaf Blower _ Which Should I Buy-

This season gives us so many reasons to look forward to, except for one thing, It is the season that leaves you with more yard work. Moving leaves for regular maintenance can be a handful but doing it in spring will require twice the work. 

If you have been thinking about whether to go for a corded vs battery leaf blower, we have good information for you. Going over these points will help you decide better on which type to go for. 

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Difference Between Corded vs Battery Leaf Blower

corded vs battery leaf blower

We have lined up a couple of valuable points about each one to help you understand its use and the advantages and disadvantages that come with it. 

What is a Corded Electric Leaf Blower?

The name speaks for itself. A corded electric leaf blower will have a cord that is to be plugged into the main energy source to function. This is the lightest among leaf blower kinds.

A lot of people go for this because it typically comes with speed triggers, speed knobs and can even function as a vacuum cleaner when needed. 

What is a Corded Electric Leaf Blower?

Pros of Corded Leaf Blowers

Apart from being lightweight and easy to control because of its build, this is also loved for its relatively quiet operation compared to other types.

The best part of owning one is that you have unlimited power as long as it is connected to a source. This means you can get as much work as you want without worrying about losing power. 

It is an excellent option for those who want to preserve nature because this does not produce exhaust emissions. It is usually designed with a one-hand operation that makes it ideal for people suffering from back pain and problems. 

If you are in the search of a leaf blower that offers portability, ease of use, and easy maneuverability, a corded electric leaf blower is one to go for. 

Drawbacks of Corded Electric Leaf Blowers

Despite its powerful capabilities, this comes with a few disadvantages. Since it utilizes a cord to power the entire tool, you can expect some limitations in terms of mobility and coverage. Hence, it makes it ideal for small spaces.

Its energy consumption is one to look out for too. Though it differs from model to model, you have to know its features and how much energy it needs to operate.

The same principle applies to its sound or noise emission as different corded models come with a variety of noise output. 

Who is it for?

The corded electric leaf blower is ideal for those who need a constant and stable strong-powered leaf blowing mechanism. Since it can also work as a vacuum, it works great for indoor use too.

It is ideally used for those who want to work with small spaces. However, it is not good for those who want to cover a large space because of its mobility restrictions.

What is a Battery Powered Leaf Blower?

Also known as a cordless leaf blower, battery powered leaf blowers operate through a battery. This does not come with power cords that can limit your movement.

These usually weigh around 3.5 to 10 lbs. but make sure to consider the size of the battery that comes with it. In general, these come in lightweight builds too.

Standard batteries can range from 2.0 amps to 20 V batteries, but high-end models can have 4.0 to 8.0 amps and 40V batteries. Standard models usually have less power and output as compared to high-end models, so make sure to determine your output requirement before purchasing.

To put it simply, standard ones can operate up to 15 minutes while high-end models run 45 minutes before needing a recharge.  

What is a Battery Powered Leaf Blower?

Pros of Battery Leaf Blowers

In terms of mobility, the scope of coverage, and convenience, battery-powered leaf blowers have proven to deliver excellent results. This type will not trouble you with long cables that can limit movement and cause tripping as you use it.

It also allows you to reach hard-to-reach and tight-fitting areas. Those who also wish to have a leaf blower that does not make too much noise can benefit from this. This makes it ideal for indoor settings because it will not cause trouble with kids and pets.

Due to a lesser airflow rating and air volume, it makes less noise as compared to other types. This is also easier to carry around as it can be packed and set up quickly.

Drawbacks of Battery Powered Leaf Blowers

While these come with amazing and convenient features, there are also drawbacks that come with them. Since these are battery-operated, the use of it will have its limits.

This limit will depend on the battery’s capacity and model. Depending on the model, it will need recharging after 15 to 45 minutes. Another drawback for this would be that it generally produces lesser power and output than other leaf blower types. 

Who is it for?

Battery-powered leaf blowers are ideal for those who want to cover a large space. It is best for those who need to work on hard to reach and narrow areas.

Since it is compact, portable, and lightweight, it can also work for those who travel a lot. With a simple charging space, you can easily get power back for work.

It can be a good pick for indoor use, especially for households with kids and pets, as the noise produced will not be too loud and daunting. 

Wrapping Up Our Corded vs Battery Leaf Blower Guide

Both leaf blowers are effective in getting the job done; however, each has its unique pros and cons that can affect every user’s experience. 

Suppose you want to find the best type of leaf blower to use, read on each type’s features and weigh its impact on your needs. Weigh each one and go for those that can fit your coverage, power, function, and use requirements. There you have it, everything you need to know on corded vs battery leaf blower.

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