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Tips on Cutting Grass After Rain

Are you wondering if cutting grass after rain is ideal? Did you know that you can still cut them, but you need to take extra precautions? Get to know how you can cut the grass after they got drenched in the rain by reading the information below.

A lot of people are wondering as to why it is not ideal to cut grass after the rain. Some people are even wondering if they should wait until the lawn dries up or if they need to wait for days before they can start cutting the grass.

If you are one of the many who just can’t seem to wait till the grass gets dry, then you’re probably thinking of ways to still do it without damaging your lawn and as well as your lawn mower. The good news is, you still can!

Sharpening the Blades of Your Lawn Mower

Sharpening the Blades of Your Lawn Mower

The blades of your mower should be sharpened since blades that are dull can also stress the grass in your lawn, since the blades will only be shredding the grass instead of cutting them. This will also make it easy for all the disease to start taking over your lovely lawn.

Raising the Deck of Your Lawn Mower

Now if you have a lawn that has grasses that are categorized as cool season grasses, then raising the deck of your lawn mower for you to be able to cut about 3 to 4 inches of grass. Avoid cutting the grasses shorter since it can cause problems due to conditions that are damp.

cutting grass after rain

Always put in mind that your lawn mower won’t be able to handle cutting grasses that are a cool season too short. This is the reason why it is best to move the deck to the second highest or the highest setting.

Side Discharging Your Grass

Instead of mulching or bagging, it would be best to set your lawn mower to its highest setting. Once done, you can adjust the side discharge and start mowing. Typically, your lawn will have clipping rows which you can mow one the grass has dried up.

Managing the Lawn Mower’s Fuel

Always remember to avoid overfilling the lawn mower that you have. You need to purchase the right amount of fuel which you can use for 2 to 3 weeks.

STA-BIL 22214 Red Fuel Stabilizer (32 oz.), 32. Fluid_Ounces


The gasoline’s ethanol content has a moisture affinity, which can entirely affect mowing. To prevent contaminating your fuel, it would be best to use a stabilizer while you are in the process of filling the lawn mower. Lastly, you should only purchase fuel once it has already been depleted.

Cleaning After You Mow

How to clean your mower?


Of course, after you have mowed your lawn, it would be best to clean the mower’s underside where the clippings of grass are usually clinging. This will avoid them from forming a layer of sogginess, which can become moldy in the long run.

Now, if your mower has a port for washout, then using this to clean your mower’s deck is essential. Using a putty knife, you can scrape clean the deck, while you can use a wire brush for the tires. Your lawn mower will properly work if you clean it regularly.

Mowing More Often

If it has been raining for days, this means that your grass will have an increased growth. This is the best time to reduce the interval time to a few days to ensure that your grass won’t get too long. Put in mind that grass that is wet and tall can be difficult to mow properly.

These are the tips on how you can mow your lawn after a rainy day. But if you are wondering as to why many avoid doing this, then the information below will surely give you an idea.

Gives Strain on Mowers

Grass that is too tall and are wet can sometimes strain the mower, which can the cause for it to overheat. But if you are using commercial and powerful mowers that are using sharp blades, then you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

Mower Might Miss Some Spots

Since the grass can be very wet, they can tend to bend over, which will make the mower miss some spots. Once the lawn gets dry, the grass will start to stand back, and this will make your lawn to have an uneven cut.

Above are some of the reasons why gardeners prefer waiting for the grass to dry. But if you are too eager to start mowing your lawn to provide a cleaner cut, then following the tips above will surely make your lawn mowing efficient.

Start following the tips above on cutting grass after rain for you to be able to ensure that your lawn will maintain its beauty.

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