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5 DIY Home Improvements on a Budget

DIY home improvements can quickly get quite expensive. Since many of us need to be budget-conscious, the first step is to really figure out why space isn’t working.

Once you know what isn’t working, you can make decisions about how to fix it. Here are 5 DIY home improvement projects you can do today. 

5 DIY Home Improvements

diy home improvements

Organize for More Room Space

If a room feels too small, figure out why. For example, if a bedroom is too small, take an inventory of what’s inside it. Is the bed too big, or are there too many toys in the space?

For children’s rooms, make sure that you’re utilizing the low space for their needs and the upper spaces for off-season things. Toys can go in bins under the bed, which may make it possible to move the toy box out of the space to create more room.

If you use wooden crates, put glides on the bottom so the child can easily pull them out. A tall chest of drawers can hold off-season clothing in the top drawers and clothes the child can wear now in the bottom. Invest in a bracket or hinge to screw the taller storage unit to the wall to avoid tipping.

Bring More Light to Your Room

replacing curtains with blinds as part of home improvements

If you are doing home improvements on a budget, always start by determining what bugs you the most about an area. Is one of your bedrooms particularly dark and gloomy? This oppressing feeling may indeed be caused by a lack of windows. It can also be caused by

  • one naked lightbulb in the middle of the ceiling
  • heavy, dark curtains
  • too much furniture around the perimeter
  • stale air

Move all the furniture out of the room. Vacuum or sweep up the floor and mop or clean the carpet. Find a lamp in another room that doesn’t get a lot of use and put it in one corner on a small table or trunk.

Add a comfy chair and you have a reading spot. Replace the curtains with blinds. Hang a frosted shade on the naked bulb for a bit of brightness. Put the bed back and drape a bright throw over the foot.

Create Friendly Spots to Linger

home improvements on a budget

If you have a large window in your home, consider adding a window seat. This can be as simple as putting a trunk in front of the window and adding a cushion, or you can use existing bookshelves to create a cozy window seat with built-in bookcases, offering you a spot for both comfort and storage.

No matter where the items in your home came from, they’re yours now, so put them to work for you. If you don’t sew but enjoy yard work, look for a seamstress on social media or Craigslist to see if you can arrange a swap of labor. You may not only get a great cushion for your window seat, you may also gain a mentor and some sewing lessons!

Choosing the Right Paint

DIY house improvements never misses the importance of paint. It is the great equalizer. Not only can a fresh coat of paint brighten your home, but you have to move everything to paint.

a couple doing home improvements

Once you’ve painted, you can put things back in a pattern that works for you, figure out what you need to replace, and sell what no longer serves.

Prep work for painting is critical. Take the time to

  • wash your walls with a mild soap and a sponge
  • rinse your walls with water and a new sponge
  • patch nail holes with spackle
  • lightly sand the patches
  • prime the sanded areas
  • paint

A word on color choices: Your favorite color may be a bit too bold for the whole wall or room. Instead, look for the lightest possible shade of your favorite color and use your favorite in fabrics as an accent, or use it on the back wall of your built-in bookcase.

Work One Room at a Time

If you need to do a major tear-out, work only one room at a time. Yes, this will take more time. However, having everything torn up will quickly make your house completely unlivable.

While you’re trying to function in a renovation project, make sure to work with a reputable HVAC supply company for heaters and fans to stay comfortable.

Here are more home improvement ideas you can add to your to-do-list. Once you are done improving your home, lets get started on your garden. Read our article on finding ways to create your dream garden on a budget.

Start Your DIY Home Improvements

Home improvement projects can be managed in small chunks. If you need to take time off work, try to lay in your stock of supplies late the day before you need to start so you can get rolling first thing in the morning.

Hanging around at the checkout counter when you’re antsy to get started is quite frustrating. Check out our Facebook page and share your home improvement projects.

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