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33 Creative DIY Recycled Garden Ideas

DIY Recycle and Reuse Garden Projects

Are you ready to get crafty? Then check out these wonderful, recycled garden ideas. Instead of throwing away old items, give them a new life by repurposing them.

Don't be afraid to experiment! Take a closer look at some of the things that you already have lying around, and see if your garden can help turn them into something else of use.


DIY Recycle Projects and Recycled Garden ideas

Below, I have found 33 recycled garden ideas that can will use your creativity, like you do when knitting a top. From transforming dishware into bird feeders and using pallets as planters, recycling has never been so rewarding.

What is a Recycled Garden Project?

Old wheelbarrows are another handy item for recycled garden ideas

Recycled garden ideas are great for environmentally conscious individuals. Using recycled garden ideas involves repurposing materials that would otherwise be discarded.

These items are turned into functional and decorative garden decorations. There are countless recycled garden ideas that can enhance your garden.

Instead of throwing old items out, use your imagination and repurpose them into projects that will enhance your outdoor space.

Benefits of Incorporating DIY Recycle Projects

Below are just some of the benefits of incorporating recycled garden ideas into your outdoor space:

Environmental Sustainability 

By using recycled materials in your garden, you are helping to reduce waste and promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

Save Money 

Recycled garden ideas will often save you money. Since you are repurposing items that you already have or can buy at a low cost, you do not have to spend a lot of money.

You Can Get Creative 

Recycled garden ideas allow you to get creative. You can showcase your unique style and create one-of-a-kind garden projects.


When you are using old items, you can customize their designs to suit your specific needs.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

Choosing recycled materials reduces the demand for new items. This helps lower your carbon footprint. Repurposing old materials takes less energy and resources than manufacturing new ones.

Educate Others 

When you incorporate recycled garden ideas into your outdoor space, you will spark conversation. This gives you the opportunity to educate others about the importance of recycling and upcycling.

Upcycled Garden Ideas

Get ready to be inspired by this list of unique recycled garden ideas. From upcycled terra cotta planters and repurposed furniture to handmade stepping stones and vertical gardens, these DIY projects will bring old items to life again.

 30 Recycled Garden Ideas

1. Mason Jar Lanterns

Mason Jar Lanterns

Hang mason jars with tea light candles to create an inviting atmosphere in your garden. Mason jar lanterns are an easy DIY project that can be customised to suit your decor or event theme.

The lanterns are perfect for outdoor gatherings, weddings, parties, or even just relaxing.

2. DIY Teacup Bird Feeders

DIY Tea Cup Bird Feeders

DIY teacup bird feeders are a charming way to use recycled items and attract birds to your garden. The bird feeders are relatively simple to make and also make great gifts for bird lovers.

If you do not have any old teacups and saucers, you can find a wide variety of choices at your local op shop.

3. Wine Barrel Planter

Wine Barrel Planter

Gardening enthusiasts who want to add a rustic touch to their outdoor space may consider a DIY wine barrel planter. The planters are eye-catching and durable.

With one wine barrel, you can create 2 planters. Simply cut it in half, add drainage holes, fill them with dirt, and plant your plants. You can even use the wine barrel planters to make fountains.

4. Broken Ceramic Mosaic Stepping Stones

Broken Ceramic Mosaic Stepping Stones

DIY mosaic stepping stones are a fun and colorful way to add artistic flair to your garden. They can transform ordinary pathways into beautiful features.

The decorative designs are created by embedding colorful pieces of broken glass, ceramic, or other materials into concrete or plaster.

5. Repurposed Ladder Plant Stand

Repurposed Ladder Plant Stand

A repurposed ladder plant stand can add height and an artistic element to your garden. It allows you to create a vertical garden display where you can showcase a wide variety of plants.

It is also easy to take care of and is not permanent. Making it a great choice for those who may need to move the plant stand.

6. Tin Can Lanterns

Tin Can Lanterns

Do not throw your tin cans away; they make great recycled garden ideas. A DIY tin can lantern can add a charming and enchanting touch to your garden design. You can customise the designs created with the holes and paint the cans to match your decor.

7. Repurposed Bathtub Planter

A bathtub garden can add a whimsical touch to your garden. It is an unconventional method that will definitely spark conversation.

Not only can you use a clawfoot bathtub as a planter, but you can also use it to create a fountain. To add an additional pop of color paint the outside of the tub.

8. Wine Bottle Edging

Do you have a lot of wine bottles that you hate to get rid of? Wine bottle garden edging can add a distinct ambiance to your garden. 

Bury the empty wine bottles upside down along your garden beds to create a unique and colorful border.

9. Upcycled Tire Planters

Using recycled tires as planters is one of the most popular recycled garden ideas on our list. Paint the outside of the tires with a variety of bright colors and stack them on top of each other to create a unique flower garden.

10. Drawer Planters

Using old dresser drawers to create upcycled garden planters is a wonderful idea. Using old dresser drawers for recycled garden ideas combines creativity and functionality.

It is also a great way to reduce waste and promote environmental consciousness.

11. Reclaimed Brick Raised Beds

Reclaimed Brick Raised Beds

Recycled bricks are an excellent choice for making raised garden beds. Bricks are durable and aesthetically pleasing. Raised garden beds provide excellent drainage and require minimal maintenance.

Check out this recycled garden ideas tutorial to learn how easy the beds are easy to build.

12. Repurposed Bird Bath Fountain

You can convert a bird bath into a small fountain using a recirculating pump. Transforming the birdbath into a fountain improves aesthetic appeal while attracting more birds and improving water circulation.

The sound of flowing water also creates a relaxing atmosphere in your garden.

13. Tire Swing Planter

Tire Swing Planter

Believe it or not, hanging tire planters are both aesthetically pleasing and a wonderful choice for recycled garden ideas.

By painting the tires, you can enhance their visual appeal to match your garden's decor. Hanging the tires also allows you to maximize your vertical space.

14. DIY Garden ­Mushrooms

DIY Garden Mushrooms

Are you on the search for fun and whimsical recycled garden ideas? These mushrooms made from terra cotta pots and drain plates are a delightful DIY project that will bring charm to your outdoor space.

And these mushrooms are way more affordable than premade garden decor.

15. Bicycle Plant Stand

Bicycle Plant Stand

Using a bicycle as a plant stand will add a unique and whimsical touch to your garden. The bike is an unexpected design element that captures people’s attention.

A bicycle plant stand is a sustainable way to showcase your favorite plants. With its versatility, mobility, and low maintenance, a bicycle plant stand is a fantastic choice for recycled garden ideas.

16. Vintage Suitcase Herb Garden

Vintage Suitcase Herb Garden

Using a vintage suitcase to create an herb garden is a creative way to grow herbs. The suitcase will add a bit of nostalgia to your garden design. Using a suitcase also makes the garden easier to move around.

17. Wine Cork Plant Markers

Wine Cork Plant Markers

Do not get rid of your wine corks. You can use them to label and identify your plants in the garden. Wine cork plant markers will add a rustic charm to your garden.

By repurposing your wine corks for recycled garden ideas, you are not only making gardening easier, but you are also helping to reduce waste.

18. Broken Concrete Patio

Broken Concrete Patio

Use broken concrete to create a unique and visually appealing patio. Repurposing the broken pieces as stepping stones, creating a mosaic design.

You can also use broken concrete to make pathways and raised flowerbeds.

19. DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

A wine bottle bird feeder is a delightful and eco-friendly way to provide backyard birds with food. By repurposing wine bottles, you can create visually appealing feeders to add to your backyard space.

Make several wine bottle bird feeders using different colors to create an artistic display.

20. Wooden Pallet Succulent Planter

Wooden Pallet Succulent Planter

Wooden pallet recycled garden ideas are perfect for creating succulent planters. The wooden pallets provide an economical space for vertical gardening.

Pallets are ideal for small spaces or limited garden areas. The spaces between the boards also allow you to maximize your planting area while spacing the plants out perfectly.

21. Bicycle Wheel Garden Spinner

Bicycle Wheel Garden Spinner

A bicycle wheel garden spinner would make a creative and colorful addition to your garden. This tutorial shows you how to make a spinner with pieces of glass.

However, you can use a wide variety of items such as wine bottles, plastic bottles, tin cans, and more.

22. Recycled Wheelbarrow Planter

Recycled wheelbarrow planters make charming, recycled garden ideas. The wheelbarrow adds character to your garden while creating height.

Converting a worn-out wheelbarrow into a planter also breathes new life into an item that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

If you are on the market for a replacement, see our reviews on wheelbarrows and find out which is our top pick for 2023. 

23. Repurposed Ladder Birdhouse

Repurposed Ladder Birdhouse

Source: hometalk

You can attach birdhouses to the steps of an old ladder to create a birdhouse village. Using repurposed ladders for displaying birdhouses is creative and unique.

You can display one birdhouse or several. Paint the houses in different colors to create a fun, playful design.

24. Vintage Colander Planter

Vintage Colander Planter

Vintage colanders make wonderful planters. The unique design of the colander's shape and handles make it easy to hang.

The holes in the colander not only provide proper drainage for your plants, but also ensure adequate air circulation around the roots. This prevents your plant from getting waterlogged and promotes healthy growth.

25. Plastic Bottle Drip Irrigation System

A plastic bottle drip irrigation system is a cost-effective method for providing a consistent water supply to your plants.

By poking small holes in the bottle and burying it near your plants, the slow supply of water keeps your plants watered. This is a good choice for people that are unable to get outside and water every day. Or for people that are taking short trips.

26. Bowling Ball Orbs

Using bowling balls as garden orbs is one of the quickest and easiest recycled garden ideas on our list. Bowling balls are extremely durability and are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. You can even spray paint bowling balls with metallic paint to create gazing balls.

27. Metal Barrel Fire Pit

Metal barrels are sturdy and durable, making them a great choice for fire pits. Metal barrels are designed to handle the heat and are less likely to crack or warp.

The addition of mesh screens or grates will also prevent the wood from escaping. The fire pit will provide warmth and be a great gathering place for friends and family.

28. Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden

A plastic bottle vertical garden is a creative way to maximize and reduce waste. There are several ways you can build a vertical garden with plastic bottles. Just find the one that is easiest for you.

29. Strawberry Pallet Planter

Strawberry Pallet Planter

A strawberry pallet planter is a fantastic way to grow strawberries in a compact and organized way. You can use a single pallet and place it up against a wall or create a raised garden.

Then plant the strawberry plants in the gaps between the pallet boards. The plants will cascade down the sides of the pallets for easy harvesting.

30. Upcycled Bicycle Wheel Trellis

Attach old bicycle wheels together vertically to create a visually interesting trellis for climbing plants. Bicycle wheels are usually made of durable materials which can provide a sturdy and reliable support.

Also, the spokes and rims of the wheels offer countless places for your plants to cling onto.

31. Old Garden Hose

Old garden hose for diy recycle projects

If you think your weathered garden hose is no longer functional, think again. First off, you can create a makeshift compost pin with it by weaving it around four wooden posts. Make sure that the posts are set in a square so that the hose can settle in shape nicely.

You can also opt to turn it into a doormat that separates your garden pathway from the rest of the house. To do this, simply cut the hose into lengths, then put corks on the cut ends. Glue them together to an old mat that you no longer use, and voila!

If you have kids around the house, you can also cap swing-set chains with a hose so that their fingers are protected from the sharp edges.

Or you can wrap small lengths of it around the handles of your buckets, if you would like to have a more secure grip the next time you use the buckets.

And to spruce up your garden, you can shape the hose into a loose circle and then add embellishments to it such as gardening gloves to create a DIY wreath. Hang it up wherever you'd like! 

For more ideas, see our list of 7 Amazing DIY Uses for Old Garden Hose.

32. Outgrown Kids and Baby Accessories

Old planter turned into a sandbox

If your children no longer use the gear and accessories, turn them into little helpers for your garden instead! A diaper bag, for instance, can effectively double as a container for lightweight tools such as gloves.

Sandboxes can also serve as your new herb planters; just make sure that you punch drainage holes on the bottom, so that the herbs can breathe. Truck beds can also serve the same purpose, and add a little bit of fun to your exterior space, too!

Similarly, you can take an old and weathered crib and bring new life to it by painting its sides a pretty color, and use them as a trellis for your vines. 

You can even use them to hide unpleasant furniture and accessories that are in your backyard, such as your air conditioner or electrical box.

And come wintertime, take your baby's old crib sheet and use it to protect your plants from the frost. It is particularly ideal for use on planters or small raised beds.

33. Other Household Items

diy recycle projects using metal barrels

Other household items that make for diy recycle projects and upcycled garden ideas that will surely blow your mind include silverware. If some of yours have gone rusty and you don't think they're fit to be used any longer, don't bin them just yet!

Take a marker, or use something more sophisticated, to write down the names of the plants in your garden on the handles of your spoons, forks, and knives, and plant them into your soil. You would have added a unique touch to your garden while also making it easy for you to identify your plants.

Got extra toolboxes? Great! You can turn them into handy garden helpers by using them as receptacles for succulents. Is the best part? Every time you need to move the plants to an area that can benefit from more greenery, you can!

If you don't have Mason jars but you have plenty of glass pitchers that are a little too worn out for use, they can do exactly what a Mason jar can. Pop some fresh flowers into them for a vase, or turn them into a centerpiece by adding some accessories.

Speaking of metals like aluminum, did you know that unused gutters can also serve as planters? Some gardens sport the industrial chic look by drilling holes for drainage along the bottom, filling it with good soil, and installing it somewhere that gets a lot of sun for the plants.

Or if you have rain boots instead, the same philosophy applies. Turn them into planters with a couple of drainage holes. You can also use ice cream dishes, shoe organizers, tea tins, drawers, kettles, and hanging pots for the same purpose.

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If you're aiming for an exterior space that could be a veritable example of fairy gardening in Australia or in other areas, for instance, you'll find several helpful resources that can advise you on the accessories that you should get and use.

The thing, though, is that gardening does need some space - and many people take that to mean that gardening requires plenty of money.

But what if you could recycle and reuse some objects to have the spot that you need to watch something bloom? Here are some DIY recycled garden ideas that you can try, using common and inexpensive items.

Wrapping Up Our Recycled Garden Ideas

So you see, there are so many things that you can do with a little creativity and hard work! 

We all need to do what we can to help protect our environment, from reducing waste to pollution prevention. If you have a garden or outdoor space, you can help by repurposing items using recycled garden ideas.

By embracing recycling, you contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to gardening. Not only do recycled garden ideas help the environment, but they will also add character to your outdoor space.

We hope you enjoyed some of these recycled garden ideas and put them to good use!

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