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6 Reasons Why Dracaena Fragrans are the Perfect Match for Your Garden

Dracaena plants are a beautiful compliment to a variety of different living settings. When it comes to houseplants, dracaena plant types are among the most attractive and time-saving choices available. 

Read on and learn more about Dracaena and why it is a perfect match for your garden. 


6 Reasons to Grow Dracaena Plants

Reasons to Grow Dracaena

Some of the more popular Dracanae species, such as deremensis, marginata, Dracaena Warnecke, and fragrans, have unique, fanciful shapes that are surrounded by luxuriant foliage for their whole life.

Furthermore, since they come in a variety of dimensions, you may use them to dress up a whole blank wall or just refresh the border of a side table.

1. Dracanae Reduces Pollution in the Environment

Plants generally help to restore oxygen levels in the atmosphere, and some can clean the air. Dracaena Fragrans plants are among the most helpful plants for improving the quality of indoor air.

As reported in NASA air quality research, dracaena plants may help to purify your indoor air by removing harmful pollutants such as trichloroethylene, benzene, xylene, and carbon dioxide.

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2. Dracaena is a Plant that Absorbs Lead 

Metals such as lead are toxic and may cause severe health issues. Lead exposure via ingestion or inhalation may have consequences that are similar to those described above. 

Overexposure to radiation for a short period of time may induce stomach discomfort, decreased appetite, loss of memory, poor focus, weakness, and other symptoms.

On the other hand, prolonged exposure to high levels of radiation may be fatal. Dust polluted with lead is one of the most common causes of lead exposure in the United States, accounting for around a quarter of all cases.

Mold may spread across the environment because lead particles can move via air and water, and dracaena is among the species that can be grown both inside and outdoors to help decrease the amount of lead in the environment.

The use of Dracaena plants as just an absorber of lead pollution is mentioned in one Indonesian research, despite the fact that there aren't many studies to support that assertion.

3. You Can Use Dracaena as Ornaments

Dracaena plants are prized for their ability to be used as decorative plants. They grow in such a variety of unexpected forms and sizes, and their everlasting foliage is so eye-catching that they may be effectively incorporated into almost any design plan. 

For example, create visual appeal in an empty area by using a taller variation; fill out furniture with a fuller cultivar, and use tiny dracaenas as decorative plants on tabletop or desks by using a small variety.

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How to Grow Dracaena

4. It improves Focus and Concentration

Those of you who have been to a place where there were a number of plants would understand what we're trying to get across. Keeping plants mostly around your house and workplace may help you concentrate and focus better on your work. 

When plants were present in the classroom, according to research performed by The Royal College of Agriculture in Cirencester, pupils were more attentive and focused near about 70%.

5. Colors and Varnishes

Some dracaena cultivars contain sap that is distinctively crimson in colour. Humans have been using the crimson sap as a polish and dye for hundreds of years. 

In fact, it is believed to be the cause of the reddish colour on the strings, Provides added instruments.

Different Types of Dracaena

6. Dracaenas Requires Very Little Maintenance

Dracaenas are extremely forgiving animals, so there isn't much which goes wrong with them. Tolerance for a broad range of ailments is what makes them so popular and in demand. 

Low-light circumstances do not pose a problem for these plants since they do not need much watering. Additionally, fertilizing your lawn 3 or 4 times a year would be all you need. Finally, these plants don't need a lot of sunshine to thrive.

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Wrapping Up Our Dracaena Guide

However, as tiny houseplants, Dracaena of all varieties are excellent choices since they survive in the circumstances that most people have in their homes. 

One of the most famous variety is the Dracaena Fragrans or corn plant. See our complete how to grow and care guidefor the Dracaena Fragrans

Bright indirect sunshine is preferred, although many varieties of Dracaena are capable of surviving in low-light conditions as well.

Dracaena plants have modest water requirements and generally perform well for a good watering once a week or more often.

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