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Information on Fertilizers for Banana Trees

Are you wondering about the requirement fertilizers for banana trees?

Did you know that this type of tree is known to be a heavy feeder?

Find out more about banana tree fertilization, for you to know what to do when planting a banana tree.

Typically, a banana is planted in the provinces by commercial gardeners. But due to the many varieties that they have, home gardeners can now start planting bananas in their backyard.

If you are a home gardener who plans on planting banana trees, then knowing all the requirement, when it comes to fertilizers for banana trees and what to feed them is important. In this way, your banana trees will successfully grow healthily.

If you are a home gardener who plans on planting banana trees, then knowing all the requirement, when it comes to fertilizers for banana trees and what to feed them is important. In this way, your banana trees will successfully grow healthily.


Banana Trees are Heavy Feeders

banana tree

One of the known trees that are heavy eaters are the banana trees. The fertilizer requirement for this tree should be high in potassium.

Typically, the most usual problems that bananas are experiencing are potassium and nitrogen deficiencies. It is highly recommended to let your banana trees eat regularly for them to be able to get bigger.

Frequently feeding them with fertilizer will let the roots to get the needed nutrients for them to grow rapidly.

Requirements on Fertilizers for Banana Trees

banana tree fertilizer

The requirements when it comes to fertilizing your banana trees are similar to most of the plants today, which include potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. It would also be best to use a fertilizer that is well balanced regularly.

A well-balanced fertilizer means having all the necessary micro and as well as the secondary nutrients that your plant needs. The feedings should be divided depending on the growing needs of your plants.

For instance, you need to apply a fertilizer that is right in high nitrogen once every month during the season of growing.

Why is Nitrogen Essential

Adding nitrogen to your banana tree is essential as this will aid in the growth of the leaves and provide a healthy color of green.

Always put in mind that the number of bananas to be yield and as well as its weight and size will depend on the size and the number of leaves that are growing in the plant during its first 6 months.

Why is Potassium Essential

Potassium is an essential nutrient that a banana should have, and this is because of the content of potassium in a banana fruit, banana leaves, and as well as the peels.

Potassium is essential to ensure that your bananas will become tasty and become larger in size. Always put in mind to apply the potassium during the growing period and before and after the flowering month.

Other Nutrients that Banana Trees Need

Some of the other nutrients that a banana trees needs are sulfur, boron, magnesium, and phosphorus. Always put in mind the when the leaves are turning yellow, and have a purple spot or curling leaves, then this means that there is a deficiency in phosphorus.

When the middle part of the leaves is turning yellow, then there is a magnesium deficiency. Lastly, if there are any nutrient deficiencies that your banana tree may not flower.

Fertilizing Your Banana Trees

Mature and Dwarf Plant

Dwarf banana Plant

When you are fertilizing a banana tree that is mature, you need to use at least one and half a pound of 8, 10, 10 of fertilizer per month. The dwarf trees, on the other hand, need to be fertilized at least half of the amount.

Start digging around your plant to let the fertilizer be dissolved overtime you start watering them.

Fertilizer and Water

water banana tree

You also have an option to add a lighter application of fertilizer every time you are watering the plant. You can do this by mixing the water and the fertilizer together and apply it as soon as you start irrigating.

Do this every time you see the soil gets dry, start applying the fertilizer with water of about half an inch.

Using a High Potassium and High Nitrogen

Now if you are going to use a high potassium and high nitrogen fertilizers, then you should know that the method will be different. The high nitrogen feed should be added to the soil once every month and during the growing season.

Once the banana starts to flower, limit the application of high nitrogen fertilizer and switch to the high in potassium one. Now, once the soil reached 6 pH or below, then stop applying the fertilizer again.

These are all the information about fertilizers for banana trees that you definitely should know. Planting banana trees in your backyard is the best thing that you can do since you no longer have to go to the market just to get your banana fix.

Start planting your banana trees now and following the tips when fertilizing them, for you to have a healthier and a better produce.

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