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Finding Ways To Create Your Dream Garden On A Budget

American gardeners are reported to spend a whopping $47.8 billion on lawn and garden retail sales, surpassing previous years and is set to increase as more young people are taking up this satisfying past time. But what happens when we don’t seem to have the cash to create a dream garden when we’ve only got a shoestring budget?

If your number one priority is to upgrade your outdoor space for your friends and family to enjoy but you are worried about how you can afford to do so, don’t despair. There are ways to make your garden something to be proud of without costing the earth and still letting your personality shine through in your backyard.

Dig deep into your finances

devising a budget for your garden

Before you start redesigning or upgrading your backyard, devise a budget based on how much you can afford to spend. Look at ways you can limit your expenses in certain areas such as planting, and use the surplus cash to splash out in more expensive extras; for example, garden furniture or decking.

If there are big budget items you need to spend your money on then consider joining a rewards card from a local store so you can claim discounts and offers on products which could include new pathways, garden features or lighting to enhance your perfect garden even further.

Being aware of how much you’re spending and keeping control of a budget are good reasons to make it manageable so you can upgrade your backyard without any money worries.

Find ways to save

There are countless ways to cut back on your spending and still enrich your garden to make it the space you desire. If it’s plants and flowers you need to increase the appeal of your garden, start swapping seeds with friends or take cuttings of plants you think would be suited to your new look backyard.

Alternatively, it may be that you want extra plant pots in which case upcycling old pots and pans from the kitchen can work as will anything you find lying around that can be used as containers for potting. If you’re looking to do a big landscaping project on a budget, consider focusing on muscle power as opposed to hiring machinery to do all the work.

Start small to grow large

starting on smaller garden project

Finding the money to upgrade your garden isn’t always easy to do but by starting on smaller projects you can work your way up to completing your redesign in a relatively short time. Think about painting a wall or fencing with some spare paint lying around the house, use gravel or reclaimed wood for that pathway, and upcycle random household items such as mirrors or old furniture to add more character into an area.

Similarly, if there’s something specific you need to buy, keep a gardening moneybox and put small amounts of cash aside until you have achieved your goal.While we might not all have an endless budget to spend on creating a new look for our gardens or yards by following these cost-effective ways, you’ll soon be able to reap the rewards of your ingenuity and enjoy your time spent in the outdoors.

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 Finding Ways To Create Your Dream Garden On A Budget

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