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8 Gorgeous Flowers You Can Grow in a Hanging Basket

One can never have enough flowers in the garden, or indoors. There are so many pretty blooms to choose from that your head starts spinning. However, there are some types of blossoms that thrive better when you plant them in containers, or even better - hanging baskets. This is because these flowers often have heavy clusters of blooms, climbing or cascading stems and require a lot of free space to grow.

Hanging basket flowers look enchanting, bring color to your yard, patio or home, and even attract butterflies and bees. Here are the top 8 blooms to hang on your deck:

8 Gorgeous Flowers You Can Grow In A Hanging Basket


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Begonia is a half-hardy charming flower. Some people call it the easy-to-grow substitute to fuchsias. It blooms through the whole summer and looks great when you plant it in hanging baskets.

Begonias can grow up to 50cm and are pretty easy to take care of. Begin growing it indoors in early spring and move it outside after the last frost date in your location. Begonias prefer garden locations with partial shade and partial sunlight. Plant in fertile, well-drained soil and water regularly.

Black-Eyed Susan Vine

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Rudbeckia, or commonly known as Black-eyed Susan, is an upright growing biennial native to Central America.

It's often grown as an ornamental garden plant and many choose to use it as a hanging flower. It blooms throughout the whole summer to late autumn. People think it's really easy to grow this bright bloom, but you actually need to know a few tricks. Pol Bishop, a professional gardener from the London crew of Fantastic Gardeners, shares a few tips on how to grow black-eyed Susan plant in moderately fertile, heavy but well-drained soil.

“Place in full sun or in partial shade and always check the moisture levels before watering. If you fail to recognize the right conditions, you might overwater which can have a devastating impact.”


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Fuchsia is an exotic flower, native to Central and South America.

You might think it will be a fussy plant, but gardeners all over the world manage to grow it with enough care. The truth is that this magnificent bloom is easy to look after and once you plant it it's there to stay. It's perfect for anyone who wants to have a hanging basket garden because the blooms look like hanging pendants. Grow in partial shade, in fertile soil with good drainage. Water at least once a day during the summer and force into dormancy before winter.


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Lantana is a perennial or evergreen shrub, but this doesn't mean you can't grow it in containers and hang them on your patio.

It's true that the ultimate height of this charming plant is 1.5m, but with a regular pruning, you can keep it small. What makes it one of the best flowers for hanging gardens is the abundant blossoms. They come in different colors and bloom from spring to autumn. Plant lantana in fertile, moist soil and place it in full sun. Remember to cut back the branches in late autumn and deadhead spent blooms during the flowering season.


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Lobelia is a small flower with delicate blue blooms.

The cultivars can be annual and perennial and grow alone or in big "patches". Gardeners love it because the bright blue petals can freshen up any landscape. You can plant it in containers and hang them in your home or on your deck. Pick a planting mix with proper drainage and place in full sun or partial shade. Remember to water regularly, especially during hot days and it will bloom from summer to autumn.

Million Bells

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At first sight, Million bells look a lot like Petunias and people often confuse them. While it resembles the Petunia flower, this one is actually a hybrid between Petunia and Calibrachoa.

The result is this trailing annual that can perfectly fit a hanging basket landscape. The Million bells flower blooms in yellow-throated, pink and blue flowers. Thrives best in full sun and well-drained soil. You can use a multipurpose potting mix and water regularly. If it gets too hot in your area provide shelter from the sunrays.


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Pelargonium is a genus of about 250 species of perennials. They are common ornamental plants and you can find them in home gardens all over the world. People often grow them in containers and hang them on their patios.

You can do the same by planting pelargonium in fertile, well-drained soil and pick a spot with partial shade. Take softwood cuttings in summer if you want to propagate it. Remember to bring it indoors before winter or it will most likely freeze.


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Petunias are an all-time classic.

It's one of the favorite flowers for gardeners all over the world and one of the most common ornamental plants. Petunias come in a wide range of colors and it's relevantly easy to grow. It's no surprise that the Petunia flower is one of the best hanging basket flowers. It thrives in the light soil as long as there’s good drainage, a lot of sunlight and a bit of partial shade. This flower blooms from summer to autumn and will please you with a lot of beautiful colors.

However, this garden beauty is often under attacks of aphids and slugs so stay alert!

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