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Growing Flowers from Seeds: All You Need to Know

Growing flowers from seeds is a great and affordable way to start a stunning blossom garden in your outdoor and even indoor space.

Flower seeds are easy to plant and grow, and their huge variety and color availability always have something interesting in store for landscape design minds.

Sumo Gardener have gathered essential tips for enthusiastic gardeners on the best practices to growing flower seeds.


Growing Flowers from Seeds All You Need to Know

Why Grow Flowers From Seeds?

Growing Flowers from Seeds

If you want to bring out the best of your landscape with ease, a flower garden is just what you need.

Seed planting is one of the most simple and cost-effective ways to grow plants, so it makes your job easier and does not break your bank. 

Additionally, growing flowers from seeds provides the opportunity to choose a specific color, type, and strain of greens to plant in your garden.

That way you will not be limited by availability as you can even find and order your desired flower seeds online.

What Do You Need To Know Beforehand?

The process of growing flowers from seeds has its specifics. Thus, in case you are planning on starting a flower garden, it is helpful to know what the requirements are beforehand.

Choosing The Right Spot For Your Flowers

Gardening is all about planning your available space and choosing the right spot for your greenery

Gardening is all about planning your available space and choosing the right spot for your greenery.

You need to consider factors such as how the plants would match your landscape, whether a certain area provides enough lighting, shade, air circulation, and nutrient-rich soil, as well as what additional resources you would need to grow the flowers.

Starting from seeds always requires a throughout research on what plants would thrive in your garden.

The right spot can be determined after detailed planning on flower arrangement and spacing. You can even choose the ones you can hang later on

There is no ultimate formula in choosing the best spot for planting, so decisions need to be made on a case by case basis.

Best Time To Plant Your Flower Seeds

How To Grow Flowers From Seeds

Good timing is everything, even in gardening. So if you are wondering when is the right time to start a flower garden, there are two main factors that play an important role in choosing the best planting time frame.

The first one is the germination time, the second one is the time required to transplant flowers from their pots to the outdoors

Do your relevant research beforehand and make a plan of action, considering the above-mentioned factors.

To avoid germination problems or seedling damage, make sure you do transplanting or initial outdoor planting after the last spring frost.

You also do not want to expose your young developing flowers to extreme summer heat.

Deciding To Plant Flower Seeds Indoor or Outdoor

Feel free to start your flowers inside in a pot/container or directly outside in a flower bed. Consider which option would be the best for the type of greenery you wish to grow.

Check the seed packet label if a flower has any specific indoor/outdoor requirements, or simply ask nursery consultants - they are always ready to share their advice. 

Growing flowers indoors is always a good idea in case weather conditions or local climate defines a short season for plant growth.

The inside growing process is simple: get a planter, plant the seeds, place planter in a sunny spot, water daily, and watch your flowers develop.

However, note that some flowers are not fit to grow in an indoor environment, so surely do your research beforehand. 

Outdoor seed planting is even easier because there is no need to transplant the flowers. The process requires to pick the perfect grow spot and sow the seeds as you would do regularly.

Be careful with spacing, the seeds should be distributed evenly because crowding flowers can lead to plant damage.

Check the instructions on the seed package and follow them for the best results.

How To Grow Flower Seeds?

Growth factors such as sunlight, temperature, moisture, air humidity, and soil type are vital to successfully grow a flower from a seed.

There is a huge difference in the process, though, when it comes to growing perennial and annual flowers.

Growing Annual Flowers From Seeds

Growing Annual Flowers From Seeds

Annual flowers are great for long term garden scapes. Most of these plants drop seeds at the end of the season, so you do not have to do the work all from the beginning next spring.

Indeed, you have no control over spacing and density so sometimes seedlings get crowded. On the other hand, the good news is, you can easily pull or transplant the unwanted seedlings so you can grow healthy flowers. 

Another benefit of annuals is they tend to flower and bloom faster. Their rapid development helps you to have a pretty garden as early as springtime.

You can start from seed any self-sow annual, and you can sow them directly or transplant them from a pot on a later stage.

Growing Perennial Flowers From Seeds

Growing Perennial Flowers From Seeds

Perennial flowers are extremely beautiful, but unfortunately, they might not bloom in their first year.

Instead, during their first season, the perennials develop their root system and grow lavish leaves to encourage photosynthesis.

In their second year, perennial flowers start blooming and growing larger. In a few years, you would be able to grow more greens by dividing the ones you already planted.

The affordable price of perennial seeds makes them a preferable choice by many plant growers.

Thus, if you are a patient gardener you can easily make a beautifully vibrant garden without spending tons of money on seeds. 

Wrapping Up Growing Flowers From Seeds

In conclusion, growing flowers from seeds is one of the easiest gardening tasks you could take on.

Just make sure to get rid of grass in your flower bed to keep your flowers healthy. 

With that in mind, in case you have free space and a desire to start a blooming garden - make a trip to your nearest garden center and buy your starting seeds today!

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