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Growing Your Own: 3 Unbeatable Benefits of Hydroponics

Ever thought about starting up your own vegetable garden, but without the mess of soil
and pesky bugs? Check out the benefits of hydroponics in this blog!


We often wonder what it would be like if we could grow our favorite tropical fruits in colder climates. It turns out that this is a possibility using a method for growing crops without using the land — hydroponics! Hydroponics is a method of growing crops utilizing only water and mineral solutions instead of soil.

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1. It’s More Water Efficient

If you live in the west, you have probably heard a lot about the constant need to conserve water because of the drought. And while states like California are in a better place now, climate scientists predict that California and the west will continue to be plagued by water conservation issues. One complicating factor is that California’s central valley is home to a significant portion of the nations agriculture.

That’s where hydroponics comes in. Plants use the same amount of water no matter which method you use to grow them, but hydroponic systems are efficient at delivering water to the plant, meaning you need less water overall to grow a plant hydroponically. If you live in a region in which water conservation is an issue, then this is a huge benefit.

2. Grow More in Less Space and Time

Do you think you need several acres in order to grow a good amount of food? Well, sure, if you use traditional growing methods, then you need to have a lot of good, arable land. However, hydroponics uses significantly less space to grow plants, and you can do it in less time.

Traditional growing methods require the plants to have enough space to grow out their roots to find the vitamins and minerals in the soil. In hydroponics, the water is full of nutrients, so the roots don’t need as much space, so your plants can be closer together.

You can even grow plants and crops inside your own home with Canadian made grow boxes. Growing plants without getting a sunburn or sweating? Sounds pretty great!

3. Grow Food that Doesn’t Grow in Your Region

Have you ever wished you could have fresh citrus in the winter? Citrus is a winter fruit that grows well in regions that don’t have weather below freezing. A hard freeze equals death to an orange.

Hydroponics makes things like Minnesota oranges possible. Plants and grown indoors in climate-controlled systems. You never have to worry about how the weather impacts your produce.

Added bonus: because you grow your plants indoors in climate-controlled rooms, you don’t have to worry about using pesticides to get rid of bugs!

Sold on the Benefits of Hydroponics?

There are numerous benefits of hydroponics. Not only can you grow plants without worrying about the impact it has on drought or the ecosystem, but you can get fresh, tasty food that doesn’t ordinarily grow where you live. With a little practice, you’ll eventually be able to become self-sustaining when it comes to plants and crops!

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