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How to Maintain Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Certainly, no one loves a dirty floor, but when you the thought of manually cleaning the floor can be very discouraging.

That’s the reason we get robotic vacuum cleaners: to keep the floors in our homes clean. And that’s right- vacuum cleaners do a perfect job when it comes to making the home presentable.

Sadly, the idea of maintaining our vacuum cleaners come as an afterthought- a thought triggered when it breaks down. In as much as this practice could prove costly when it comes to time and money, establishing a good maintenance routine could save you some bucks.

How to Clean and Maintain a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Clean the robotic vacuums brush roll

You know that part of your vacuum cleaner that does the spinning? That’s the brush roll. Over time, certain items get stuck to the roll. This serves as a limiting factor when it comes to the efficiency of the roll.

So, we are left with one solution- to clean it up! It is difficult to establish a specific guideline to cleaning the brush roll of your robotic pool cleaner as its design differs from a model to another. Thus, ensure you study the users’ guide of the vacuum cleaner on directions on how to successfully detach and fix your cleaner’s brush roll.

Attach the bag firmly

As easy as this might sound, this might prove somewhat difficult to certain people. This is especially true for those new into the business of vacuum cleaners.

Here’s a rule of thumb when it comes to placing bags on vacuum cleaners: you need to make sure the opening of the bag is securely on the nozzle. Again, these bags come with clips, hookers or holds- so you’ll want to make sure they are firmly attached.

Buy the right bag for your vacuum cleaner

With similar models of the same make of vacuum cleaners in the market, it is easy to pick up the wrong bag for your vacuum cleaner.

Here’s the funny thing: You can wind up thinking you are getting the right bag- whereas, you aren’t. Peradventure this happens; the dirt accumulated by your vacuum cleaner gets stuck in its moving parts. That’s not a nice bargain for the efficiency of these moving parts.

To avoid getting confused, do this one thing: compare the reference number on the bag with that on your vacuum cleaner. This way, you would be sure of what you are purchasing.

How to Maintain Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Have you got a filter?

Of late, there has been a massive production of vacuum cleaners with filters which pick up particles that contaminate your indoor air. If you have one, properly clean it periodically and if need be, change it. If it’s a paper filter, shake it off while if a plastic filter, consider rinsing it.

Inculcating the habit of cleaning your filter would imply a better quality of indoor air. This principle is also applicable to robotic pool cleaners. Learn more about robotic pool cleaners here.

Avoid storing your robotic vacuum cleaner in places with extreme temperatures

In as much as your robotic cleaner functions perfectly in the cold areas of your home, storing it there poses more damage than you can imagine. Same goes for hot temperatures. Endeavor to store your vacuum cleaner in a cool dry place.

Don’t leave it dormant

As humans, if we leave our brains dormant for a while, we become sluggish. The same rule applies for vacuum cleaners. Extended periods of disuse is not ideal for promoting the lifespan of your robotic vacuum cleaner.

Wrapping Up How to Maintain Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The little things you do when maintaining your robotic vacuum cleaner really do matter when it comes to increasing its lifespan. Inculcating these maintenance practices will surely save you some bucks.

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