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How To Clean Outdoor Furniture | Steps for All Patio Furniture

During the summertime, your favorite place is probably the backyard patio. Since you relax and enjoy there, you'll need to know how to clean outdoor furniture. It is where we often ingest our favorite food items or might relax with a magazine or smartphone. 

In a nutshell, a patio is a place to enjoy yourself during the beautiful and warm summer so you'll definetly need to know how to clean patio furniture.


How To Clean Outdoor Furniture Steps for All Patio Furniture

We spend a considerable amount of money purchasing outdoor patio furniture, and therefore, it is worthwhile to take care of it. It will be possible to make the furniture appear great with some amount of cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis. 

Below, we have mentioned some guidelines on cleaning outdoor furniture in the best possible way.

How To Clean Outdoor Furniture Types

Cleaning Teak Patio Furniture

Cleaning Teak Patio Furniture

We all know that teak wood is quite durable and therefore it is an appropriate material for your outdoor furniture. It does not require much maintenance and cleaning as well.

It will be possible to treat this type of furniture with teak oil which will help to exhibit its natural form. Make it a point to clean the furniture regularly so as to prevent it from becoming discolored or getting affected with mildew build-up.

Use any of the 2 simple homemade cleaning solutions which can be warm water, chlorine bleach, and laundry detergent or warm water and vinegar.

This solution has to be applied to the furniture using a delicate plastic brush. Do not make use of metal brush since it might damage the surface of the wood.

The water stains have to be removed from the wood prior to cleaning. After application, you need to allow the blend to sit for approximately 20 minutes, and then you must rinse it properly using water.

How to Clean Metal Patio Furniture

How to Clean Metal Patio Furniture

While cleaning the metal patio furniture, look for any rusted areas, particularly at the joints. Deal with the rust quickly so as to avoid any undesirable results.

When it comes to the rust areas, employ a wire brush, sandpaper, or steel wool for rubbing down the bare metal. Following this, use any paint for catching up any spots which you have sanded. 

Although, some furniture is going to come out with touchup paint, try to match as much as possible whatsoever. Make use of a silicone sealant for finishing the entire piece which will help to protect it in the long run. 

In case there are large rusted areas, it will be a sensible idea to simply paint the entire piece once again. For this you can use spray paint and you will get the job done in no time at all.

Cleaning Wicker Furniture

Cleaning Wicker Furniture

In fact, wicker furniture is manufactured from rattan, a tropical plant, and is the premier choice for patios, porches, and decks for many years.

It is quite simple to create this kind of furniture thanks to the weaving technique and it is quite simple to clean as well. Below, we have mentioned some simple steps to clean wicker furniture so that you can use it for a long time to come.

Make use of a vacuum cleaner to clean the grime, dust, and dirt which can accumulate in the furniture over time. A low-pressure hose should be used at the interval of several weeks for preventing the accumulation of grime in the crevices.

After the furniture has been hosed off, make sure that the weave has not been removed from its original position. Your finger can be used to reposition it in case it has moved.

In case you find that the vacuum was not able to remove much dirt then utilize a mild oil-based soap and sponge along with some warm water for removing the grime. Rinse it properly and let it dry.

Refrain from using foam cleaners given that it is possible for the foam to enter the woven strands and cause it to deteriorate. Also, make it a point not to sit on any wicker furniture which is damp since it might make the wicker sag.

How to Clean Rattan Patio Furniture

How to Clean Rattan Patio Furniture

Rattan is considered to be an environmentally friendly material which is attractive, lightweight, and durable. Although it is possible to use this type of furniture outdoors, the material might break down in case it is left in the elements outside for a considerable period of time.

Below, we have provided some simple solutions for cleaning it in the best possible way. After placing water in a container, add several drops of dish soap and stir vigorously. This will cause bubbles to form on the water surface.

Dip the furniture into the bubbles using a soft piece of cloth while contacting the water directly. All surfaces of the furniture should be wiped down using the cloth.

Do not over wet the rattan since it might cause damage to the material. Use a soft brush for cleaning the crevices and cracks of the furniture. Make use of the suds-only process for accomplishing this.

In case you would like to clean the stuff more thoroughly, apply some detergent using a delicate brush while scrubbing with some more water than what was required for the normal cleaning.

Once finished, the furniture has to be placed in the sun for drying it completely. Moreover, make use of a paint brush for applying a thin layer of lacquer for additional protection.

Cleaning Plastic Patio Furniture

Cleaning Plastic Patio Furniture

One of the greatest plus points of plastic patio furniture is that it is extremely durable, hard, and simple to maintain. It is not expensive and is able to resist rust and rot easily which makes it quite popular amongst the homeowners. 

Below, we have provided some essential guidelines for keeping your plastic outdoor furniture clean in the most effective manner. Hose the furniture down with cold and clear water for removing the dust from its surface.

A sponge has to be dipped in the cleaning solution and you have to scrub down the furniture. A toothbrush can be used for cleaning those spaces which are difficult to get to. 

Make the furniture dry using a towel so that there are no watermarks left behind. WD-40 can be sprayed onto the plastic for restoring the shine of the stuff and you can use a clean piece of cloth to wipe down. 

The trick for maintaining the beauty and attractiveness of the patio plastic furniture will be to clean it whenever you observe some dirt. In case you wait for a long time to remove the dirt, you will find it difficult to clean the furniture.

Cleaning Patio Cushions

The manner in which you clean the patio cushions will be depending on what type of material they have been manufactured.

In case you are searching for a cleaning solution, you will find plenty of them on the market at present which is fantastic in terms of getting rid of stains and are also risk-free for the majority of the surfaces.

It does not matter whether you utilize a commercial cleaner or follow any of the subsequent DIY procedures, it will be prudent on your part to take the help of the instruction tags of your cushion care and perform a sort of spot test.

How To Clean Vinyl Cushions

Cleaning Patio Cushions

Cleaning these types of cushions will not be great trouble on your part. Nevertheless, the procedure might be required to be repeated quite a few times so that it is possible to remove all the debris and soil from the cover of the cushion.

You are going to need a bucket, some amount of warm water, dishwashing liquid, and microfiber cloth. Blend a small amount of dishwashing liquid with a container full of warm water. The microfiber cloth has to be dampened using the soapy water.

Bear in mind not to saturate the cloth since it will make the process less effective in the long run. Use the piece of cloth to wipe down the vinyl cushion covers.

Allow the cushions to air dry or you can also use a clean microfiber cloth for wiping them dry. 

Maintaining Machine-Washable Cushions

It will be a sensible idea to wipe off and shake out these types of cushion covers prior to putting them in the washer. Once you have done this, stick to the subsequent guidelines.

You will be requiring a mild laundry detergent or any detergent which has been recommended by the company along with a washing machine plus dryer.

After removing the cushions from the covers, place them outside in an area which is clean as well as dry so that it is possible to air out the cushions. 

Verify with your care instruction tag to see whether the manufacturer has recommended any specific detergent type. If it is not, then go for a mild detergent similar to the one which is used for washing linens. 

Following this, make use of warm water for washing the cushion covers.

Wrapping Up Cleaning Outdoor Furniture Guide

While making your backyard ready for showing off to your near and dear ones, remember to take care of the patio furniture. It does not matter whether the furniture is metal, plastic, or wood we have shown the perfect way on cleaning outdoor furniture so that you can use the them for a long time to come.

All you need to do now is to place an outdoor ceiling fan, sit in your comfy chair, and enjoy your coffee while reading your favorite book.

Now that you know how to clean outdoor furniture, check out our list of trending garden furniture must have's that you can add to your outdoor patio. Hopefully, the above-mentioned information will come of use to you.

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