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How to Create a Garden Office that will Boost Creativity


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Gardens are perfect for entertaining, pottering around and getting in touch with nature, however they can also be used as somewhere you can create a functional workspace whether it be for a home business or a hobby that you enjoy. Here we discuss how you can create a garden office that will boost your creativity and productivity.  You might not have much control over what an external office space would look like, but this is completely within your control.

Make it an Investment

Lots of people opt for garden sheds or summer houses as their garden office, but the reality is they don’t last as long, the aren’t very well soundproofed and need a fair bit of maintenance.  There are great steel building companies such as Armstrong Steel who can provide you with a steel building that would be the perfect office space.  They are built to withstand any weather, they are environmentally friendly – and can last over 50 years with minimal maintenance.

Research your Furniture Well

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The reality is you will be spending a lot of time in your office, so you want to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible.  As such, don’t scrimp on the furniture.  You want comfortable chairs that have the right height and back support– and desk and storage facilities that will be able to hold all of your files and documents. Make sure you read online reviews to see what other people had to say about the products. 

Get the Lighting Right

As you are in your garden, the good news is you will be able to enjoy lots of natural light.  When it does come to the darker nights – you want to make sure you have the interior lighting you should too.  The right lighting can improve your productivity and overall work experience, so think carefully.  To make the most out of the natural daylight, make sure you position your desk near a window.

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Make Sure there is Enough Electrical Sockets

If you are working from home and need access to emails, online resources etc – the likelihood is that you will need to have power to plug in computers, printers, phone chargers and such like.  To make sure you aren’t cluttering up your office space with lots of extension cables flying around – ensure that you have enough power sockets and that they are placed appropriately.  It’s no use aving one power socket at one end of the space, and all of the electrical equipment at the other.

Bring in Some Home Comforts

Make sure you have some home comforts with you in your garden office.  It could be that you have a favourite picture of a day out with the kids, a comfortable cushion, or a cosy blanket – make your time there as enjoyable as possible.

If you are working from home and contemplating a garden office, hopefully these tips will have you well on your way to creating a productive environment.

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