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Tips on How to Get Rid of Dallisgrass and Preventing Their Growth

Are you having problems with dallisgrass in your garden? Did you know that you can get rid of them in different ways? Get to know how to get rid of dallisgrass by reading the information provided below.

As you all know, dallisgrass is the prevalent and nasty type of weed that thrives in high temperatures and sunlight. One of the good traits that they have is that they will eventually die after a year.

The bad news is, they act like they are perennial plants, wherein they have the ability to spread thousands of seeds which will then start growing the next coming spring. If left untreated, this can occur every single year.

This is the reason why it is essential to know how you can effectively get rid of them and how you can maintain your lawn to avoid this kind of problem.​

Tips on How to Get Rid of Dallisgrass

Picking Younger Grass

Look for younger grass and start picking them up while they are still young. This will ensure that they won’t have a chance to grow the entire season. According to experts, picking out the young dallisgrass will help in preventing their population to increase.

For you to quickly pull them out, it would be best to water the area first. This will help loosen the soil and will assist you with pulling the roots of the grass.

You may also opt to choose pliers to assist you in grabbing the dallisgrass from the ground.

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Mulching the Soil after Plucking

Mulching the Soil

The next thing that you can do is to start mulching the area where you have removed the dallisgrass, as this will help in ensuring their roots won’t start growing again.

The mulch will serve as a barrier so that no grass can even break through.

Avoid Picking Mature Dallisgrass

If you see any matured dallisgrass, it would be best to avoid picking them because they may have already splayed some seeds in your lawn. Picking them up will only make a divot wherein 5,000 seeds can come out from just one plant.

You can instead spray the grass until they die. Once done, you can cover the spot with an herbicide that is pre-emergent to avoid the seeds from growing again.

Spraying Post-Emergence Herbicide

There will always be patches in your lawn and spraying them with post-emergence herbicide would be ideal. But take not that it will take 2 weeks for your herbicide to work entirely.

The best time to apply this type of spray is during a warm sunny day with no wind or a little. It is always best to ensure that the soil is damp before you start applying herbicide.

When using herbicide, make sure to do this to avoid hurting your lawn moderately. Also, do not forget to follow the instruction of the post-emergence herbicide that you are using to avoid having problems and such.

Using Herbicides to Prevent dallisgrass​

Applying Pre-Emergent Herbicide​

You can prevent dallisgrass from growing by using the pre-emergent herbicide. This will help to avoid the seeds of the grass to start germinating and will eventually kill them all.

It would be best to apply it during early spring or late winter since this is the time where the temperature of the soil has already been stabilized.

Reading the Labels of the Herbicide​

You should always make it a point to always read the label of the herbicide before actually using it. The label will let you know the right time and the correct application of the herbicide. There will also be safety precautions that you need to follow.

Choose Between Reseeding or Herbicide



Avoid using both reseeding and herbicide because they both have different purposes. Before seeding, you can use herbicide first for you to eliminate dallisgrass. Once you are done, you can start reseeding.

The best time to reseed is during the early days of fall, while herbicide should be applied in the spring season. Always keep in mind to buffer 50 days of each.

Applying Post-Emergent Herbicides​

During the summer season, it would be best to use post-emergent herbicide especially if you see dallisgrass. This will help kill the unwanted grass and even the grass that you like to have in your lawn.

So always be careful when applying this herbicide to avoid killing the other grass that you have.

These are all the information that you need on how to get rid of dallisgrass and how you can prevent them from invading your lovely lawn. Start choosing the right herbicide for your lawn for you to start dealing with that pesky dallisgrass that keeps on invading your garden.

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