how to grow Asparagus

How To Grow Asparagus

Do you love asparagus? Do you want them available anytime you want? If so then knowing how to grow and how often to water asparagus is essential, for you to be able to have them anytime you feel like eating asparagus.

One of the known spring vegetables is the asparagus, which can be harvested once they become eight inches in length. Let’s find out more about asparagus by reading the information below.


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Growing Asparagus

For the Asparagus to grow fully, they need to be exposed to the sun all day. But this does not mean that you can just plant them wherever you want. The reason behind this is because they also need to be protected from the wind. They also need a spacious location since their foliage tends to become tall.

#1 Location on Where to Plant Them

Asparagus usually thrives in sandy, light, and an enriched soil that is weed free and has a pH level between 6.5 and 7.5. You can usually plant Asparagus in the middle of spring. When planting them, it would be best to plant them in a 1-foot trench full, and they should be planted six to eight inch in depth so it can accommodate the crowns that will be growing all throughout the Asparagus.

#2 Propagation

Growing Asparagus from seeds (propagate)

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You can propagate the asparagus using crowds and seeds. If you are planning to grow them from their seeds, you should be patient as they can take longer due to germination. The crowns are better alternatives because it comes with a rooting system, which can quickly establish to the soil. That is why it is always best to buy crowns that are healthy with tops that are dormant.

Growing Asparagus can be easy, but what about watering them? Knowing how often to water Asparagus is essential, for you to ensure that they are well hydrated. Watering them also help you to make sure that they will grow healthily and successfully into something that you and your tummy can enjoy.

#3 Tips on Watering Your Asparagus


It is essential to water your Asparagus by one to two inches of water every single week. You can reduce the water when you see that they have already established themselves into the soil. You can start watering them from every single day to once every week.


When watering your plant, it would be best to water them on top of the plant. The reason behind this is because it will lessen the possibility of fungus diseases to developed on the plant.


Make it a point always to water your Asparagus early in the morning as this will let the sun in the afternoon to help evaporate the moisture that is clinging on the plants’ top part.


During drought season, it would be best to water the Asparagus for ten to fourteen consecutive days. Watering them will help the plants to be well hydrated no matter how humid the weather is.

#4 Fertilizing Your Asparagus

It is also important to feed your plant and make sure to use only organic ones, especially during the summer. You can also add some organic mulch when you are growing them during the fall season.

#5 Weeding and Mulching

Mulching the bed of your garden will help the moisture to be conserved and will also contribute to lessening the growth of weed. For the mulch layer, it would be best to use chopped straw or leaves that are already dry. You may also follow the instructions for a more conventional control of the weed. This will help your Asparagus to avoid competing for nutrients from weeds.

#6 Harvesting Your Asparagus

Once your asparagus is grown, you can start harvesting them for eight straight weeks during the spring season. You can start collecting them once they reach four to ten inches in length. When harvesting, cut the plant’s spears at the line of the soil. You can leave the foliage in the ground for them to continuously grow during the warmer season.

For people without extra garden beds, you should not worry because you can still plant your asparagus. You can use a garden container for this with a measurement of about twelve feet across and five feet in depth. Choosing this container will help the root system of the plant once it starts to spread.

Check this link for a video version on how you can grow your asparagus successfully.

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