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How to Make an Indoor Cactus Garden

Indoor cactus gardens are becoming increasingly popular, and does not seem like going out of style anytime soon. Having an indoor cactus garden will allow you to have beautiful greenery surrounding you throughout the year. 

Cactus plants are fun to grow and easy to maintain because they require little maintenance, especially if you hardly have time to care for them. Cactus plants are beautiful plants and can thrive in different growing conditions.


Growing an Indoor Cactus Garden

Cactus plants are beautiful plants and can thrive in different growing conditions

You can see cactus in photos, on clothing, mugs, etc. Indoor cactus gardens are incredible and can give your home a modern and edgy appearance.

This gives more than enough reason to have these gardens. Are you in search of relatively easy-care potted plants to make your environment beautiful and interesting? Keep reading!  

Materials You Will Need

1. Get a Container 

One of the essential materials you need to make an indoor cactus garden is a wide shallow pot or through drainage holes in the bottom. 

2. Cacti

Cacti in 2 and 3" pot sizes are the best you can use when making an indoor garden. There are different cacti you can pick when creating your garden, and some of them include:

Indoor Cactus Garden

3. Cactus Mix

You can use a locally made mix, and you can buy some of them online like Bonsai Jack, Hoffman's, and Superfly Bonsai. However, each of them has its peculiarities, and it's essential to know which one fits your choice of plants. 

4. Charcoal 

Though, charcoal is not compulsory. Nevertheless, it's a material that enhances drainage and removes impurities and odors. Consequently, it's vital to use charcoal when carrying out any indoor potting project. 

5. Hand Trowel 

A small trowel is another optional material, but it performs wonders when planting small cacti. Other materials you may need for your indoor cactus garden include:

  • Saucer- to sit the pot
  • Cactus compost
  • Horticultural sand or grit or glass pot toppers 

Making Your Indoor Cactus Garden 

Cactus gardens demand little maintenance and are great to create. These steps will aid you in creating a fantastic cactus garden in your home. Take a look! 

Step 1: Prepare the Cactus Container 

Make a thin layer of charcoal at the base of the container you prefer to use. Initially, you can include pieces of coffee filter above the holes created for drainage at the down part of the container.

The essence of this is to prevent the charcoal and the cactus compost from escaping when you water it in the beginning.

Step 2: Add Cactus Compost to The Container

Another crucial step is to place a considerable amount of cactus compost over the container. You should note that the quantity of compost is based on the container size and the cacti root balls.

Making Your Indoor Cactus Garden

Step 3: Ease Out the Plant 

The next step is to carefully ease out the plant from the container and squeeze the grow pot. You may use your fingers or tongs to tease out the roots.

Step 4: Put in Your Cactus

Make sure you create a large hole in the compost that will contain the plant and put it in the hole. Make the top of the plant roots sit above the compost surface since you will still add a layer of grit.

In addition, ensure to make the compost firm around the plant to avoid wobbling. 

Step 5: Fill Up the Container 

Another vital step is to put a bed of cultivating sand or topper soil for glass pots to level-up the container. This step enhances the growth and beauty of your garden. 

Step 6: Add Water 

Carefully add water to the compost but avoid watering the plants. Use a watering can to avoid overwatering your cactus. It's best to water the cactus garden once in 3 weeks or once a month during the summer and every 4 to 6 weeks in the winter. 

Nonetheless, you may adjust the watering frequency to suit your environment. 

Step 7: Decorate the Indoor Cactus Garden

This is perhaps the most interesting aspect of making your indoor cactus garden. It's just like icing on your cake. There are countless options available to you for decorating your garden.

There are many colors and types of rock, pebble & glass chips that you can explore, and go for the ones that catch your interest.

Items to Complement an Indoor Cactus Garden 

An indoor cactus garden is a unique way to add an interesting feature to your home. It's easy to make, beautiful, exciting, and rewarding. However, you can make it even better when you compliment your Cactus Garden with other viable décor items.

Below are some notable décor items that can complement an indoor cactus garden. 

Cactus wall art is ideal for any interior where you intend to create a natural feeling

1. Cactus Wall Arts 

Wall arts are leading the race when it comes to modern decoration and classy homes. Cactus wall art is ideal for any interior where you intend to create a natural feeling. 

You can bring the spirit of the desert to give your home a cozy and contemporary appearance. Furthermore, a line-up of prints of the cactus canvas may give a sunny look to your area. It is also a good way to spice up your indoor cactus garden. 

2. Succulent Cactus Blend 

A cactus and succulent floricultural plants blend give the focus in your space. So look for succulents that will complement the plants in the garden. 

You may opt for flowering succulents to give your space a delightful appearance. 

3. A Patch of Cactus Plants

You may find cactus types that are curved and cultivate them in clear lines. The patches that stretch into the distance will give your garden a desert appearance while maintaining the cozy look that your home requires.

Complementing these with a few of all cactus varieties along the sides.

4. Create an Aloe Effect

Your indoor cactus garden is incomplete if little aloe effect is not present. You can look for a few short species of cactus for your space. The monotony will then be broken using a huge aloe variety.

You can make this the garden focus area. The aloe species will overshadow the cactus varieties, hence giving an awesome view. Here is our guide to help you propagate, care for and grow aloe vera at home.

5. Rocky Colors

Select the type of cactus plants you desire and plant them differently while each spreads out. After this, look for pebbles of different shades and spread over the basement of the plants.

The stones give a color contrast that will in turn give a perfect carpet appearance to the garden. Importantly, the appearance will be greater with cactus species which spread only a little at full maturity.

Enjoy Growing Your Indoor Cactus Garden

As earlier said, indoor cactus garden are easy to create, and they require little maintenance. Also, they can survive in different conditions for a very long period provided you give it a proper setup. Happy gardening! 

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