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How To Plan Your Garden Décor | Factors To Consider

Gardens provide a safe and welcome space to venture outside, breaking the monotony of being coiled up indoors. That is, if you know how to plan your garden décor. 

Your garden keeps you occupied when you are idle. Improving your garden décor can not only help the aesthetics and appeal of your outdoor space, but also increase the value of your home. 

Here are some basic tips on planning a garden.


How To Plan Your Garden Decor Factors To Consider

Preparing Your Garden Décor Site Plan

Preparing Your Garden Site Plan

One of the most important tools to consider when improving your garden décor is a site plan.

When you have a view of your garden on paper, it is easier to identify design elements like scale, symmetry, and patterns.

While a professional designer will give you a plan that is drawn to scale, you can create your own rough sketch.

When you have a plan, you are able to highlight the positive and negative features of your garden.

You will be able to review natural environmental elements like soil, drainage problems, and lighting.

The site plan will help you create a planting map. 

Choosing The Right Theme For Your Garden

Every garden should have a personality or theme to it. You should start thinking about what theme best fits your garden.

Determine whether you want a formal or informal look. When choosing a theme, make sure you refer to your site plan.

Pick a style based on your personality and the style of your home. The theme you choose will guide your material and plant selections.

For example, you can choose to use consistent forms or shapes throughout your garden or to create a relaxation garden.

When choosing a theme, consider the architecture of your yard. Themes will also guide you on where to place plants, structures, and decorations. 

Think about whether you want lots of geometric shapes and structures or a natural feel to your garden. Also, consider the colors you want.

Making Your Plants Work For You

Plants can also be used as physical barriers in your landscape

You can use plants in different ways. They can help provide a beautiful scene, fresh fruits and vegetables, or a lovely aroma.

You can also use them to define areas in your garden and also mark where your landscape ends.

Plants can also be used as physical barriers in your landscape by blocking the access and views to an area.

Correct placement of plants can alter the conditions of your landscape.

Light levels, temperature, and wind are significantly affected by the plants and trees in your garden. 

The noises in your garden will also be affected by what you incorporate into the design like birdhouses, water features, and physical barriers that insulate your garden from noises beyond your landscape.

Be Creative With Your Garden Décor 

One way to revamp your garden is to use useless outdoor décor accessories

One way to revamp your garden is to use useless outdoor décor accessories. For example, you can use an old ladder to place garden plants and pots.

This way, you can achieve a delicate style. You can even place them next to a wall or the porch to act as wall art articles.

You can also collect logs in your garden and hollow them out to place flowers and plants inside. Old pipes will also work if you make holes in the tubes.

This way, the plants will grow out of the tubes and act as garden wall decorations. You can also reuse old tires and change them into colored pots.

These can be placed on the garden fences or around garden stones to act as garden furniture. You can also be creative and arrange the pots in an inclined pattern simulating a waterfall.

If you have a small garden, then check out our small backyard ideas that will make your backyard bigger.

Create A Background For Your Garden

The ideal garden creates a sense of place. When you enter a garden, it should be like you are entering a home.

This means you are wrapped in an environment that is different from the outside world. Like in a home, the walls of your garden make it unique.

You need to use these aspects to create rooms or departments where plants are arranged in a context. Try putting a background behind your plant borders.

This can be in the form of a stone wall or a green hedge. This background keeps your eyes focused on the plants and prevents them from roving.

Make sure you anchor your garden by placing something behind it. This can be a fence, structure, or shrubs.

The aim is to focus your eyes on the foreground and prevent the distraction of competing elements.

Landscaping Lights and Water Features

Lighting can breathe life into your garden

Source: Amazon

Lighting can breathe life into your garden. You can add small solar lights to your walkways for safety and beautification.

If you have some architectural features, or a nice tree or plant, accent it with a spotlight for an improved effect. A well-lit yard is more secure because it is a deterrent for crime.

You can use ponds, fountains, and other landscaping water features to add beauty to your yard — research on the internet for kits that help you add a beautiful water area to your garden.

Water in your garden does not only present an attractive sight but has a pleasant sound that adds serenity to your outdoor environment. 

Wrapping Up How To Plan Your Garden Décor

When it comes to planning a garden, many homeowners are overwhelmed by the number of considerations required.

This is one of the reasons some homeowners choose to either leave the outdoor design of their homes to a professional or to otherwise neglect it completely. 

To make your garden revamp project easier, you need to create a site plan. With a site plan, you will be able to choose an appropriate theme for your garden. 

Make sure you know how to plan your garden décor, make your plants work for you, be creative, and use background, light and water features in planning your desired garden. 

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