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How to Put Chain Back on Worx Chainsaw

Does your Worx chainsaw’s chain keep coming back? You’ve got your Worx chainsaw today, and in just a few tensions, the chain came off? Don’t worry! 

Why? Because even I owned a Worx WG 303.1 model and experienced the same problem quite a few days back. But now I’ve found the best solution to it. I love my Worx chainsaw as it is pretty easy to use and comfortable, and this is what made me hooked to it. 

So, if you have met with this trouble and you need to fix it, then I’ve got a solution for you! And believe me, your Worx Chainsaw will work better than before! Read this post, and you will definitely get the best solution to your problem.


WORX WG303.1 Electric Chainsaw

Worx WG 303.1

When I first identified the problem on my Worx chainsaw, I analyzed that there could be two solutions to it. Either I can replace the chain or can sharpen it. So, in my tutorial, I will explain both the methods that I adopted.

Replacing Worx Chainsaw Chain

Replacing Worx chainsaw chain is convenient and won't take too long. If you have a similar model that I have, then you would find the job even much simpler. It is because this model offers a tool-free replacement of the chain. But yes, there are few steps that you need to follow.


  • First, you need to turn the lock on the chain so that it gets loose.
  • Now, if your chain is already loosened, you just remove it gently by your hand.
  • Take out the new chain that you wish to use and follow the same process of placing the chain and then turning the lock, but in the opposite direction.
  • Once you are done with it, now pull the chain above the bar.
  • It is essential that the chain fits well to the sprocket and the bar, as otherwise it will again get loosened after few tensions.
  • You can try fixing the chain over the bar with a gloved hand so that it is completely tensed.
  • Lastly, close the chain lock, and alas! It is done!

Sharpening the Chain

Now if you wish to sharpen the chain, then you definitely need a set of tools specially designed for this purpose. There are exclusive diamond-abrasive tools available, such as the EZE-LAP diamond wheel, or 4A2P diamond wheel.

So, you may select any of these based on your preferences for your Worx chainsaw model and sharpen the chain effortlessly. Replacing, sharpening, and fixing the chain is very much convenient. 

You only have to ensure that it is fully tensed. Other than this, here are some additional tips that will make you a pro in this field.

Chainsaw Chain Pro Tips

  • Always wrap your thumb around the handle while replacing the chain.
  • It is better to use protective equipment so that you do not hurt yourself.
  • Maintaining your chainsaw properly is highly important.
  • Although, both replacing and substituting the chain is hassle-free, still if you need any assistance, then you must ask for it.
  • While you are working on the chainsaw, make sure you use gloved hands so that you stay away from all dust and grime.
  • Maintain adequate chain tension. A loose chain increases the risks of kickback. Even a loose chain may jump out of the guide bar, which may result in damage to the chain and even injury to the operator.
  • You can also use an automatic chain tensioning knob kit to double check the tension.

Now Your Know How to Put a Chain Back on Worx Chainsaw

Now you see putting the chain back on Worx chainsaw is so much easy. So, jot your comments right below if you really like the post. And, do share it so that more and more people can fix this problem and enjoy working with their Worx chainsaw!

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How to put a chain back on a Worx chainsaw

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