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8 Effective Lawn Mowing Tips for Homeowners

Do you know how to trim your lawn correctly? Chances are you’re risking great damage to the grass if you’re not following the right mowing techniques. Make use of these useful lawn mowing tips below from experts that offer professional lawn mowing services, so you can keep your grass looking good at all times.

#1 Clear the Area

Walk through your property and remove any rocks, branches, toys or other debris from cutting’s way. This can help save your machine from getting damaged as you work as well as can save you time from having to stop periodically to remove obstructions.

#2 Check Your Mower

Inspect your lawn mower and see if it’s in good condition. The mower you’re using should be a suitable model for your lawn type, and all of its parts must be working efficiently.

If your motorized lawn mower fails to start, there are some basic things you need to check including the plugs which could be wet or dirty.  Also, check that the carburetor needle is not stuck and that the air filters do not have dirt build-up resulting in clogging. Also ensure that there is no gas getting into the carburetor because this will stop the normal functioning of the lawnmower.

#3 Sharpen the Mower Blades

Dull blades will only tear the turf and cause severe damage, and not adjusting the blades properly will cut the grass too low and expose it to more sunlight and diseases. Make sure the blades are sharp and adjust them to the correct mowing height for your grass type.

You do not have to be an expert at sharpening your lawnmower blade. With the right technique, it will only take you about 10 minutes.  Purpose to sharpen the blades at least twice every mowing season.

If you are using a motorized lawnmower, the first thing you should do is to remove the spark plug. Secondly, check the air filter and carburetor and finally remove the blade. When sharpening the blade use a clamp to anchor it into place. Work with a hand file or a grinder, although the latter is difficult to control and it can ruin the blade if it overheats.

To get a good edge, sharpen from the top side of the cutting edge. Use one sharpening direction and avoid making it razor-sharp, because you will lose the edge faster this way.

Once you finish sharpening, balance the blade before reinstalling. To check the blade balance, drive a nail through the stud and mount the blade so that it looks like an airplane propeller.  if it falls to one side, you will need to file off the extra metal. 

#4 Never Mow Wet Grass

Cutting wet grass brings several adverse effects: it can cause uneven mowing, damage to your mower, and a chewed appearance to your grass-overall, an incredibly messy result.

Wet grass clippings can cover your lawn as well, which causes less sunlight to enter the grass. Plus, you might also slip over the grass and hurt yourself in the process.

So for these reasons, you should only mow when the turf is dry to avoid disastrous consequences.

#5 Don’t Use the Same Mowing Direction

You might also want to switch up your mowing direction every week so you can avoid compressing the ground and causing wear marks on the lawn.

#6 Use a Mulching Lawn Mower Blade

The other critical and easy thing you can do to promote better health of your lawn is to use a mulching lawn mower blade.  A mulching mower allows you to leave grass clippings right in the lawn where they decompose and provide nutrients to your lawn.

It’s estimated that regular grass clipping can contain up to 6 percent nitrogen, 1 percent phosphorous, 3 percent potassium and as well as some calcium. Obviously, this will also reduce the amount of fertilizer you need for your lawn as it will be getting all natural food.

#7 Maintain the correct mowing height

We all like a neat lawn, but do not get overzealous with the mowing. Depending on the grass variety, you need to observe the correct mowing height. Grass needs time to recover so that it remains healthy and the root system recovers.  Observing a proper grass-blade to root balance is therefore very important if you want healthy-looking grass.

Ask a lawn care expert if you don’t know the specifics for the kind of lawn you have.

#8 Clean Your Mower

Once you have finished your task, make sure you clean your mower well, especially the blades, and oil moving parts to keep them from rusting. Proper maintenance of your lawn mower will increase its efficiency and longevity for many years to come.


Ensuring optimal appearance of the lawn, which is as little as mowing the grass or as much as trimming and fertilizing the small trees requires skill with which not many people are familiar with, something more than just a mower. In that case, the homeowners hire professional lawn mowing services that are licensed and certified.

effective lawn mowing tips

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