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The Lighting Power of G8LEDs for Young Indoor Plants

Building a strong foundation for a plant’s healthy growing cycle will shape it during seedling/cloning as well as during its early vegetative stages. During this time, the most important influence is lighting.

As you read through below, you will get an insight into the best LED grow lights, and the duration plants will need their light during delicate phases of their life.

When it comes to indoor gardening, the lighting system undeniably is the leading driving energy behind the growth of plants. Besides, if an inferior lighting system is used, the plants will have lower yields and a lower return on investment. Of all the types of equipment in the indoor garden, lighting is the most vital that needs the most consideration.

After all, it’s the system that will influence the growth of plants directly and the health of plants, as well as help with the final yield.

Before moving into the details of lighting, and how it affects the growth of plants, growers need to understand precisely why lighting is such an important factor. Also, why should you consider having the optimal wavelengths of the light spectrum?

Light is the Foundation of Indoor Plant Growth

During their vegetative and seedling stages, plants absorb the most amount of light, which builds the foundation of their complete growth cycle. Dorm Grow G8LED technology helps to boost and promote this critical stage in plants.

Also, the key here is to consider choosing the best type of lighting that will work effectively and efficiently. Although there are several lighting options available today, not all of them work in the best ways to guarantee a grower’s ROI.

Vegetative Growth with G8LEDs

As mentioned above, G8 LED’s are renowned for their incredible quality of producing healthier plants with the highest yields and quality harvests.

Many commercial growers turn to these lights to grow a diverse variety of cannabis, fruit bearing, leafy-greens, and flowering plants.

For the best results, use your LED grow lights in the recommended way with all the good growing practices. Avoid overwatering and providing plants with too many nutrients without enough light.

Pay particular attention to the distance between the plants and the lights. Follow the recommended coverage areas on the product details for each light.

During vegetative growth, the optimal lighting schedule is to be on for 16-18 hours. This light schedule creates the best environment that mimics the summer photoperiod. During this stage, you will save a great deal on power costs.

In this stage, it’s possible to initiate transplanting, cloning, bending, and pruning. It will take 6-10 weeks before the plants are ready for the next step – flowering. You can induce flowering by changing the cycle of the light to 12 hours on per day with 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness.

Flowering with G8LEDs

Keep in mind that in nature, flowering occurs during the fall time, after the end of the long, hot summer days. Using LED’s you can mimic seasons as you change the light cycle from about 18 hours to 12 hours a day.

For bigger flowers, you will have to add more light to the plants. A tip here is to add a G8LED 90-Watt Red LED Flower Booster for more robust flowers. The flowering stage will last eight to ten weeks.

During the flowering stage with the best LED grow lights, the growth patterns, and chemical processes change in plants. The leaves and stems grow progressively fewer blades. Also, the uptake of potassium and phosphorus increases to promote floral formation.

During this phase, it is vital that the plants should have more potassium and less nitrogen. Reduce the frequency of nutrient feeding since it could lead to plants experiencing nutrient burns. You should reduce nutrient usage by 30% as compared to HPS and MH systems. Do not overwater the plants and do not harvest too early.

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