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Make A Beautiful Garden an Important Selling Point of Your Home


While viewing the house, around 22% of a person’s time is focused on examining the external features and the garden of a house with 17% spent looking at these through the windows. If you are selling your home, it is important to add value to your property and put an effort in sprucing up the external features of your house. Indeed, there are several things you can do to make a well-maintained garden a key selling point of your home.

Why A Gorgeous Garden Matters?


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Whether buyers are eyeing a new abode as an investment or an alternative financial tool in the future, there are several things considered. For example, exterior areas stand out before house viewers even look at what’s inside your home.

It only takes 10 seconds for a potential buyer to decide whether they like the exterior of a house or not and 44% would take 20% off the sale price if properties are unkempt according to a Barclays Mortgages Survey. In other words, your house’s curb appeal is important and a good first impression matters to convince potential buyers.

An Emoov UK survey in 2015 also indicated that 61% of home buyers put a high importance on a well-cared garden. Creating an atmosphere for relaxation, entertainment and recreation is essential. If a house buyer has a family, a garden will likely be a significant factor for them and for children to play. For green lovers and gardeners, a great backyard can encourage them to sustain their hobbies so if you can stage an enticing setting, it will increase your chances of closing a sale.

How to Make Your Garden Stand Out

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But how do you go about building a lovely garden? For one, you should not overdo it. Even a simple investment of sowing grass seeds to cover up bald patches could bring enormous returns. Decluttering your backyard and getting rid of unsightly items that do not belong there are first steps. Before setting up a house viewing, clean the ground of leaves, twigs or branches that may be left behind. Fix loose slabs of stone or repair the pavement.

A little paintwork can also go a long way in making your patch of greenery attractive and spotless. You want to show a relaxing yet overloaded space. Go for a simple yet neat garden without overcharging your space especially if your area is limited. Plus, it gives the impression that your garden doesn’t require high maintenance.

Making the garden a selling point for your home is a great tactic for a quicker and good sale. By sprucing up your garden, painting or fixing the fence & pathways, not only are you increasing your chances of a house sale but also giving buyers what they want.


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