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Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas to Add Value to Your Home

The outdoors of your home is a reflection of what lies inside. This means the first thing people notice and judge you for in any house is the outside. It is thus necessary to have a distinct and stunning outdoor decor for your house so that you can stand out in the neighbourhood.

It does not matter if your outside space is big or small, you can decorate it in such a way that it will look pretty and attractive. Many different ideas can make the outside of your house the focal point.

Read on to find out some stunning ideas for outdoor wall decor.


Stunning Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

There are many different, affordable, and easy ways to decorate your boring exteriors. Large outdoor spaces can be used to add vertical gardens, fountains, etc.

Whereas, in small spaces, you can use simple pots and decor items for a pretty look. The simple trick is to choose what would look the best in your space.

There are endless opportunities to choose from. Here are a few outdoor decor ideas that you can use to remodel your outdoor space. 

Stunning Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

1. Adding Wall Cladding

Wall cladding outdoor wall design

If you want your outdoors to look eye-catching and beautiful, consider adding wall cladding tiles to your shopping list. Whether your house is a newly built space or something that has been passed on through generations, you can revamp your space and make it look stunning with the help of the right cladding tiles for exterior walls. 

Cladding tiles can add an overall designer appeal to your space and make it look quite attractive. It can also protect your house from external conditions. It can create a stunning highlight for your house.

There are many different types of wall cladding materials and products available in the market, this allows for hundreds of choices in terms of style, colour, material, and of course durability. 

2. Painting the Wall with Bright and Vibrant Shades

Instead of choosing the same old neutrals for your outdoors, why not choose something more imaginative and daring? Paint one of the walls in bright, daring, and vibrant shades which can serve as a background for furniture and a place to relax. 

Bold blue and glorious greens can serve as a great background for your flowering plants. If you want to make your wall useful, why not add colourful shelves too?

An easy and cost-efficient way to add shelves to outdoor walls is by using old wooden scaffold boards. These shelves will be useful and sturdy. You can also decorate the shelves with dainty figurines and potted plants such as succulents. 

3. Outdoor Wall Design Using Your Plants

While your garden may house a plethora of different plants, did you know you can use them to create an accent wall? Just put some plants in pretty pots and make a vertical garden.

You can either put the plants on shelves on the wall or you can also make hanging pots. Greenery can be used to create a variety of wall decorations. You can also make wreaths using flowers, tie pretty bows around pots containing succulents, and then put them up on the wall. 

You can also create wreaths according to holidays. A vertical garden is sure to catch all the eyes. It will impress anyone who enters your space. 

While succulents are the most commonly used plants for a vertical garden, you can also use vegetables, flowering plants, and all other types of plants in the vertical garden. 

You can even turn the vertical garden into a living wall, or any other vertical surface in your garden.

4. Adding a Mirror on the Wall

Adding a mirror on the wall as an outdoor wall decor

A simple way to make any bare and simple wall look stunning is by adding a mirror. You can nestle a hanging mirror within foliage for a natural look.

It can also make the garden look a bit bigger and thus is highly recommended for smaller gardens. Position your mirror in such a way that it reflects flowers and foliage and not plain walls and pipes.

Do not put mirrors in a position where they can reflect direct sunlight for a long time. This may prove to be quite hazardous. Similarly, do not put mirrors too high as it may interfere with the routes of birds. 

5. Metal Monograms

You can custom-make monogrammed signs of your name that can be used to decorate your outdoors. Metal monograms suit almost all styles and are not only pretty but also quite durable.

They can hold up against harsh weather conditions for a long time.

6. Adding Candlelight to Your Outdoor Space

Proper lighting can surely change the look of any space- whether indoors or outdoors. While electric lights are the most common way to go, you can add candlelight to your outdoor space for a more interesting option.

Candles will make any outdoor space look more attractive, serene, and romantic. As candlelight is not too bright, it can create an amazing ambience. Too much light can be quite jarring and candles are the best solution for this problem. 

You can place candles on wall shelves or can also put them in long holders around the garden. They will make your place look magical and stunning.

There are a plethora of designs to choose from. These candles, along with fancy candle holders can be used instead of wall art for a pretty and unique look. 

7. Outdoor Wall Art

Outdoor Wall Art

Art is not meant just for the indoors. You can use outdoor wall art to make your otherwise drab and dreary outdoor space look beautiful. Oversized wall clocks, metal plaques, outdoor signs, mirrors, etc. are some of how you can add art to your outdoors.

Outdoor artwork generally has an aged look that makes it look vintage and bold. Outdoor art is generally treated with weather-resistant treatment so that it can last for a long time. Use it efficiently to make a bold statement. 

8. Installing a Water Fountain 

What is more calming and peaceful than hearing birds chirping cheerfully in a running stream of water? If you want to add a ‘zen’ touch to your outdoor space, adding a water fountain is the way ahead.

Fountains can be added to old-style as well as new-style houses. Just match the colours with your house and make a stunning installation in your garden. 

9. Adding 'Porch Rules' to Your Wall

Do you want to add a funky, cute, and casual look to your house? Then why not add a ‘porch rules’ sign to your walls? These ‘rules’ are nothing but suggestions to enjoy yourself and be peaceful and relaxed.

These rules can be bought online or you can also make them on your own for a more personalised touch. These rules can be hung on a wall or you can also make a small signpost with these rules for a cute and rustic look. 

10. Putting Your House Number in Your Wall

Along with outdoor wall art, you can also make creative use of your outdoor space. You can add your personal touch to your house by adding pretty and unique house numbers.

You can choose from a variety of options but remember a few things- the number should be legible and should be in bold font so that it is visible even from a distance. The number and the font should suit the style of the house.

For instance, an old-style number plate will not suit a modern and contemporary house. It is also recommended to put the numbers under the light so that it is visible even at night and from a distance. 

You can either buy readymade numbers from the market or can make your own. You can put the numbers on a bright background or can use them directly. A fine idea would be using artificial turf to create house numbers.

Boost Your Garden's Aesthetics with these Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

 Mirrors, plants, metal signs, and outdoor art can surely brighten up your outdoor walls and add value to your property. These outdoor wall decor ideas can be used on their own or you can combine many of these to create a stunning outdoor space.

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