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Plants – Best Gifts for Brothers and Sisters

If gifting is an art, then plants are the way to ace it. You can never go wrong with this pretty gift of life. They are known to enhance the health quotient while providing purified air and also reduce the carbon footprints on the environment.

Since Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and you are still hunting for that one hearty gift for your dear brother, we suggest you go with a pretty houseplant to delight him to the core of his heart. He will appreciate it more than anything else. Although before picking up a green, there are some points that should be kept in mind so that you gift doesn’t become another thing to worry about for your brother.

Here’s how you can pick a perfect plant for your brother to gift on this Rakhi.

Low Maintenance

You may find a plethora of options on any leading gift portals for rakhi plants but before you pick the very first choice, read the description carefully to know if the plant is easy to care for or not. A low maintenance plant is always preferred for gifting so that it may flourish well like your love for your family and friends. A plant that demands much attention are generally ignored and it will die before you know it. We are sure it will hurt and you don’t want to waste your gift like that.

Size Matters

Keep the size as small as it can be as not every household is suitable to accommodate big plants. If you can lay your hands on a bonsai tree, that will be the best preference. Small plants are also easy to ship too, so your brother won’t receive the gift in a damaged condition and wilted leaves. It can be placed on the centre table, dining table, balcony or even bedroom side table for an elegant look of the interiors.

Water Requirements

Look for the ones that thrive on ignorance! A plant that requires constant watering might not get the attention it needs due to the daily hectic schedule or on the account of no one being at home during the daytime. There are several houseplants that require watering only when the soil dries or just once a week. It will increase the longevity of your precious gift.

Consider The Allergies

This is the one thing you must absolutely take into account while gifting a plant to your brother. Some people have certain pollen allergies that might get triggered by common blooms such as roses or orchids. It’s better to enquire about allergies first to the concerned person before gifting any plant so it may not become life threatening.

Availability of Space

If you think that there is no place for plants in his house, then also you may gift him a charming green as you have planned. Opt for hanging plants or dish gardens which he can hang anywhere without making an effort to make space in his house. The hanging plant not only look cool but lend a chic effect to the interiors.

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