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Portable Band Saw 2022 | Ultimate Buying Guide

A portable band saw is a must-have tool for the industrial works and workstation as well. The best portable band saw can offer a bundle of jobs in the shortest time.

If you are new in this field, then this article is going to be worth it for you.

Portable Band Saw Ultimate Buying Guide


Learn here about the portable band saw uses, types, usefulness, steps of using it, and the safety measures of applying this tool.

Go through each section slowly so that you can obtain the fundamentals of this saw reading the first time.

Here are some of the best budget friendly bandsaws which you can buy at an affordable price. 

Discover the uses of this handheld saw in the middle of this article. Don’t forget to follow the safety measures.

Let’s start with....

What is a Portable Band Saw?

Man using a portable band saw

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A portable band saw is a saw with a long blade. The blade has Saw teeth made of metal and surrounded between two or more wheels.

The blade is like a ribbon that continuously rotates around the wheel. A powerful motor rotates the wheels at extreme speed to cut woods, metals, and so on.

You can see only a little part of the blade exposed in the middle of a cover. This exposed part of the blade is used to create the cut.

The word portable refers to the band saw that is easy to carry and lightweight. Then, a portable band saw is smaller than the bigger one.

The specialty of a portable band saw is you can use it in the household works and the factory works as well.

Plumbers use a portable hand saw to cut out the design of the main project. A handheld saw is best for moving position easily to cut small areas.

Uses of a Portable Band Saw

How to Use The Best Portable Band Saw

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Decorative cuts: 

To have decorative cuts in just a while, you cannot but use a portable band saw. Large band saws do not move and you cannot change their position.

In this case, a portable band saw does a very crucial job. Once you have marked the areas to cut, then you just need to run the saw holding by your hand.

The perfection of cutting the design depends on your working efficiency.

Making Truss circle: 

You can create truss circles in your roof easily using a portable band saw although it is a painful job.

If you have the time to invest, then get the saw and try it with bitter sight. It will make your roof look awesome.

Creating Notches: 

Creating notches is a common job in the working industry. Here, the worker needs to bend the saw 30-degree angle to create the notches properly.

You will better result using a double direction portable band saw. 

Cutting large wood into small sizes: 

A portable band saw is also efficient to cut the large timbers of wood into small pieces. To save your time using a wood band saw, you can use it instead.

Don’t use it for cutting 2 or 3 feet long timbers. 

Creating a Tenon joint: 

You can create a tenon and mortise joint using a portable band saw. These joints are used to join two different planks of wood together.

A portable band saw can serve this task smoothly. 

Shaping Billet: 

Most of the factories use the portable hand saw to cut the billet in natural size. The billet is the form of raw metal.

When it comes into hard material, a band saw cuts the billet into squares or rectangular shapes. It has some limitations in cutting larger metals. 

Cutting steels: 

Cutting steels in different shapes is the primary job for a portable band saw. To make shapes out of steel, the manufacturing companies use strong blades and staff. 

Cutting pipes: 

A plumber uses a portable band saw to cut pipes and other staff to make it faster. Pipes are usually made of plastic or metal.

A portable band saw is the best staff in this case. 

Different Types of the Portable Band Saw

Different Types of the Portable Band Saw

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You will find two types of band saw in the market regarding the cutting materials.

They are Metal cutting band saw and Woodcutting band saw. By the name, you may get that a metal cutting band saw is used for cutting metal components.

On the other hand, a wood cutting band saw is perfect for cutting wood pieces.

Next, you can divide the types of band saw regarding the directions such as Vertical Band Saw and Horizontal Band Saw.

Finally, you can see the portable band saw used by the plumbers. This portable band saw is efficient to design and cut small areas of wood or metal.

You can find both metal and wood cutting portable band saw in the market.

Uses of the Best Portable Band Saw

A plumber uses a portable band saw to cut pipes

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You will need a portable band saw for different uses. I have enlisted certain factors for what we need this band saw at our home or factories.

Size and Weight: 

Being a portable band saw, this saw is smaller and lightweight. An expert hand can easily move and run the saw over the wood and metals easily.

The small size has made the saw efficient to apply in the targeted area. 

Cutting efficiency:

Having small size and portability, it can provide you an easy cutting experience. You can cut from metal to wood pieces perfectly.

You may need to change the blade regarding the material you are going to cut. 

Blade adjustment: 

This saw features blade adjustment. You have to customize the tight-fitting of the blades concerning the materials.

You can adjust the blade easily following the user manual of the saw. 

Ease of use: 

A portable band saw can provide you the ultimate ease of use. You can move, turn, and change the cutting position easily without moving the object.

You will get the optimum pleasure of cutting with this saw while you are preparing a design over a wood piece.  


The parts of the portable band saw are changeable. After using the saw, you can change the parts easily to confirm the durability and quality of work. 

Speed controlling: 

A portable band saw features speed-controlling option so that you can adjust the proper speed for different materials.

Besides, you can change the cutting direction as you wish. 


The price of the best portable band saw depends on the manufacturer company and several issues such as blade, body, motor, and so on. 

In the case of the average price, you can buy one from USD 200 to USD 500. 

Steps on How to Use a Portable Band Saw

Milwaukee 6232-21 Deep Cut Band Saw with Case

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  1. At first, get a portable handheld saw. You can buy or hire this one from the market. Before buying, set your purpose of buying the saw. 
  2. Read the user manual of the saw. Be familiar with it so that you can handle it properly on your project. 
  3. Adjust the blade and speed regarding the object that is to cut. You can see the adjustment procedure in the user manual.
  4. Place a test object on the working table. Hold the object tight to run the saw. 
  5. Wear safety measures such as goggles and hand gloves before switching on the saw.  
  6. Hold the handlebar tightly placing the saw on the targeted object. Don’t lose the hand otherwise the saw may jump into the table and cause an accident.  
  7. Switch on the power source and run the saw over the marked area. 
  8. After finishing the cutting, switch off the power source gently. 

Finishing up: Place the saw in a safe place. Don’t touch the blade now. It may burn the glove.  

Portable Band Saw Safety Measures

  • Before using a portable band Saw, you must read the user manual provided by the manufacturer company. 
  • Follow your fingers and body parts while running the blades whether they are safe distance or not.
  • Use goggles and hand gloves in the operation.
  • Reading the user manual, adjust the blade in the right pressure. Otherwise, it may break or    damage your object. 
  • In the time of changing the blade, unplug the power source first and wait until the blade cools down. 
  • ·Make sure that your working table is flexible enough to carry the load of the materials. 
  • Arrange other essential staff such as a holder, toolbox, and other necessary equipment in your workstation.   

Do I Need a Portable Band Saw? 

You need a portable band saw for several reasons in your workstation. If you are a plumber, then you must take the pleasure of using this saw.

To have a good finishing for your woodwork, you must use this saw for cutting and creating a design on the piece.

Next, you need this saw to decorate your work or project. This saw is lightweight, that's why you can move it over the object easily.

Wrapping Up Portable Band Saw

Throughout the article, I tried to mention all the necessary information about the best portable band saw. I hope this article is going to be useful staff for the beginners.

Since we're already talking about saws, check out our table saw and bow saw reviews for all your sawing needs. 

To ensure your health safety, read the steps of using a portable band saw attentively. If possible, learn directly from an expert in this field.

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