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8 Different Quick Growing Trees for Small Gardens

A small garden requires a different sort of tree than a normal sized tree. Depending on the variety of tree, a full grown tree can grow to over 20 feet tall. They can take a decade to mature, which is far too long for a home gardener to wait.

Luckily, there are plenty of different quick growing trees for small gardens available on the market. Whether you want an ornamental tree or a fruit tree, there are plenty of options. Let’s take a look at some different trees you may want to place into your garden.

8 Quick Growing Trees for small gardens


1. Japanese Maple

These are a beautiful and well-known tree, popular for its bright reddish-purple foliage. Japanese Maple trees grow to an average maximum height of 10 feet. You could even grow one of these pretty trees in a pot if you lack the space in your garden.

Japanese Maple trees grow to an average maximum height of 10 feet

Once you have the young tree planted into your garden, it grows at an average rate of 2 feet per year, depending on the growing conditions.

popular for its bright reddish-purple foliage

2. Whitebeam

If you are looking for a pretty tree that isn’t as common, the Whitebeam is a great option for your garden.

Whitebeam is a mid-sized tree

This is a mid-sized tree and can reach an average of 30 feet tall. While it sounds large, it is still a relatively small sized tree. As the leaves unfold, they look similar to a Magnolia tree. The leaves are a silvery-grey color with brown speckled berries.

3. Cleveland Pear

Cleveland Pear trees grow in a symmetrical semi-perfect oval. Everyone will think you trim the tree day and night. It is a great option for your front yard.

Cleveland Pear trees grow in a symmetrical semi-perfect oval.

They are recommended for USDA zones 5 to 8, reaching a maximum height of 40 feet. They are a great option for small and medium sized gardens. This flowering pear tree is a great option for your yard. Every season you will love the colors it brings to your landscaping.

4. Red Delicious Apples

When you are looking to grow fruit trees in a quick span of time, dwarf or semi-dwarf trees are the way to go. One variety of apples that goes quickly is the Red Delicious, which can grow in zones from 3 through 8.

Red Delicious Apple

Before they develop the fruit, they have a mid-spring bloom of pretty white and pink flowers. This is a great tree because it is practical for your garden, and it is attractive for the eye.

5. Black Cherry (Prunus Serotina)

If you love cherries, you can have them in a short amount of time if you plant a tree in your small garden. They are able to grow up to 3 feet in one season, in USDA zones 3 to 9.

Black Cherry in your small garde

However, they are able to reach up to 50 feet in height, so you need to take care to prune these trees diligently if you want a shorter height. During the spring, the tree is covered in snowy white flowers. The cherries appear in early to mid-summer.

6. Hale-Haven Peach Tree

Peaches are a staple during the summer months. A bowl of peach cobbler, topped with vanilla ice cream screams summer. This variety of peach trees are able to grow 2 feet per season, in USDA zones 5 through 8. They produce peaches with yellow flesh that will be ripe in the summer months.

when is the best season to plant peaches?

7. Mulberries

If you want a tree that generally produces quickly, mulberries can deliver fruit within a year or two of grafting. In general, they grow between 2 and 3 feet per year.

Mulberries can deliver fruit within a year or two of grafting.

They are able to get around 20 feet tall, but pruning and trimming can keep the wildness at bay. Starting a mulberry tree from seed can take a lot of time and dedication. Find one that is already started for quicker production and growth.

8. Moringa

If you live in a much warmer climate, you may be able to grow moringa in your small garden. They enough warm climates, so if your region has cold temperatures, this will be best suited in a large pot.

what is a Moringa tree?

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You can do a lot with a moringa tree, from making soups, smoothies, and tea blends with the leaves. They are able to grow 15 to 20 feet in one season and produce very soon.

There are so many wonderful varieties of quick growing trees. Listed here are 3 options for decorative trees and 5 fruit trees. The great thing about growing fruit trees is that they typically flower before they produce fruit. During the flowering season, they will have small blossoms, creating a beautiful display in your yard.

The maximum height any of these trees reach is 40 feet, yet most will stay below this threshold. Fruit trees do require some time before fruit is developed, yet they will still make a gorgeous additional to your small garden in the meantime.

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