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The 9 Best Gardening Tips And Tricks For Beginners

There is no greater hobby than gardening, as you can take it at any age. It is a great way to exercise, as you produce something meaningful. It does not matter if you are growing edible produce or just flowers, the end results are always worth it.

So are you a newbie gardener, look at for some beginner information on how to garden like a pro. As for now, here are top nine gardening tips and tricks that you can use a newbie gardener.

Choose The Right Site For It

You can start your garden just anywhere, as long as you can be able to see it almost all the time. This way you can care for it regularly, as needed. Anyhow, if you place it out of sight it would probably get out of your mind before you know it.

Garden Close To The Water

As you plan your garden and the plants you will put in it, remember you will need to water every now and then. Therefore, let your garden be near a water source, for efficient gardening. Also, ensure, you can easily run a hosepipe towards it, to avoid wheel-carting water every time you need to quench its thirst.

You can tell if your garden needs watering by pushing your finger an inch deep into the soil, if it is dry then it is time to water.

Always Follow The Sun

If you want to garden properly and yield what you sowed with ease, then you will have to pay attention to how the sun hits and plays all over your plot before you choose your gardening spot. This is because most edible produce need loads of sun in order to thrive. So consider it with regard to what you are planning to garden.

Choose The Tight Plants To Plant

It is advisable to always, opt for plants that will thrive in your kind of garden. This means that you can only garden in accordance to your gardening space as well as climate.

If you want to plant sun-loving plants, ensure you garden location will be hit with enough sunlight. As for warm climates opt for heat-tolerant plants and if you want to plant some melons and pumpkins, ensure your garden has enough elbowroom or some trellis for them to climb.

Invest In Great Gardening Soil

As a newbie garden, you should always remember that soil is everything in gardening. Therefore, for better gardening ensure you get soil that is well-drained and rich in nutrients. You can blend this nutrient-rich soil into the existing one, if you are gardening on the ground.

Discover Your Zone

The more you know about your hardiness zone, the better you can choose the best plants for your garden zone. In simple terms, this hardiness zone, describes the coldest place that a plant can grow well, the higher the zone number, the warmer the climate.

For instance, if a particular plant is hardy to zone 4, and you garden is in zone 5 then it will survive pretty well in your garden. However, if your garden is in zone 3, it would be too cold for you to grow this particular plant.

You Can Consider Gardening In Containers

When you cannot garden in your yard due to space or lack of it, then you can consider gardening in containers like pots. It does not matter if you want to grow herbs, vegetables, fruit trees, shrubs, berries or flowers pots will always do you justice. You just have to ensure it is large enough to accommodate the plant.

Do Not Forget To Add Some Mulch

You will need to add some mulch to your plants, to block out too much sun thus reducing the sprouting of weeds. Mulch will also reduce moisture loss via evaporation, meaning you will water less. You can always use pine straw or shredded leaves as mulch.

Learn Your Frost Dates

Planting too early or late in the season can only mean disaster for your garden. Therefore, you need to be in tune with frost dates to avoid putting your plants out there prematurely or harvesting them too late in the season when they are already damaged by the cold.


In conclusion, gardening is fun and enjoyable. You just need to know the basics of it and you will be on a great start.

Otherwise, make use of the above tips and tricks for a great gardening season. Nonetheless, these are not all. You can always research on some more for greater progressive gardening.

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