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The Best (and Safest) Gardens Start Here

A garden is a relaxing space and an important addition to your home. From the “right” kind of insects to handling the family pet, you’ll find tips below to help your garden grow better than ever.

Fence It In

You know what they say about fences making the best neighbors? Fences also make the best outdoor spaces. They are a boon to serious gardeners, keeping out neighborhood kids, stray dogs and your neighbor’s unraked leaves. The right fencing adds a decorative touch and gives any home a finished, polished look.

Clean Up Dead Leaves

Fall’s leftovers look messy, but there is a far better reason to rake up the mess. Dead leaves can hide pests, disease and fungus. Those pesky insects who ate your plants during the warmer months, later lay eggs on the plant to hatch in the spring. Fungus and disease from those leaves can infect your garden. Get rid of the dead plants and trim away dead leaves to help your garden start out fresh the next growing season.

Add a Camera

You can clean up your garden, you can add a fence, but what if your pet is digging up your begonias again? Catch them in the act with a garden-facing security camera system poised to capture different areas of your yard. In addition, a security camera system is a great deterrent for would-be trespassers and burglars.

Build a Barrier

There are some garden plants pests can’t resist. When your plants prove particularly tasty, turn to a floating row cover. These spun-bound fabrics help young growing veggies get off to a good start — and away from hungry caterpillars and squash beetles. Plants still receive the light and the rain, but insects and birds can’t touch them.

Bring on Beneficial Insects

Everyone knows to encourage pollinators, but there’s another handy bug to keep around. Beneficial bugs like ladybugs decrease a pest population without any extra work on your part. Use this handy list from the Old Farmer’s Almanac to identify the good insects. Plant the type of things these helpful bugs enjoy, so you can naturally keep pests in check.

Remove Invasive Weeds

Whether the temperature got too hot or you became too busy, the invasive weeds somehow took over. Either way, it’s best to deal with them during the off-season. Dig up the roots, but this time, bypass the compost pile. You don’t need those weeds to pop back up again next year.

Plant Cover Crops

Cover crops aren’t just for large-scale farming operations. Any garden benefits from a bit of cold- weather cover. You can prevent soil erosion and add important nutrients back into the soil.

Garden Bounty

Help your garden stay beautiful by preventing pests of all kinds. Use an outdoor security camera system to keep a close eye on your yard — and to see if you’re finally successful at keeping other critters out. Add plantings to encourage the “good bugs” and stay on top of invasive weeds when the seasons switch. Minimizing threats to your garden takes time, but it’s well worth the effort.

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