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The Different Types of Gardens You Can Plant at Home

Are you looking to keep a garden and reap the benefits that come along with gardening?
These are the different types of gardens you can plant at home.

Gardens are an excellent way to beautify the outside of your home. Research supports the fact that gardening is a therapeutic hobby by reducing anxiety and depression and improving your outlook on life.

Having a garden in your home can go way beyond a simple bed of flowers or shrubs. The possibilities are truly endless.

If having a garden in your home is something you’re interested in trying, take a look at these types of gardens and choose one that suits you. 

10 Types of Gardens For Your Home

Ready to plant a garden for your home? Gardening doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are ten different types of gardens to inspire you. 

1. Flower Garden


Flower garden is a place where most people begin when they want to take a stab at gardening

Source: Housebeautiful

A flower garden is a place where most people begin when they want to take a stab at gardening.
Any type of flowers will do.

However, you’ll need to take into account the time of year, light source, and watering frequency before you commit to planting.

Some flowers to consider for your first garden are:

 Roses
 Tulips
 Sunflowers
 Zinnias
 Marigolds
 Pansies
 Snapdragons
 Geraniums
 Daffodils

You can choose to plant several different flowers in one plot, or choose one type and devote a
garden to it.

2. Vegetable Garden

Vegetable gardens are a fantastic way to get started with gardening

Source: Almanac

Vegetable gardens are a fantastic way to get started with gardening. Learning to grow and care for your food develops a sense of appreciation for the earth, and it’s a fun hobby!

Some people are intimidated by vegetable gardening because growing a robust garden does require work and planning.

You’ll need to research the types of vegetables that flourish in your area and what season to plant them in for the best results. Some vegetables require little care and tending to, yet they’ll still need water and pruning.

While you might not drastically slash your grocery bill with your vegetable garden, most people do it for the personal gain and satisfaction of growing their food. 

3. Raised Garden

Raised gardens are gardens that are built in a raised bed off the ground

Source: Theselfsufficientliving

Raised gardens are gardens that are built in a raised bed off the ground. A reason for a raised garden might be to deter individual animals or critters from destroying the garden, or because the soil is not adequate for what you wish to grow.

If that’s the case, you’ll need sod installation to fill the raised bed, so plants grow properly. Raised gardens are also space savers.

You can purchase a raised bed or custom build on yourself if you want. 

4. Herb Garden

Herb gardens requiare very little start-up and are easily accessible


The best thing about an herb garden is that it’s perfectly acceptable to grow one indoors if you’re not an outdoorsy person.

They require very little start-up and are easily accessible in the kitchen when you need herbs for cooking, giving your dishes a fresher taste.

Some herbs can grow side-by-side, but typically they’re individually potted because they produce lush leaves quickly.

Common herbs to start with are basil, dill, sage, or mint.

5. Butterfly Gardens

Butterfly gardens are gardens dedicated to plants and flowers that attract butterflies

Butterfly gardens are gardens dedicated to plants and flowers that attract butterflies!

These types of gardens provide nourishment for butterflies and are more of a charming attraction and addition to your yard or land. 

Different species of butterflies live in different areas, so find out which butterflies are local to you if you hope to see them flittering in your garden. 

6. Rock Garden

Rocks gardens are for no-maintenance type of persons

Source: DIYS

If you are a no-maintenance type of person, then a rock garden is for you! A variety of different rocks in an arrangement provides a natural look.

When dotted with a few plants amount the spaces between the stones, the greenery adds a fresh look to the garden. 

Larger rocks are preferred, and the best types of stone to use are sandstone and limestone due to their natural-looking appearance.

7. Succulent Garden

Succulent gardens make refreshing centerpieces

Succulent gardens are trendy right now. They provide a calming presence, are easy to maintain, and can be indoor or outdoor. They make refreshing centerpieces or look decorative on a window sill. 

You can fill your succulent garden a variety of succulent plants or combine them with other gardens for a truly unique. Start by potting one succulent and see how you like it! 

8. Zen Garden

Zen gardens consist of sand and gravel that promote peace and tranquility

If you are anti-plant or have a brown thumb, a Zen garden might be an option!

Originating in Japan, Zen gardens consist of sand and gravel that promote peace and tranquility. Zen gardens can be as large as a plot of land or portable sitting in your office space.

Drawing shapes and lines in the Zen garden is one of its defining characteristics. 

9. Water Garden

Water garden provide a beautiful aesthetic to any backyard or home

Source: Taylorlandscapecontractors

Water gardens are also calming and can be indoors or outdoors, though outdoor water gardens may need to close in the winter to avoid freezing temperatures.

They have a defining water feature like a waterfall or fountain and are often surrounded by plants or flowers. 

Water gardens require a bit more maintenance because they need to be cleaned regularly to control algae and other plant growth.

If they’re well maintained, they provide a beautiful aesthetic to any backyard or home. 

10. Fairy Garden

Fairy garden are extremely popular and fun to make

Popular with children, fairy gardens are extremely popular and fun to make. They are whimsical and a perfect introduction to gardening with children.

Fairy gardens are built in giant pots and assembled with varying plants like succulents, flowers, and fairy figurines. 

Ready to Get A Green Thumb?

Gardening is a rewarding experience that yields beautiful results, and there’s something for everyone!

Hopefully, these types of gardens have motivated you to try something new and get your hands dirty. 

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